Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/05/2013 – Jo Koy Live from The Pasadena Ice House

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Guest Jo Koy Live from the Pasadena Ice House

Recorded 06-04-2013 – Release Date 06-05-2013

Production Number #1093

Show Page

Adam is opening the show with Jo Koy making his 2nd appearance on the ACS for another live appearance.

Adam is riffing about flying Alaska airlines and the lack of faith the name inspires, Adam is connecting it to Alaska themed reality shows featuring flying.

Adam is now taking it to the Iditarod and how women often win the race, Alison has a funny comment to back Adam up with his theory.

They’re all on a group riff about racing dogs and the reasoning behind it.


Alison has a great observation that Jo actually almost stops the show to address, deservedly.

Alison is further elaborating on livestock and Adam is now riffing along on the same topic, Adam is telling the gang about an unfortunate picture found in his high school yearbook.

Adam is taking it back to his flight and the “Cockpit” harkening back to January 1996 Classic Loveline.


What Can’t Adam Complain About

1st topic Oral Sex

Adam is now taking it to the Michael Douglas HPV related cancer diagnosis and Jo is right in step riffing with him, Adam is now in character as Michael and has a great little shop of horrors joke.

Adams now sharing a Vancouver airport bathroom discussion about oral sex, he’s filling the gang in on the new brother in law attending Jimmy’s bachelor party.

Adam was sharing his distaste for dong spitting in porn films, BB has a gross observation and Adam is taking it back to WWII.


Jo is right in step and quotes the old woman Adam is describing and they’re explaining the spitting to Alison.

Adam and Jo are now riffing on someone missing and spitting on balls instead, Adam is painting some amazing pictures with his words.

BB is now asking if anyone else enjoys porn bloopers, Adam and Jo are once again simpatico and now Alison has got Adam on a tangent about watching “The Bachelor”, his description of the plot of the show is insanely hilarious.

Adam and Jo are now on an extended riff about the Bachelor and racial stereotypes, this is crazy.


2nd topic Bill O’Reilly

Adam is joking about how Bill thinks it’s funny to refer to Adam by his last name, everyone has a nice reaction to that reveal.

Adam’s calling him a nice guy and taking it to the fans of his show who aren’t too vocal about seeing him on O’Reilly’s show.

Adam is taking it to Stern who he just mentioned and someone who complimented him on a Stern repeat and had to be “Talked down” from their incorrect status in “Wrong City”.


Adam’s on a “not at all?” riff and using people who can’t believe you’ve never tried something as his example.

Adam’s taking it to an incredulous Lynette asking him about feeding the dog, complete with hilarious innuendo from Adam.


Adam is now riffing about dog medication always being encased in food and how he would prefer that same rule for his own medication doses, Alison is sharing a quote from a friend and now Adam is on his famous “sterilization agent added to Mountain Dew” riff.

Adam is telling the gang about taking the private jet with Kevin and Trip and his initial observations on private jet travel that led to his bitching out about Pepsi the Loveline sponsor and his objection to “nectar of the tards”.

Adam is now explaining how Jimmy cites this as Adam having no “moral character” and Adam is telling the gang about taking 25k from Mountain Dew and his alternate take that the joke is on them.


Adam is sharing how brand loyal Jimmy is to Coca Cola and resistant he is to Pepsi, Adam and Jo are riffing about Poquito Moss and Adam has a great callback.

Adam’s never told this in depth a version of this story and sharing a previously untold detail about his initial cockroach speculation, hilarious!

Adam and Jo are now riffing and ranting about off brand items and how they compare to their name brand counter parts, good stuff.


Adam is plugging Jo’s upcoming gigs and now he’s taking it back to their trip to the Borgata and Jo is losing his shit after hearing about Mike August and his love of eating.

Adam is telling the Agora Hills steak with Nick Santora story where Mike double dipped on the steaks.

Adam is now back to the story where they tried to spend 500 bucks of Casino cash at PF Changs, Jo is jumping in to improv as the PF Changs waiter or waitress to reenact the drink offer with added comedic racism, gold!


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the death of Deacon Jones “The Minister of Defense” and Alison has an interesting point about natural causes at age 74.

Adam is explaining how he was the one to discover the absurdity of this old NFL films bit where Deacon discussed the head slap and now Alison is explaining how he invented the term “sacking the quarterback”.

They’re listening to the infamous clip and now Jo is doing a hilarious impression as Deacon and Adam is part of the NFL films crew, this is great!

They’re really going for it with this improv, it might be a contender for Ace Awards 2013.


Alison is now asking some great follow up questions and Adam is telling her about his discussions of this clip with Rich Eisen dating all the way back to 2004 Classic Loveline.

Alison has a great obscure detail about the “head slap” and Adam duly notes they removed that part of the clip on the ESPN “30 for 30”.

Adam is now riffing with Alison about potentially negative things it would be good to be famous for.


2nd story is on the writer’s guild of America releasing their list of the top 101 best written television series of all time.

Alison is reading off the rankings as well as some reactions and Adam is ok with the number one slot, Jo brings up that “Facts of Life” didn’t even make the list much to Alison’s chagrin.

Adam is explaining that Mike August has now become hooked on “The Wire” and is that guy trying to get Adam hooked on it, Adam seems to be mistaking it for “Oz”.


Adam and Mike ran into a waitress who wasn’t aware of any TV except “The Wire” but he was resistant to discuss it, Adam’s tone is hilarious, nice new anecdote!

Adam is now telling the crowd abut August and his cleaning out of the comedy condo toilet paper for the Denver Comedy Works, Jo seems to know the closet well and Alison has a funny Eddie Pepitone mention.

Adam is now riffing about the hairstyles in MASH and Jo is taking it back to Grape Nuts and how the depressing theme song throws him, Adam is taking it to season 6 when the show got entrenched in melodrama and preachy.


Alison is now riffing on the TiVo descriptions for old “Twilight Zone” episodes and Adam is riffing on “Terror at 30,000 feet”.

Alison loves Adam’s complete dismissal of the twist ending for “Time Enough At Last”.

Adam wants to know the 100 and 101 entries, “Oz” does make an appearance and Adam has a hilarious reaction and objection to the tied entries for the last numbers.


Adam is now sharing an anecdote about his kids swimming nude, Adam is now joking about the hypothetical heart to heart with his son about his future penis expectations.

Jo is now sharing an anecdote about circumcising his son, holy shit!


3rd story is on the Taco Bell employee that posted a photo that’s now gone viral of him licking all of the hard taco shells.

Adam has a hilarious immediate reaction and Jo is taking it to an equally funny place, Adam just came up with the most hilarious hypothetical name for Jo’s character.

Adam is now taking Jo’s character to task for the limited ingredients in Mexican cuisine and they both have equally hilarious quotes about what a churro actually is.


Alison is explaining how Chris “Maxipada” Laxamana convinced her that people mishandle food in the food service industry, great Tom Arnold “Hormel plant” reference taking it back to Classic Loveline.

Adam closes it with a great fake Carl Sagan quote, Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is doing a live read with a mention of Olga and olive oil along with Molly and the Peanut Butter getting a call back.

Adam is now giving some plugs and wrapping the show.