Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/08/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 357

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/08/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 357

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-05-2016 – Release Date 06-08-2016

Production Number #357 – Angles

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Adam has a standard “Thanks for supporting the show” intro and Drew asks Adam what all of this stuff is about, there is a piece of paper he was sharing on the ACS with his sectional sofa dimensions, he explains more of it to Dr. Drew.

Gary now shows Dr. Drew a picture and explains that the place screwed up the 12-degree customization, Adam says Gary is good at math and just deconstructed what they must have done, it looks too coincidental for that not to the fuck up, a reversal of numbers.

Adam thinks they are just insane fuck ups and were doing drugs with the Manson family, holy shit this is hilarious!


Adam has a “simply stop what you’re doing and contact me” life policy, in the email/cellphone era just call him.

Adam says he will never get angry and will be ok with people calling him for questions, Drew says he never got the end of the Ray story where Ray was asking him for a Lawyer, he reiterates that Ray wanted him to finance the lawyer.

Adam talks about patterns and how people only call you when they want something, he uses Jimmy Kimmel as an example of someone who never wants anything and Ray as someone who only calls when he is hungry, horny or broke.


Adam says he’s never had a discussion with Ray about booking guests, enhancing bits or improving ‘Ace On the House’ after 5 years of doing the show together.

Adam brings up the way Ray wanted to get paid for AOTH $100 a show instead of getting a split of the profits, he says if he was as douchey as everyone thinks he is then he would be forcing Ray to get only 100$ now instead of cutting him even though he tried to cut around him and contact Adam’s money manager.

Adam tries to get to the calls and Drew is bringing up how Geragos wife and Drew’s wife Susan both want to get in on some reality TV show, Adam says this can’t be a good thing and brings up Lynette screaming at the phone “who’s Shawnee!?” and they move on as Adam proclaims all he wants is his rug.


1st Caller Mason, he’s calling from Joliet and says he’s going crazy from stress and pressure he goes over his various problems, child support taking 75% of his wages and he has problems with large groups and anxiety.

Mason says he had a major trauma when he was in second grade and his teeth were knocked out with a crowbar, he says he treats women poorly and always fucks up relationships.

Mason tells Drew about his various addictions, he brings up his atheism and immediately tries to get out of AA playing that card.


Adam brings up the “Norco” part, the weed, the booze that’s not the big deal it’s the opiates, Adam says that’s like listing a women’s personality and other attributes before the big tits that are your primary attraction, list the nose first.

Adam is now breaking down Drew’s advice and tells Mason to “get his frame straight and true” before hanging the engine and suspension on it, the mental health issues shouldn’t be tackled until the drug use stops and sobriety is firm.


2nd Caller Paul, he’s hyper aware of his life and how it is and can’t break up his own patterns or comfort zone, he tells them about going weeks without talking to people and he explains his money situation has been handled “earlier” and he dances around that he lives off inheritance.

Adam says his parents are both colossal losers and they don’t drink or use drugs after Drew tries to sniff out some addiction.

Paul is trying to make sense of his sad life and Adam shushes him into submission and takes him off the air so he can make a point, Adam talks about the wiring of men and women and how men who have never tackled a career or real job are incomplete in some way.


Drew says that gratitude and service matter but as Aristotle discovered you need a unique skill, something you can offer that others cannot, a specialty.

Adam thinks being of service might be meaningful, something he can bring to the table in an industry.

Drew asks him about helping his buddies coach their kid’s teams, he lists off his various negative experiences that somehow prevent him from changing today.


Adam thinks he needs people to count on him and explains how to achieve that and Dr. Drew segues into a live read.


Dr. Drew is doing a Five Four Club Live Read


3rd Caller John, Drew interrupts John to ask about these callers who are “languishing” and if it’s a more recent phenomenon.

Adam says he has noticed it too and brings up his daughter who was spinning out over all of the things she wants in addition to all of the gifts she got for her birthday.

Adam didn’t get into it but brings up the most miserable he ever saw his daughter, she was five and Lynette got the kids everything they ever wanted for Christmas, mom of the year!

Adam brings up Natalia was opening presents in an agitated state, swimming in a pool of toys and irritated, angst ridden.


Adam says it’s one of the few times in history he suggested they not do that again, Lynette immediately agreed, Adam explains how he was trying to explain to his daughter that earning things makes them mean a lot more to you.

Adam says his son is not in the grips of it like she is, he likes his tech and gadgets and figures but he’s at his best with basketball and a hoop.

Adam says if you want to let someone unravel, a pet, a child etc. give them whatever they want whenever.


Adam explains that they have been getting a lot of takeout and wasn’t enjoying himself eating some takeout he really likes, they have been eating out too much and it was wasted money and calories.

Adam talks about his live touring diet and contrasts that to what he eats while the kitchen is destroyed and it’s take out every night.

Adam talks about the false remedy of someone suggesting a better restaurant.


They’re back to John again and let him ask more this time, he tells them about sabotaging relationships and Adam says chicks hate the pity thing, actually everyone does.

John tells them about moping and takes it all the way back to elementary school, Drew asks if he’s ever seen a psychologist and they both agree he sounds depressed.

Adam talks about the wiring he seems to possess and asks if he can be aware of his wiring and go out there and fight it.


Drew asks if he has auditory hallucinations and shares he thinks he might have schizoaffective disorder, Adam talks about relative metabolisms and asks how Dr. Drew manages his crappy metabolism, he jokes about God spending more time with Lynette than Drew hence her awesome metabolism.

Adam says Drew has focused on a limitation and moved passed it, now he’s a super fit 57-year-old despite his genetic hand, Adam brings up his buddy Daniel Kellison who chooses to be happy.

Gary confirms they saved the next caller for another show.


Adam is doing a Blue Apron Live Read

There different always works, Adam likes falutin (Highfalutin) Free Food edition


Adam and Drew wrap the show.