Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/07/2013 – Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

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Guest Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg

Recorded 06-06-2013 – Release Date 06-07-2013

Production Number #1095

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Seth is now making his first in studio appearance on the ACS and it’s also his first in studio visit with Adam since 2001 Classic Loveline promoting “Undeclared”, he was on in 2000 promoting “Freaks and Geeks” and it’s the infamous “Wart Exam” challenge episode that led to the examination.

Seth had two awesome but brief phoners to the ACS on KLSX, one in 2007 for “Knocked Up” and another in 2008 as well.


BB has a great #TopDrop and Adam is telling the gang about seeing “This is the End” last week and how eager he is to talk about it with them.

Alison wants to know how exaggerated their portrayals are and Adam has a hilarious description of Seth’s depiction of himself in the movie, gold!


Adam is telling the gang about his daughter’s upcoming ice skating shows and the kids insane online shopping requests for their birthday.

Adam is now going on about the notion of love and how you can only care about so many things, BB is asking if there is a sweet spot much like Adam’s mattress height rule of thumb.

Adam’s connecting it to his daughters request for multiple American Girl dolls as opposed to one she would love more than an entire lot, some fans might make some car analogy and Adam has already agreed with the notion when he discussed the woman who loved her Mustang at the last race.

Adam’s got a crazy joke about what he can no longer do with her American Girl doll.


Adam is telling the gang about Natalia and her “Crazy Core” of balance, Adam is explaining how he was physically amazing as a child and the never peaked with puberty unlike some of his superhuman cohorts.

Adam is giving an in depth example of how Natalia would utilize balance to resist being picked up and comparing it to his MMA grappling practice and George Saint Pierre level takedown defense.

Adam is now sharing an example of a conversation he wish would’ve gone differently with Natalia, whoa!


Adam is telling the gang about reminiscing with the gang over sandwiches about Ozzie and his 2hr lunch runs, Adam is explaining how he was “running a scam on himself” in the words of the unnamed lunch companions and didn’t actually service his better interests despite his shortsighted attempts.

Adam’s making some great points about how obvious your scam becomes after 2-3 incidents and has a hilarious Boca Raton housing scheme one liner.


Blah Blah Blog

1st blog choices are Glenn Frey, Nick Offerman and Tom Green.

Adam is now riffing about the logic behind the blog entry and sticking with the point about the taxes paid by Steve Jobs.

Alison just got a text message from “Tom Green” how great magnet, Adam and BB have some nice light teasing for her excited reveal.

This one has a great ending with a mysterious lack of information from A-Rose about the texts.


2nd blog choices are Tracy Morgan, Russell Simmons and Al Roker.

Adam is going off on the arts vs. skills, he’s asking the rest of the gang about how musical ability factors into someone’s life who no longer plays.

Alison has a solid point and so does Mike Dawson, Adam has a killer response that everyone in the booth seems to appreciate.

BB is arguing against Adam’s hardline take on the role of music in school.


3rd blog choices are Richard Belzer, Madonna and Chrissie Hynde.

Adam’s now on his 3rd round of mocking/celebrating Mike Lynch and his intricate web of blog deception, Adam and BB are now riffing on mediocre masters of disguise and amateur conmen.

Complete with Regional Jewel Thief comment.


Seth is now reuniting on air with Adam after a 12 year in person break, Adam is praising Seth’s new movie “This Is the End” and it’s insanely high Rotten Tomatoes score.

Seth’s being very honest about how it feels to get good feedback for this vs. some of his other less well received projects.

Adam is advising people to get high then see the movie, he’s now telling Seth about the “Sex and the City 2” birthday TMZ incident.

Seth is now explaining the plot of his new film at the behest of Alison and Adam is singing the praises of the death of Michael Cera in the film.


They’re now discussing Vancouver, Adam is telling Seth where he stayed and Seth is telling the gang about keeping a home in both Los Angeles and Vancouver.

Adam is sharing an anecdote about Jeff Ross and his plan to get high before heading to the airport.

Adam is comparing other areas of Canada to the very unique Vancouver, Seth grew up there and Adam is now sharing his amazement at people who grew up in exotic/idealistic locales and attended public school.


Seth is now walking the gang through his Journey, a much more in depth interview than any of the past visits, Adam’s got a great future joke to boot.

Adam and BB are singing the praises of Seth and his good nature, Seth is now telling the gang about making movies and which production roles are the most difficult.

Adam’s taking it back to Seth’s childhood and inquiring into the nature of his parents even further with questions about the importance of wealth in his household.

Adam’s now lamenting the people who claim they were poor growing up but didn’t know it, Alison has a killer callback that tops everything.


Evan is now joining the show too and explaining how he first met Seth, Adam is comparing the gentile love of him and Kimmel to the rapport between Seth and Evan.

Adam’s riffing about Mr. Walters and “The Donkey Squad”, great reactions from everyone.

Evan is helping further flesh out their high school experience and BB saves the day with a “James Marsden” pull.


Evan just revealed that Seth was on the last season of “Dawson’s Creek”, they’re now playing a clip of Seth on the show after Adam and him realized their great magnet connection to the show.

They’re both now lamenting the haunted “Bed and Breakfast” style hotel used for Dawson’s Creek guest stars and Adam is now recounting his revising of “Perfect Strangers” during his 2003 trip to North Carolina.

Somewhere Busy Phillips is throwing her hands in the air (if she listened to the show) as she was the reason Seth, Adam and Drew were all brought to the Creek during its final run due to her friendship with the production staff(writers?).


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the NSA scandal regarding the phone records of US citizens, she’s explaining the details and Adam doesn’t care nor do the guests and Alison too.

Seth’s reaction to his mild criminal activity being recorded and documented is pretty great and Alison has a perfect logical summation.

Adam is explaining the Hollywood narcissism behind many of the complaints about this, Adam is doing the “Home/Children” riff for Evan and Seth, Evan is now getting some Mangria too after Seth was served his Brose he seems to be enjoying.


They’re all now riffing on the TSA experience and all that it entails.

They’re now talking about shoes and foot mats, Alison just set Adam up for a “Branick Device” name drop that you can hear him relishing, he’s now explaining the story behind how he found out about the name and his differently sized feet.


2nd story is on the attempted suicide of Paris Jackson, Alison is explaining the details and how it wasn’t the first attempt.

Adam is now asking about the “batch” she came from and Alison actually finishes his sentence.

Alison has a question about “grading” and Adam’s feigned misunderstanding in reply is as inane and hilarious as can be.


Adam is being mildly PC about the topic of skin color in children compared to their parents ethnicity and coloring, Seth actually puts it in surprising plain English and agrees with Adam.

Alison is now explaining the concept of an “Exit Bag” to the gang, Adam and BB don’t recall that Teresa told them the same thing several times on the morning show and on the podcast a time or two, her aunt who had a copy of “The Final Exit”, Alison makes it clear she learned of them from the news story.

Adam is now riffing on idea of a picnic for a right to die group and Seth and Evan have a crazy retort combo.


3rd story is New York’s midtown Hilton ending its room service and replacing it with a self-serve cafeteria.

They’re all now lamenting the loss of room service and Alison is not a fan of early closing for hotels.

Gary seems to have found the perfect Debbie Roe/Jeff Daniels photo combo that you can see via the show page link above.


Adam is now sharing his 3am underpants wake up with a mistaken Lasagna room service order and Adam’s mistaken judging.

Adam is explaining how a part is restarted to flesh out what happened after Daniel banged on his door and Adam is saying nothing good happens in the early am sweet spot before sunrise.

They’re on an extended room service and “tip included” riff, Seth echoes Adam’s lamentation about the lack of coleslaw options in many places.


4th story is on WA State and its current “pickle”, Adam is interrupting to find out about the status of Slaw in Vancouver and they have a great callback to the Dawson’s Creek discussion.

Alison is explaining the marijuana sniffing dogs who have little use now that it’s been legalized in the state, Evan has a killer reply and Adam is calling for an “Exit Doggie Bag” as coined by Seth, much like “waffle crapper” and its inception with Drew.

They’re now all picking what dogs they’d prefer to be busted by, Adam is joking about trying to tell your “celly” you were busted by a Chihuahua.


Adam is now asking about the dog sniffing assholes thing and if their sense of smell is so good does it come back around to smelling like the food they ate.

Alison is wrapping the news with some dog observations, Adam and BB are doing a live read and Adam is giving plugs and wrapping the show.