Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/12/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 151

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/12/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 151

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 06-10-2014 – Release Date 06-12-2014

Production Number #151

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Adam is opening the show with the standard mandate to get it on, Drew is praising Adam for his head of steam today, I.E. the sweat he broke under his eye already.

Adam is now sharing what he told his wife, his most recent corporate gig and how much would like to make a movie like Jon Favreau does, take 6 months off and focus on it.

Adam is now sharing some teachable points, Adam is sharing how much easier it was to make and edit “Road Hard” after having “The Hammer” under the belt and how much having reps actually helps out.


Adam is getting to the editing process and how they spliced together a rough cut while filming it, a very smart way of making a movie.

Adam is bringing up the Jay Mohr portion of the movie and the scene where he tries to give Adam a job on his show, then it cuts to the office for a post mortem scene, Adam decided to cut that scene and just move back to on the road.

Adam and Drew are waxing poetic on wisdom and experience vs. memorization and what truly matters, Adam is giving his take about how he jettisoned the scene and made sure it wasn’t’ just because he wanted to go home.


Adam is now saying how great Kevin was by not getting to immediate push back posture and actually heard what Adam had to say and agreed with him.

Chris gets on mic saying he’s happy they cut the scene, Adam is now bringing up Kevin Hench’s glasses and how new frames changed his life 720 degrees.

Drew is doing a live read for


Adam is now explaining the “Frames” thing to Drew and sharing how intelligent Kevin Hench was, citing how he can remember everyone’s name from every project, Adam calls him super bright.

Adam says that Kevin doesn’t fall into any categories and his lack of “affectation” left him without a role to fill, Adam is saying you must “dress the part” and he’s using dogs to make an analogy about network executives.


Adam has a great use of “The Kurt Cobain of comedy” and mentions Diablo Cody and now he’s using Kevin’s basketball skills, he’s a lights out player according to Adam.

Adam is now bringing up Eddie Gorodetsky being known as “the best punch up man in the business” and how despite other people like Kevin being more talented they don’t fit into a category.

Adam says he likes Eddie and Drew says that Adam is making the case that humans are stupid and diabolical simultaneously, Adam is now clarifying his point.


Adam is now sharing that his son watches the NBA and is trying to finish his point, Adam calls Drew a pussy and tells him to stop being such a fragrant puss.

Adam is now getting to the one white guy his son sees on the court and makes a point about what that does to perception and what it means in reality, Adam says his son would be more likely to pick a black player and he’d mostly be right to do so but…

Adam is now clarifying his point with a Japanese F1 driver example and he’s trying to tell Drew about stats, if there is a marathon bet on the Kenyan and Drew is trying not to shit on Adam’s point but he’s trying to give his take.


Drew is now asking why he can’t be in the middle on any topic, he’s not sure if people should take side and he’s citing fans tweeting him about sharing right wing propaganda to Adam, or calling him a “libtard” and now Adam is bringing up the 6 dead soldiers info from the news.

As it was reported through multiple news sources, Adam is now explaining the definition of propaganda vs a fact or a body count, he’s using the Titanic as his main example.

Drew says we need more scientists, less POV’s from everyone, basically Adam’s rant about critical thinking and now he’s using Diablo Cody to make a point about the illusion of talent and how certain affectations make you seem like a good candidate for whatever project.


Adam is explaining how much the new frames benefited Kevin Hench and how once his Tim Allen series is sold to syndication he’ll be getting a nice payday in return.

Adam is now bringing up how rules were put into place in radio for the “in between people” and not for people like him or Stern for example.

Adam is now comparing this to the TSA and saying that nobody can profile nor see exception, Adam is using the program director at Loveline to prove his point about why he doesn’t have to listen to people he’s better than.


Adam is doing a live read for Bark


Adam is now using the 2007 morning show with Danny Bonaduce to make a point about his self-confidence and he’s also using Rikki Rachtman to further prove his point and he’s being very fair about Rikki’s possible contributions to the MTV Loveline show.

Adam is now bringing up Union Teamster gigs and he’s joking about the drivers sleeping in an all day and then sleeping in their car at home on the weekends.

Adam is sharing how he would tell many of the Teamsters to stick with the Cush gig they have, but Mark Cuban he would tell to move on.


Drew wants to know how Mark Cuban knew he was Mark Cuban before he achieved anything.

Adam is now contrasting his upbringing vs. Mark’s and saying that one must be honest about their own abilities, your inner voice should be based on everybody else’s outer voice.

Adam is now using the UFC to make a point about skill levels and he’s using Josh Koscheck and his striking training to drive it home.


Drew is expressing how this depresses him, as it leaves out the people on the margins who are not champions and Adam is now lapping back to connect the dots to his earlier statement about being realistic about your own talent/skill levels.

Adam is saying how he walks out on stage without prep for a 90min show and what that means vs. what it would be like if he was scheduled to go on stage and read a teleprompter, Adam is using the 90min of improv as his standup fighting skills and teleprompter work as his wrestling as the inverse of his earlier analogy.

Adam is now doing a live read for Life Lock.


Adam is telling Drew about school and how it forces people to exist outside of their element, he’s using the fat kid in gym class and the dumb kind in Algebra.

Adam is joking about his lack of game in scrabble and chess, Adam says you stop doing the things that you’re not good at after you leave school.

Adam says good students are trained to work harder in the face of challenge, to overcome and Drew agrees while backing up Adam’s point.

Drew is doing a live read for


1st Caller Ross, he has a question for Dr. Drew, hmmm.

He says he has to throw up after ejaculating about 90% of the time and the boys are quizzing him about just what happens, Adam is joking about his masturbation history and Drew asks Adam what would stop him and he’s got a great 1000 Clydesdales reply.

Drew is trying to get Ross to tell a doctor about this and Adam has a funny “road head” comment.

Adam is giving out the plugs