Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/13/2013 – Phil Rosenthal and Jon Sebastiani live from Amalfi

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Guest Phil Rosenthal and Jon Sebastiani live from Amalfi

Recorded 06-12-2013 – Release Date 06-13-2013

Production Number #1099

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Adam is opening the show with the wonderful Phil Rosenthal making his first live show appearance after two flawless in studio visits.

Alison has a funny “he’s invented it 3 times” reply to Adam’s Mangria recipe, little does she know he has actually invented it several times over the past decade, even joking about an early prototype on Classic Loveline.

Adam is bringing up Phil’s adventures in Russia and now Adam is riffing on how Russia needs a worse rap than they currently have due to their past misdeeds.


Adam is on a publicist tangent while mid rant, Alison has a hilarious question in line with Adam’s comments.

Adam is taking it back to Phil’s documentary where he tried to take the format for Everybody Loves Raymond and bring it to Russia, BB jumps in to give a “boo hoo” mocking Phil’s struggles because he has money.

Adam is now taking it back to the female comedy executives and how if you were to poll their classmates or inform them of her career path the outrageous reaction you would witness.


Adam is telling the gang about Phil’s movie screenings and Phil is giving both Alison and BB an invite to his home, Adam tries to de-invite them and BB then tries to comically throw Alison under the bus as if he’s more famous than she is, wow!

Adam is walking them through the social nightmare he experienced the first time he was invited to Phil’s house for “True Romance” and the super uncomfortable early exit he had to make due to his Loveline guest hosting duties.

Adam is walking them through the story and his reply to Saul trying to explain where he was heading and now he’s getting to the part where Jeff Garlin pulled an “I’m Spartacus!” style move and followed Adam’s early exit.


Adam is now asking Phil about how the costuming department wanted the wife to appear in full gowns and dressed up, undercutting the themes of the sitcom.

Phil has some questions for Adam and wants to know about his investment stake in the restaurant, Adam is explaining that the owner was the theater owner of ACME, he’s telling Phil about being “asked to leave” The Groundlings.

Phil has the same story and now they’re discussing the process to get added to the touring company, Adam is telling the story of his two shows to get approved to move on with the organization.

Adam is telling Phil the cliff notes of how he got involved as an investor and now taking it back to the first review for the ACME Theater in the L.A. Weekly as printed in NTBM.


What Can’t Adam Complain About

1st topic Adam’s Kids, Adam is riffing on the idea of being told “you’re done” because he has a child of each gender.

Before it’s even started Adam is telling Phil about taking the family to Disneyland with a VIP escort, they’re now bringing up the latest scam where someone hires a disabled person to escort them and get them to the front of the lines.

Adam is now riffing on how a wheelchair is now a plus in many situations as opposed to past generations, hilarious visual picture painted by Adam with a nice chuckle from Phil.


He’s now launching into the twins and their differences, Phil is telling the gang about his kids and their changing personalities.

Adam is closing up his argument with a “robots are definitely the future” riff.


2nd topic is “Win Ben Stein’s Money” and Adam is using the sweaters Jimmy was forced to wear, he’s now taking it to the parking lot security guards who would always give him a hard time.

Phil is agreeing with then nature of these parking lot attendants, Adam is trying to get Phil to improv with him and he’s doing a great deadpan.

Adam is now riffing about the plywood photo development shacks that used to exist, to make an example of a person in a confined environment who holds all the power.


3rd topic “Full Roll of Toilet Paper”

Adam is using the idea of American’s becoming too fat for even TP and the giant rolls not fitting in the dispensers.

Adam is now comparing reloading a roll of TP to high test fishing, Phil is bringing up the question of “where does it start” and the tear marks that ruin the start of a roll.

Adam is now joking about soliciting people to come by his house to shit and use up the first bit of TP, Phil is telling Adam that he has the Japanese toilet at his house, he doesn’t seem to know that Jimmy Kimmel actually gifted him a bidet seat back in the late 90s.


Olga’s daughter is in the audience, Adam is now asking her who Olga likes better and if she talks shit about him when he’s not around.

Phil is clearly a daily listeners as he knows who she is and is now stepping in to stop her from revealing who she likes better Sonny or Natalia.

Phil is now telling a quick toilet story involving his in-laws and the hilarious reaction after they tried using the bidet.


Adam is now taking it back to Classic Loveline and Producer Ann the biggest proponent of the “tub technique” and he’s asking Alison to confirm its utilitarian use, she’s advocating the removable shower handle and he’s hinting at the bath spigot.

Adam is now riffing about going to Africa just to tell them about the millions of gallons of water that are wasted each year so people in the western world can masturbate in the shower, very “Kill Gallagher” type of idea that Adam should explore further, gold!

Phil has a hilarious anecdote about his son, complete with an amazing quote.


4th topic from BB, he wants Adam to complain about the man in the audience who showed up in a full Iron Man suit, Adam is asking him if he’s the guy who showed up at his kids’ birthday party, he’s not.

Adam is now comparing the work effort from the girl who showed up vs. the dude who played Iron Man and sweated through his armor.


Phil is asking Adam about the history of the show and the news theme, he wants to know the history of the closing line from Alison.

Alison is now explaining the actual origin, Adam came up with it, but Alison said it in jest.

Phil seems to be going somewhere awkward and he pulls it back with a comedy zig, nice work Phil!


Adam is bringing Jon from Krave Jerky back to the show, they provided free Jerky to the audience and now Jon is explaining the two Mangria infused Jerky options brought to the show tonight.

Adam is telling the audience about his “man date” with Phil in NYC and teasing a follow up with their upcoming live NYC shows.

Adam is using the recent Jerky filled road trip to make a point about how delectable Jon’s products are and Adam is now calling Jerky “germ proof”.


Alison’s News

Adam is declaring himself hypocritical about many issues and saying he can’t be figured out.

Her top story is on a woman who posted a picture of a man bragging about his affairs on a public train and how it then went viral.


Adam is now explaining this is a danger in this “New World Order” where everyone gets to decide to be the morality police.

Alison is quoting the conversation where the men were saying “how stupid their wives are” and Adam is riffing on the gent’s white shirt saying he added sleeves in post to his wife beater.

Phil is defending the actions from the woman who spread the photos and Adam wants to live in a world where she confronts them and asks them to be quieter before sharing their images publicly.


2nd story is on a teacher who was suspended in France for showing “Saw” to his students during class.

Adam is now riffing about the denizens of France being better complainers than the ugly Americans, Alison is now referencing her viewing of “Cybil” that Gary also was forced to attend during his schooling.


Adam is telling the gang about seeing the then PG rated “Papillion” with his father when he was 9 years old and now he’s launching into how adults will take kids to movies they want to see and Adam has a funny riff about the lessons one can learn from “Saw” that everyone seem to overlook, hilarious!

BB is bringing up “Irreversible” for the TFV fans out there to make a lager point about the French and Alison has a nice observation about Adam giving them an out because of their architecture.


3rd story is on a poll asking what people attend all day music festivals for, Adam and Alison have always known this that the minority of people at any gathering are very interested and know what’s up, the rest are dudes looking to get high and laid.

Alison is asking the gang about attending outdoor music festivals, Adam is now telling them about making the mistake of trying to do something nice for his dad about 5-8 years ago.

Adam knows a guy who runs the Hollywood bowl and offered him free box seats for any event and how Adam tried to take his dad for the Jazz festival there.


Adam’s now going off on “World Music” explaining that it’s the only music the whole world can agree that they don’t like, Adam’s got a nice “what a horrible world” one liner.

Adam is sharing the end of the story and how it was his fault for trying to do something nice.

Adam is explaining his former annual KROQ Weenie Roast hosting duties and his attempts to watch a band from the field with the masses, he’s now riffing on the bathroom and how it looks after several hours.


4th story is on the most common diagnosis in the Emergency Room for childhood abdominal pain is constipation.

Phil has a great “die of embarrassment” one liner and now Adam is sharing Olga’s code for Natalia so she can keep regular.

Adam is now joking about Sonny still rocking the “pull up” with pride and his kids and their late night bathroom breaks, Phil is telling Adam he’s a good dad for taking care of them in the middle of the night.


Adam is bringing up the two things that bug him about Dr. Drew, he’s citing how he knows Drew must have genital warts, and he’s citing the infamous LL wart exam, not sure why Adam couldn’t bring this up when Seth Rogen was on instead or also, as he was there for the initial challenge on Loveline in 2000.

Adam is now going in depth on why he was so ready to accept the wart exam and why he was so confident.

Adam’s walking them through the exam and despite Superfan GIO sending them the HQ board capture of events Adam is choosing to describe them instead.


Adam is now sharing his other theory about Drew and his bowel schedule due to his replies about Adam’s more frequent deposits and now Alison and BB are adding themselves to his list with Drew.

Adam has a hilarious joke about what he eats to keep so regular.

Adam is asking Phil how he is able to maintain his “foodie” status yet stay so fit, Adam’s got a great fondue observation and an anecdote about associating people with behaviors you see them do and assuming they do it all the time.


5th story is on the impending divorce of Jane Lynch and her wife.

Adam is explaining why she was uncredited in “The Hammer” and Alison wasn’t aware of that so she’s now asking why her agent insisted upon it.

Adam is explaining the likely reasoning and explaining how she got cast in the movie.


Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is doing a live read, giving plugs and wrapping the show.