Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/11/2013 – Adam Bornstein, John Romaniello and Dave Dameshek

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Guest Adam Bornstein, John Romaniello and Dave Dameshek

Recorded 06-10-2013 – Release Date 06-11-2013

Production Number #1097

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Dawson has a hilarious intro, Dameshek is in studio and Adam is telling the gang about coaching Sonny’s basketball team.

Adam is now riffing about how to get banned from coaching via a semi racist rant, Adam is explaining how it can be initially embarrassing to take a stand but ultimately results in far more leisure time.

Adam is now explaining how Lynette won’t rest till he won’t sleep and he’s once again describing the new world order of working 24/7 in some nebulous grey area.


Adam is now riffing about how his home life would differ if he spent his days working in a coalmine.

Adam is taking it back to his first day as “Coach Adam” with a great back and forth about respect with Alison, Adam is telling he gang about all of the details of arriving and the first “firm but fair” employee he encountered who demanded his finger prints to coach the team.

Adam is explaining how he usually gets around these ridiculous technicalities and obligations, he’s citing some releases signed by proxies and quoting the rest of the exchange with the woman on staff.


Adam is breaking down his internal dilemma at the YMCA, he’s citing the sexual harassment seminars mandated at work and how he hopes to a craft a utopia via social change and pressure.

Adam is now explaining the looks from Lynette, Sonny and Coach Mike that resulted in Adam being able to coach without providing a finger print, hilarious joke from Adam about what he did in celebration.

BB is now describing his friend who will never take his shirt off in public, Alison has a direct/likely/sad answer as to why and Adam is still being fair with his stance, citing the reasoning of the finger print program.


Dameshek is asking about the celebrity aspect, Adam is bringing up the family presence as being the ultimate proof of no ill intentions.

Adam is explaining how we’re now eliminating the one good part about being human, using discretion and Alison sums it up nicely, DD is taking it to Israel and now Adam is offering up a concrete example of how this effects even him.

Adam has a quick comment about the old party house and DD laments its loss which leads to “old blue top” which might be the first time Adam’s ever revealed that nickname on air, at least on the ACS.


Adam is breaking down special treatment vs. what one has earned while discussing bank loans and the stadium of plastic beer bottles we’ve constructed for ourselves.

Dameshek is comparing hokey workplace seminars to Jr. High school assembly’s and how some people don’t protest as it breaks up the monotony of the day.

Dameshek had a great teapot comedy bit that got him in the hot seat and Adam has a nice coal mine callback.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports

DD is bringing up the NBA finals, Adam is trying to take it back to the NHL and now they’re playing a clip of DD and his surprising confidence from his last appearance, Adam is asking questions fleshing out details about his precious Penguins and how they were swept.

Dave is telling the gang the details/outcome of his bet with Bill Simmons and Alison wants to know his top mustache prospects.

They’re breaking down the controversy over Native American themed team names, Adam wants to know about the “Blackhawks” and Adam has a key use of “sweater”.


Alison wants to know if any of the names on the top #25 MLB draft list would fit into Dave’s field of interest, Dave is now guessing some of the names and Alison is reading off another.

Dave is taking it to the NFL, Shawn Merriman who was a former ACS KLSX morning show guest, they’re discussing his breakout season and recent trip to the ER for “fatigue”.

Dave is bringing up Chad Johnson and the “alleged” assault by Pacman Jones, Dave is now telling the gang about the bright shining light of news in regards to Tim Tebow getting a spot in New England.


Adam is now explaining his take on Tebow and love for a “winner”, they’re going super in depth on Tim’s potential and the coaching prowess of Belichick.

Adam is describing the most diabolical move often pulled by the Patriots.

DD is now using 9/11 to explain how he signed off on the idea of monitoring citizens, he’s connecting it to Chad Johnson and his probation hearing that resulted in a 30 day prison stint.


DD is playing the clip from the hearing, they’re discussing it and now Dave is playing the clip featuring Pacman outside of a nightclub.

Adam is explaining how people need to know that there is a camera on every corner and you can’t get away with what you think you can.

Alison has a quick name/work flub that everyone seems to enjoy mocking.


Creep of the Week

BB and Sporty Bill Simmons are early contenders, Dave is telling the gang about his list of the 5 best donuts for 2013 and his biggest note for the day is about the superiority of a cake donut over a raised one.

Adam is explaining how cheapness and donut desperation leads to miscalculations for future donut runs, he’s bringing up the veggie lovers pizza and how it shares a similar sad status with the burnt offering provided by Matt Fondiler with his great donut blunder of 2011.

Dave is now comparing Krispy Kreme to an “apparently attractive high maintenance woman who isn’t as impressive without makeup”.

Raised Donuts took the blaster, not through the hole according to DD.


Adam Bornstein and John Romaniello are now joining the show for their first visit, Adam is plugging their book and describing what he read and what piqued his curiosity.

They’re explaining sugar and porn ratios to Adam, Adam wants to know about myths regarding eating at night and timing for caloric content.

Adam is now asking about attempting to eat healthy and how fructose is a prime example of thinking you’re doing good but not really doing anything positive at all.


Adam is using the visceral nature of sex to explain man’s reaction to the scent of a BBQ.

Adam is explaining how the people he knows who don’t like meat or gluten often don’t seem to like food in general that much, connecting it even to men of the cloth.

As an unwilling vegetarian I agree with Adam 100% and this conversation is giving me the reaction Adam has to passing by a rib joint.

They’re going in depth on meat consumption and now Adam wants to know about the early 90’s flood of carb loading and fat free foods, the “entenmanns” and “snackwells” of the world.

Now water consumption is the main topic and BB wisely wants to know if there are any other misconceptions that have reversed 180 degrees like water, the guys have some good answers to explain the trends in health science.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the reveal of the identity of the man who claims to have leaked the information regarding the NSA program.

Adam is now riffing about him hiding out in China and the idea of being “disillusioned” and using it as an excuse to do whatever you want.

Alison is breaking down the debate surrounding this case and his actions, Adam’s got a great number riff in response.


Alison is explaining how he might sell information to avoid extradition and Adam is explaining the “If I can Kick Your Ass” rule to extradition in his utopia.

BB has a nice reversal and Adam has an equally sane response that nullifies BB’s attempt to root out hypocrisy that isn’t there.

Adam has a great quote about what he’s more about in response to one of the guests further asking him about BB’s hypothetical.


Adam is using the process of buying a home, attempting to own a llama and selling Mangria to explain how entrenched the government is in every aspect of daily life already.

Alison is asking Adam if he remembers “Me and my Llama” from her era of “Sesame Street” and now Adam is bringing up “Me and My Arrow” and the copout structure of most children’s programming.

“Sometimes People who are different are just assholes” – Adam’s new children’s book.


2nd story is on Erin Brockovich and her apology for boating drunk.

Adam is now riffing on all the things you can acquire a DUI while operating, Alison wants to know how many people actually have boats and Adam is telling the gang about watching Peter Graves talk about boating/water safety.

Adam has a solid generalization as pointed out by one of the guests in response to his Jet Ski riff.

Alison is clarifying the details of the arrest and the missing passenger.


3rd story is on Liberace’s ex from Behind the Candelabra revealing the surgical recovery for Michael Jackson that took place at Liberace’s compound.

Adam is now on a killer “Liberace Compound” riff, he’s joking about how to mix up your own and what could happen if you leave it in your car.

Alison is quoting the details about his relationship with Michael and Adam is now bringing up the idea of people being able to say anything about you once your dead, he’s just riffed up a ghost of BJ’s past concept that Alison has a nice reaction to.


Adam is now telling the gang about his kids and their love for MJ’s music, Adam likes about half of the songs and Adam realized why Olga doesn’t like any of his music.

Adam is now breaking down why Olga doesn’t like him and how she doesn’t seem to operate with the “if you can dance” get out of jail free card like most of society.

Adam and BB are now using the “have you seen him move” reply in an improv and Adam has a comical fake misunderstanding that ties it back to the Jackson family.


Adam’s now riffing about the lack of little girls at the Neverland ranch and wants to know why they don’t count as children and how there are just as many little girls who need love and attention.


4th story is on Chad Johnson, Alison is clearing up that he wasn’t going to get time until he slapped his attorney’s butt and Adam is saying that’s his business despite not liking people who show up to court disheveled.

Adam is saying that the judge was overcompensating because she didn’t understand the nature of the butt slap and has a comical idea about women in positions of power in response.

Adam objects to the judges dyed roots.


5th story is about a town in Wisconsin that has passed a “bullying fine” for parents of abusive children, Adam supports the idea of it and is predicting how it might be used to redefine bullying to include things that are not abusive.

Adam is charting how these little assholes grow up to become criminals, he’s got a nice analogy to give a perfect example of parental responsibility.

Adam is telling the gang about Natalia bossing Sonny around and her orders about wardrobe before going out for their family dinner.


Adam is explaining the guy who showed up with the giant balloons for their birthday and 100 dollar bills from Uncle Jimmy Kimmel, their godparent.

Adam is sharing his conversation with Jimmy about wishing to be 100 as a kid so he could get 10 bucks worth of dimes from his aunt and uncle.

Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is sharing an anecdote of Natalia heading to the Grove for an American Girl doll experience, Great Magnet twist on the end of this story.

Adam is now proclaiming he should just take their 100 dollar bills and is launching into a live read.


Adam is giving some plugs and wrapping the show with a shoutout for the newly 100k bottles sold Mangria.