Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/12/2013 – Ice-T, Coco, and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Ice-T, Coco, and David Wild

Recorded 06-11-2013 – Release Date 06-12-2013

Production Number #1098

Show Page

Adam is opening the show to a nice intro from Dawson and Lynch, David Wild is in studio and wants his own Ice nickname, great Mijo! #TopDrop from BB complete with an anecdote about seeing Adam de la Peña who Adam also ran into recently.

Adam is now riffing about the meaning of his last name in comparison to his appearance, Adam is now taking it to the coffee at the shop and how he had Dawson pour it over the sink to avoid a spill.

Adam is now going off on pitchers in general, bringing up the pitchers of Ice Tea at restaurants, Alison is in the mix and Adam is really digging in.


Adam is now bringing up the premium water charges in Los Angeles and how they’ll try to upsell you with “still or sparkling” instead of tap, BB is now telling Adam that it doesn’t exist despite his frequent fine dining.

Chris Laxamana is now on mic to confirm the process of how they try to trick people into paying for water, BB is acting surprised despite hearing this many times and possibly even offering a different take last time.


Adam is telling the gang about the Aston Martin Vanquish he’s driving, he’s citing the red paint job that’s making everyone pay attention to him including the chicken shit ticket writing cops.

Adam is now teasing a picture of Sonny leaning against the Vanquish that you can see on the website via the show page link above.

Adam is now bringing up the loudness of static compared to a station that’s been tuned in, he’s calling for a silent (digital) version, Adam is now begging for HD radio without knowing it.


Adam is now playing “Dead Man’s Party” by Oingo Boingo for his music pick citing how much he hates the song, Alison is now telling the gang about shopping for a new car and observing a “cool” looking woman driving a classic muscle car that wasn’t performing.

Adam is making a point about looks and what they require of the people trying to embrace them, he’s going in depth on the trap of your car becoming an extension of your identity/fashion choices.


David is playing the unreleased “Diamonds in the Dust” by Diane Birch, Adam is doing a great “give me your goddamn shoes” riff in reply to the guy who was dating Diane, hilarious and bizarre hypothetical riff with amazing quotes from Ace.

They’re now labeling Alison’s “fiend” as Ned and David is further plugging Dian’s as yet unreleased new album and Adam is unsure the role of the record companies in today’s world and seems to miss the payola/cocaine days of radio and music.

They’re now playing “Immigrant Song” with Alison’s new impromptu drop work melded in with the original track, nice work BB.


David is telling the gang about Coco and her parent’s history with the television show “Bonanza” he’s got a Doc Bruce –esque delivery of the word and Adam is now riffing about the show and its characters.


Ice T is making his 2nd visit to the ACS and Coco is now joining the show for her debut appearance, Adam is now asking her about her parent’s history and connection to “Bonanza”.

Ice even remembers the show fairly well and they’re further riffing on “Hoss”, Ice is telling Adam about his upcoming album with “Body Count” and his upcoming 15th season on Law and Order SVU.

Adam is taking it back to Coco and asking how Ice and her first met, they’re now walking them through the video shoot where they were introduced.


Adam is now running his theory on big butts to Ice and Coco, about why black men prefer the larger ass and Ice is being very non typical of a rapper by being super honest.

Ice just referenced his visits to Classic Loveline and this discussion is going very differently than I assumed before listening.

Adam’s making some fine points and Ice is agreeing with Adam’s hypothesis, Coco is now giving her take on race and attention to aspects of physicality.


Alison’s has a great “We’re about to bite that ass” delivery while riffing off Adam’s idea of white guys ripping off the black man’s love of ass.

Adam is riffing on the way people accuse some celebrities of having butt implants, Ice is explaining that they often have people check it when appearing live, Alison is now getting a huge two hands full of coco booty, and you can almost hear the internet making GIF’s in response.

Adam is bringing up the sense of security for women when being with small men, Ice T has a great reaction to the “mini me” riff from Ace.


Adam’s now asking Ice about being pitched songs from the band and he’s using “Hall and Oates” and “Maneater” as an example of how he would’ve been wrong.

Ice is elaborating on the creative process, Adam is asking if he carries a notebook and sharing his late night thoughts that are sometimes overrated when morning comes.

Adam is now explaining the nature of dog years and how it reflects on the length of dog walks, Coco is telling the gang about her dogs and how she babies them instead of raising kids.


Adam is asking Coco about her biological clock and she’s explaining their almost military level of scheduling, Ice is now bringing up his 21yr old son sitting in the studio.

Adam has a hilarious joke about Kool Aid and Jizz, Adam is taking it back to the routine and the regimen they employ at home, Coco is explaining Ice and his military service.

Ice and Coco are further walking Adam and the gang through how they stay so organized day to day, they have an in-house gifting suite for their friends and family, say what!?


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the ACLU and their lawsuit against the Obama administration, she’s reading the details of the lawsuit and Adam is discussing how each new technological innovation leads to a new problem.

This is very similar to the MP3 discussion on 1999 Classic Loveline with Ice T, Adam gets a nice “Little Ice” one liner in and big Ice has a great point about the NSA.

Adam is explaining his stance on the finger printing requirement for his son’s YMCA basketball team, He’s citing the lack of profiling and assumption of guilt.


Ice is bringing up a “who watches the watchmen” style point, Adam is taking it to the fart comedy while agreeing and giving his take on surveillance of citizens.

Adam is using the 9/11 hijackers and their flight school training to make a further point, he’s citing the paranoid NRA guys who use things like the recent IRS scandal to justify their paranoia.

Ice is asking about the lawsuit and the possible financial stakes, he is now asking for a “symbolic lawsuit” instead of the usual kind.


2nd story is on the girlfriend of the NSA leaker and her online blog posts hinting at what she’s going through while dealing with the NSA.

Alison is reading her latest blog post and Adam is joking about her love of Poseidon.

They’re now breaking down the modern day strip club routine, Coco is telling the gang about her pole fitness class that she uses for core strengthening.

They’re all riffing on what’s impressive vs. what one wants “to beat off too”.


3rd story is on the new iPhone embracing a new “flat” look for the icons in IOS.

Adam is now asking about the new guy who has to go on stage and pitch the new phone, he’s asking if there was a super qualified and compelling guy who was overweight if he would be allowed to host the presentation.

Gary is now on mic explaining why it was chosen to go with the “flatter” feel, Adam is now going off on the look of a broken iPhone screen and comparing it to a coat hanger car antenna.


BB is calling Adam’s argument “retarded” while bringing up the “gnarled grip/Mother of Pearl” iPhone argument that dates back to the KLSX ACS and the early days of the podcast.


Ice has the best reactions despite his episode being hijacked by this strange and uncomfortable argument.

Ice is trying to teach Bryan how to wrap up an argument and is comparing this discussion to being married, Adam is asking for a witness to back him up.

Adam is asking for some data and now BB is mocking Gary and the production staff it seems, wow!

BB attempts a final dig on Adam while he’s mid live read, Adam handles his attempt to wreck the part of the show that pays the bills with a great “To Hell and Back” style riff.


4th story is on “Crazy Ants” and the new epidemic, Adam has a funny callback to his aunt and uncle with their annual holiday nickels.

Alison is now explaining how these ants eat electronics, she’s quoting how the infestation starts and Adam is asking what year it is while sharing the anecdote of Lynette’s Jaguar that was damaged by rats.

Adam is now bringing up the idea of a “scout ant” and how he could also just be more of a cast off or simply dumb.


Alison is wrapping the news, Ice has a nice “wow” after her closing line.

Adam is doing a live read, giving some plugs and now wrapping the show with a nice callback to the gifting suite at their home.