Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/10/2013 – Greg Fitzsimmons and Dr. Bruce

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Guest Greg Fitzsimmons and Dr. Bruce

Recorded 06-09-2013 – Release Date 06-10-2013

Production Number #1096

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Adam is opening the show with a spirited intro and a nice #TopDrop from BB featuring Adam’s rendition of the urban McDonalds commercial theme music and now he’s weighing in on the lack of token white buddies in the commercials.

Adam is going huge and once again saying you can judge American culture based on the McDonalds commercials of the era, Alison seems to agree and is furthering Adam’s point.


Adam’s going full “Idiocracy” while riffing on the skin tone of the average McDonalds customer in the commercial spots and Alison has a nice launching off point by bringing up Adam’s theory on the best ass color, he’s now bringing Bruce into the mix and calling him the antithesis shade.

Adam has Gary on Mic to confirm what Adam told him earlier in the day in regard to Jo Koy and his comedic abilities vs. Dr. Bruce, Adam is now telling everyone he knows near 50 who are on the brink of something that they’re only on the brink of death.


Adam has a hilarious “Respectfully” series of jokes and a killer “Lisa Loeb” reference to finish things up, gold!

Adam is taking it back to the “caramel couples” in the advertisements and how by trying to be everything for everyone makes you nothing for no one.


Adam’s now bringing up the Toyota event he attended where they once again mixed up his last name, they ran into some terrible traffic upon their return while on the 405.

Adam is explaining it was 2 people out of their cars on a freeway after a minor accident, Adam is now ranting about the crazy amount of danger that puts one in, he’s citing police death statistics.

Adam is now sharing how people have tweeted him photos from Idaho with signs every 100 yards telling people to pull off the freeway for minor accidents.

Adam is ranting up a storm and bringing up some of his long complained about gripes regarding this topic.


Health Watch with Dr. Bruce

Adam is having Bryan or the control room play a “Humira” TV commercial he saw that is indicative of the culture we now live in because of the intervention from lawyers.

Doc B. is doing the opposite of yes and even though he probably agrees despite his own attempts not to, Alison is confirming Adam’s point that the legal disclaimer’s now dominate the advertisements.

Adam’s now mocking the latest Viagra advertisements and they’re all riffing on the themes including Dr. Bruce, hilarious one liner from Adam asking what the guy intends to do on the beach and Adam tops himself with two even more bizarre closing comments.


Bruce is now bringing up an article that profiled Dr. Drew and Bruce is reading quotes from it, Adam is now explaining Drew’s nature and tendencies.

Adam is going in depth on his mic punching and mug slamming that results in Drew’s “pouty” response.

Adam is riffing about Drew in the cockpit of an aircraft, hilarious quote from Adam with a funnier reaction from Alison.


Bruce is now telling the gang about HPV related oral cancers, Adam is bringing up his cancer sniffing dogs that he wants to retrain for venereal diseases, Bruce is arguing that it’s impossible but Drew has previously stated it is.

Adam’s Venereal Disease sniffing dogs date back to his idea for cancer screening dogs, possibly over 15yrs ago now.

Bruce is bringing up the bogus arguments against the HPV vaccine and Alison has a key question for Bruce about the diagnosis, and a deeper key question to boot.


Adam is sharing an anecdote about a neighborhood cat that likes to hang out in his yard and he’s now defending the public information that he likes the company of felines.

Sonny had a hilarious reaction to the cat and Bruce is agreeing with Sonny with hilarious phrasing that Adam and the gang are all mocking, Alison’s reactions are gold.


Bruce is now explaining the credentials you wants for the coaches of your children’s sports teams, Bruce is now bringing up the heat concerns being elevated due to the pharmaceuticals that many kids are prescribed.

Adam is joking about stoned cycling after Bruce gives an emphatic take on the importance of helmets for children on bikes and skateboards.


Hooray for BaldyWood

Bryan is reviewing “The Internship” shockingly he’s not a fan, they’re breaking down the appeal of the two leads, hilarious penis nose comment from Adam.

Now they’re discussing the Rotten Tomatoes score for the film and BB is claiming that a single scene in “Wedding Crashers” is funnier than this whole film.

Adam is now rightfully thanking Matt “The Porcelain Punisher” Fondiler for helping “The Hammer” acquire enough ancillary reviews to reach “Certified Fresh” on the website.


BB has a perfect analogy that Adam even makes note of and they’re wrapping the sweet thank you for Matt, now BB is breaking down a single joke and Adam is mocking the “can we get beer” joke from the trailer.

BB is drawing comparisons to Legally Blonde and Adam is telling the gang about Charles who directed “Legally Blonde: 2” and “The Hammer”, hilarious quotes about his lack of knowledge about construction and boxing equipment.


Greg Fitzsimmons is now making his 27th visit to the podcast, they’re opening the segment to a listener voicemail apologizing for screwing up Adam’s drink order in a dream.

Adam is now explaining his negative reoccurring dreams that have faded as he’s aged, he’s now asking the gang if they’re noticing the same thing.

Greg is telling the gang about “Porky Pigging it” thanks to Alison’s comment, BB and Adam have an excellent dismissal of Greg’s sleep tangent.


Adam is sharing his greatest fear of fighting off a junkie in the nude, Adam has a hilarious descriptor about what he would postpone in order to put on some shorts.

Greg is now telling the gang about stopping a guy from beating a woman while his penis was on display for everyone.

Adam is joking about knives and cocks not mixing well, great the more you know timing from BB.

Adam is now giving his rule of thumb on what it means when men remove their shirt in a specific fashion.


Alison is now sharing her weird dream in lieu of further discussion of Greg’s bedtime wardrobe, oh no!

Greg’s reaction to the 3rd act of Alison’s dream is great and now Adam is asking if there would be nothing more embarrassing that viewing your dreams on an IMAX screen with a packed house.

Adam is now quoting a weird dismembered penis/jizz dream that this Superfan doesn’t recall ever hearing before, also some transsexual “catfish” dreams that are very much in line with Adam’s typical “struggle/disappointment” themes.


Adam has an amazing series of quotes and Alison seems to appreciate the weight of what’s he’s describing, he’s now weaving a beautiful analogy comparing the way dreams evolve to the digestive process.

Adam is now relating the “faceless man” aspect often described by women to him, he’s now theorizing why he gets that answer and Alison is assuring him it can be that vague.


Adam is now asking if anyone else has a similar reaction to his when it comes to a specific type of crime, very “To Catch a Predator” and very honest.

Alison is appropriately horrified by the male psyche and Adam is explaining how you should never do anything proactive that’s wrong, burning calories for negativity is a no go according to Ace.


Greg is now sharing an unfortunate anecdote and Adam has a hilarious reply, Greg is now bringing up Chuck Berry and Adam is asking how many guys could get away with what he did, Adam’s connecting it to the “Auto Focus” style technology of Bob Crane.

Adam is now sharing his idea for “random boner checks” and invented a “boner sniffing dog” gold!

Adam is now reading the details of the case and BB is finishing it up with a funny point about the claim of ignorance from Chuck.


Greg is now asking what Alison wears while she sleeps, he’s curious why she goes with something so modest from his POV and she’s describing a similar “tangle/wrapping” issue that Adam described earlier.


Alison’s News

She’s now asking Greg about his “just a T shirt” preference.

Her top story is on Richard Ramirez dying in prison, Adam’s got a perfect reaction and now they’re discussing the idea of death of natural causes at age 53.

Everyone is bringing up a great point and Greg just used one of Adam’s classic “moped” examples, Adam’s now asking for some “no weddings” common ground with Fitzdog for convicted murderers.


Alison is now reading the details of their marriage and wedding bands, hilarious profession joke from Ace and idea for objecting to every one of these prison unions.

Alison is telling Adam how much the case frightened her as a child and Adam is now on a Satanist jag, asking if going to hell is actually heaven, Adam’s describing his own passion fruit flavored/needle nose plier multi-use hell.

Greg is now describing his experience at a Dave Mathews Band concert in comparison to Adam’s lamentation at the early morning swimmers who brag about their predawn accomplishments, great references from Adam and Alison.


Alison is now reading some quotes from Richard and his father, both quotes clearly paint a picture of religious stories being taken literally.

Adam is now figuring out how much money the state has now saved because he’s died, Adam has decided that Satanists aren’t into the beach nor mountain biking.


2nd story is on Orlando Shaw, a man being sued in Nashville’s most expensive child support case.

They’re now playing a clip of the man being interviewed about his kids and their mothers, Greg’s cackle is nice.

Adam is sharing an anecdote about Producer Gary attending Natalia’s skating recital in order to film it despite the professional equipment already there.


Adam is now having Gary point out a picture of her skating on Friday night for her 1st of two weekend recitals, Adam is now sharing the rest of the details of the packed event to contrast against this news story and the lack of interest displayed by Orlando.

Greg has an idea of how to eliminate these unwanted children and Adam is explaining why it won’t work and why discussing it is the only hope of creating change.

Adam is explaining the difference between parenting books and teaching/learning by example, Adam is once again sharing his reasoning for bringing the kids to “Cinco De Mangria”.

Adam is now telling Greg about his trip to Merced and the “Chicken/Minivan exchange” from the end of April.


Alison’s 3rd story is on Florida deputies who removed a Doritos bag from a deer’s head.

Alison is sharing a very fair observation and Adam is taking it back to the “Exit Bag” discussion, Greg is now sharing an anecdote.

Adam is riffing about “you’re not going to eat me mode” among animals and how they can’t “chill out”, great delivery in reply by Fitzsimmons and Alison is now sharing how her dog was neutered this week.


Adam is now comparing a veterinary cone to the experience of your genitals poking through your boxers while dressed in formal wear, Adam is now riffing about reversible belts and secret buttons inside suits that interrupt emergency shits.

Adam is now describing Molly and her recent cancerous lesions that make the cash registers go off in Adam’s brain, great drop work from BB.

Great Rick Springfield comedy tied into the Molly riff, Adam is telling the gang about how Molly got out and wandered after Adam left the gate open and how Molly’s choice of couture gave her away to the neighbors.


Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is doing a live read with a crazy new drop from A-Rose.

Adam has a nice plug for ARIYNBF with Matt Walsh and another choice drop placement from BB.