Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/06/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 355

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/06/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 355

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-05-2016 – Release Date 06-06-2016

Production Number #355 – Viper Red

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Dam has the standard intro and he compliments Drew’s new ride, a midnight blue Audi.

Drew says his wife picked it out and Drew brings up difficulty in buying a red car, they talk about BMW Imola Red.

Adam is sharing the “viper red” story from a discussion at an Aston Martin dealer with a clueless salesman who insisted they called the red pain “viper red” and Adam corrected him over and over to get the record straight.

Adam says it would be like putting flowers in the dugout of the team you’re playing against, if Aston Martin acknowledged Dodge Viper’s by calling the paint that.


Adam is now explaining how he got some higher up guys to explain that it was indeed not called Viper Red, Adam says that in his next life hopes to be checked out and says because he’s not checked out he knows more than the guy working at the Aston Martin dealership who is.

Drew talks about people using laughing and covert conversational mechanisms, theory of mind in other people and expectations, he has a fishing joke example to make his point.

Adam is telling Drew how he was talking to his wife about why he gets along with Jack, the father of his daughter’s best friend who they went on the weekend river rafting trek with.


Adam is now bringing up the dumb hypocrites in life who don’t like hunters but eat meat and wear leather and are fully conscious of their support of factory farming and much crueler conditions.

Adam says people who build don’t talk like this, they solve problems and he’s got a post/steel beam example and Drew once again mentions accepting reality on realities terms.

Adam is now sharing his drop the atomic bomb in Japan theory for sane vs. insane people in society, the people who don’t want the bomb dropped never offer up any solutions, they just have feelings about it.


1st Caller Justin, he’s got a long prefacing before his question and he tells them about his older brother who is a ne’er-do-well and has recently gotten divorced, he wants to know to what extent should he get involved to protect his parents from his loser siblings who need their money.

Drew asks about the parent’s wealth and if this is straining them, Adam jokes about pulling his parents aside to tell at them to quit asking for fucking money.


Drew brings up Adam’s dad and the car mileage issue that ended his annual car lease, Adam brings up his Flugelhorn analogy that finally got his dad to get why him not driving the Jaguar to family events bummed Adam out and why not using up the miles they paid for it would cost Adam more money.

Adam is now explaining the Flugelhorn analogy to an eager Dr. Drew and Adam tells him about Jim showing up in his wife’s beige Honda CR-V, the cheapest and most practical form of transportation for those who hate cars.

Adam says it’s the antithesis of a sports car.


Adam is back to the story of his dad’s Jaguar lease that he was paying for month to month while his dad was letting it collect dust in the driveway.

Adam brings up the “we don’t give change on gift cards” policy and compares that to the car dealership who doesn’t refund money for mileage not put on a leased vehicle.

Adam mentions his steps mom’s name and gets back to his explanation to his father about the car lease, he brings up his dad’s “ok your highness should I just drive around in a circle” argument he attempted.


Adam is now to the Flugelhorn analogy and how he finally got his dad to appreciate the feeling he was experiencing.


Drew is doing a Sideline Live Read


2nd Caller TJ, he’s calling from Jacksonville and Drew says he’s somehow tied his headphones into his shirt and Adam broke Drew’s shirt, that he got for free anyway.

TJ tells them about blowing through two lanes of red turn arrows and says it’s his time to pick a civilian job after leaving the military and he shares the two choices with them.

One opportunity is at a public Ivy league school and the other is at a Medical Facility.


Drew is now talking about family practitioners getting marginalized in academic centers, TJ says the Navy is the same way and Drew has some more practical advice about him being able to best shine in his profession.


3rd Caller David, he’s a longtime fan and Drew pesters him about how long he’s been listening and Adam says this is why he never does what Drew just did, he just moves along and doesn’t ask follow ups, doesn’t search out insults or information he doesn’t need.

David wants to know about an investment in his home and Adam talks about borrowing money to buy fancy Viking appliances when he could only afford the Sears models.

Adam brings up his Dishwasher he added to increase his home’s resell value.


Adam asks if it isn’t prudent to do something economically stupid if you’re going to be living in the place, why not make yourself comfortable if you’re going to be there for the next decade.

Adam says it’s akin to asking an expert about what car you should buy, “buy what you like” and he feels the same way about buying a house.


4th Caller Jeremey, he’s got a buddy who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, he was relatively normal until his sister’s death.

Drew reiterates what he just said to Jeremy, he tells them about being the only friend left for this poor guy.

Adam discussed just this topic and the role family plays in keeping people off the streets and Adam mentions the hats he brought him, this calls back to 2003 Classic LoveLine where Adam first talked about it.


Adam goes in-depth on his hats worn by crazy guys, you can identify a crazy person by how they wear their hat, if it’s just mashed on their head like he describes.


Adam is doing a Blue Apron Live Read


Adam gives out the plugs and they wrap up the show.