Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/13/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 360

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/13/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 360

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Dr. Bruce

Recorded 06-12-2016 – Release Date 06-13-2016

Production Number #360 – Dr. Bruce

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Adam opens the show with a standard intro and a joke mocking Dr. Bruce for tagging along with him today, Drew brings up the topic of the Orlando massacre and how it was covered on the latest ‘This Life’ podcast with Bruce earlier.

Drew brings up the ACS taped before this and then immediately winces and asks if he fucked up by being honest about the scheduling and recording times.

Drew brings up Adam saying that nobody needs to check Drew at the airport again, he cites the pre 9/11 intel about one of the hijackers and the judge who refused to let law enforcement inspect his computer.


Adam brings up Ben Affleck on ‘Real Time’ and shares how Sonny had to be pulled out of line to give up his pocket knife after their trip of river rafting in the northwest.

Bruce has a secondhand personal anecdote about someone traveling with a gun hidden in a stroller, Drew talks about people getting swept up into a way thinking or ISIS, he argues against the “show them love” take on preventing terrorism through kindness.

Drew says we must offer them an alternative to hate and terrorism that promises things equal to what radical Islam promises these young men.


Adam says he wants the dad of the Orlando terrorist to be killed, once we’ve established a parent is to blame then he wants them dead.

Adam says if we can find a straight line to the parents of spree killers, mass shooters and terrorists, Drew wants to know if the father has been placed in custody and Adam jokes about raising Sonny as a white supremacist, funny shaved head joke pertaining to the helmet they tried to foist on the kid after he was born.

Adam is back to his theory on parents and he brings up the killers in the Columbine shooting, he can’t draw a straight line to the parents in that case, they might not have been the world’s greatest parents but they seem to be empathetic and feel remorseful but if he could find a direct trail, he would want them punished too.


Adam is bringing up the 3 yr. old child from the case with the Gorilla and how his age was misreported, he shits on the leftist members of PETA who want the mother punished for a dead Gorilla, what about the parents of a guy who killed 50+ humans.


Gary has some details about the shooter and Adam brings up the various societal rules, including the 81 things you can’t do on the public beach.

Adam gets to his standard point about social security numbers, taxation and mandatory enrollment without consent, what’s not already very Orwellian and straight out of ‘1984’ about what we already have in place.


1st Caller Mike from Louisiana (“I Like the Show ‘Cops’” Guy?) who wants to know if we now need to have a talk to our kids about what to do in case of a mass shooting.

Adam says this type of terrorism is exactly what he predicted, it was coming and now it’s happening and they’re going for soft targets, Drew thinks this is a new wrinkle and there will be targeted hate crimes against specific groups in the name of ISIS.


Drew is doing a Live Read for Famously Single


Adam says this is a hate crime and Dr. Drew recalls the “No, Not Alright!” LoveLine Caller that terrified him, CLL #1441 – SUNDAY, APRIL 8, 2001 – GUEST: JENNY BIONDI & NANCY SASAKI • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW

Drew is referring to “Dominic, the Colombian white supremacist”

” 1:03:56: Dominic: “Stop corrupting white people!”

Adam: “Alright, I’ll see what I can do. …Alright?”

Dominic: “No, not alright!”

The caller wasn’t Muslim but his accent has clearly confused Dr. Drew as time has confused his memory.


Adam says he’s not going to tells his kids anything and will simply ask them what they want to eat for breakfast, he gets into it further and they move on.


2nd Caller Brad from Australia, he is randomly in Denver and went to the Mangria bar crawl, Dr. Drew tells him about his upcoming trip to Australia and Adam jokes about sending Drew there ahead of him.

Brad shares his job dilemma, does he just up and move to the States or does he secure a job first.

Adam is talking about the respective nations and what life is like, he gets Drew to confirm he’ll meet up with Brad.


Adam is back to the topic of the shooter and his father, Adam says society has always had a place for males who felt their mooring come undone, in the past they would drift into a gang and kill each other and nobody cared that much.

Now people are showing and killing us as the new gang is ISIS and we need to attempt to not create these kids, it’s different than broken homes and inner city gang culture.

Drew is now comparing ISIS to the Nazi party and Adam talks about an individual’s prism and POV, how you can only think like you, nobody conceived of 9/11 or flying a plane into a building, Adam is mocking Dr. Bruce and his son for not revealing what his favorite pizza topping is.


Adam mocks their love of pudding in general, Adam mocks pizza with broccoli and calls it jack off pizza, Bruce says he grew up in NYC and went to High School in Brooklyn and pizza is a slice, toppings aren’t traditional.

Adam jokes about touring a pudding factory and falling into a vat, Bruce jokes about his kids asking if Adam is going to talk to them, wow!

Adam has a killer “Allah willing” one liner and finds himself in agreement with Adam about plain cheese being the best pizza, Drew says he occasionally like a slice with the works, mushroom included, Adam gets an assist from Gary about the pizza place he went to in NYC with Phil Rosenthal, it was ‘Joe’s’ pizzeria.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read

You don’t want to be hit with a shaft of light like God’s about to speak edition


Adam jokes about the 86 yr. old guy behind the counter and how he doesn’t need Phil to let him know that he is “Joe” from the eponymous title of his business. Hilarious “This is Joe!” Phil Rosenthal impression from Adam.


3rd Caller Ryan, Adam gets him to say hello to Dr. Spaz and they have a killer Resveratrol riff back and forth and Bruce mocks himself, Adam jokes about his favorite pizza topping being precum. Adam and Bruce are now bonding over garlic salt and Ryan talks about first finding Adam via Bill Simmon’s BS Report podcast over 8 years ago, wow!

Ryan tells them about his alcohol consumption and says he drinks 4-5 nights per week, he is objecting to the label of alcoholic and they’re trying to press him on his random drinking.

Drew says a normal person drinks when and if they want, they don’t make deals and try and reason with it, it’s not even a thought.


Drew is trying to get him to break down his drinking, Adam says that if you really stood back and looked at all of the diet cokes you drink in a year or mayo you consume annually, you would be somewhat appalled by it.

Adam is being reasonable and describes him speaking out of both sides of his mouth and tells him that he’s the one keeping an eye on it, he should be the one to monitor himself and determine if he can take time off.

Drew says he hasn’t lost control yet and Adam has a speaking of booze segue where he plugs the now in stock cans of ‘Endless Rant’ IPA.


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.