Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/04/2013 – Kevin Rahm and Dave Dameshek

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Guest Kevin Rahm and Dave Dameshek

Recorded 06-03-2013 – Release Date 06-04-2013

Production Number #1092

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Adam is opening the show with a very spirited “Get It On” and DD has a nice poop comment followed up with a rarely played #TopDrop.


Adam’s Favorited Tweets

Perhaps the quickest they’ve ever launched into a game on the ACS, let alone on a first/single show recording day like this.

Adam’s focusing on an article declaring Dennis Miller and Adam Carolla unpopular because of their politics, Adam is reading off the remaining names and Alison is trying to remember the word on Stacey Dash and ended up confusing her with Lark Voorhees.

Adam’s figuring out why each person was added to this list and Dave Dameshek is bringing up Adam’s take on Suzanne Somers during her “Step by Step” days.


DD is asking a very pertinent question about Adam’s relationship to Kevin Hench despite the appearance of their differing politics, Adam is now explaining Hench and his day to day along with how they agree on almost every topic.

Adam is saying you can’t declare Adam nor Kevin as one party, Adam just said “I’m not right wing” and is explaining a new variation on his “right wing came to me” where his viewpoints used to be common and are now attributed to a specific political party.

Adam is now having Alison read quotes from the article, he’s responding to them and now having the control room play a clip of the Gavin Newsome ACS to prove the inaccuracy of what they’re “reporting”.


Adam has a nice response to the gang when exiting the clip and now he’s ranting about the concept of targeting racism using the Japanese and their history with America as a prime example.

DD is now setting up his take and going in depth with an explanation of how cultural integration and assimilation plays a large role when it comes to success for immigrants, Adam agrees 100% despite Dave’s initial protests that he wouldn’t.

Adam is closing out the segment and now giving Producer Gary a hard time, hilarious reveal that he has him listed in his phone under his nickname.


Adam is now showing them a photo or describing a sad sight he saw from the other night, a fat man riding a bicycle built for two without a partner.

Adam is asking if that’s a sadder image than the guy in a wheel chair propelling himself with his feet.

Dave has a great hypothetical question about blindness and Adam has an even better one, this episode is getting weird! Hilarious one liner from Adam about being chased in a dream.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports

Dave is starting the segment with a promise to introduce Adam to Jack Youngblood and he’s now riffing about the two unrelated white guys who played on the same NFL team, this is one of Adam’s longtime riff’s and was even part of the all over the place hilarious last Kirkland WA live show #6 from 2010.

Dave is now taking it to the NHL and going over some more fun hockey names, Adam is calling for hockey music and trying to figure out what it would be.

They’re now discussing Ann Murray and Glass Tiger, Adam is calling the latter quintessential 80’s music and explaining the possible “coke fueled” element to it being played for graduations and movie scenes.


Dave is trying to give more sports news and BB is now cranking the music in protest, Adam just referred to everyone in the booth/control room as a different variation of Tard and declared “half is the best they’ll do” which is a great Compisult for Gary.

DD is now telling the gang about betting Ray back in the Kimmel days with the stakes of the loser having to get a perm, DD is interrupting his own story to mock himself with an anecdote about his daughter’s reaction to his physique.

Dave is now finishing the story about him and Ray, Alison is asking follow up questions and Adam has a hilarious analogy for what betting with Ray is like, Adam is now explaining the lost details of Ray’s  Hare Krishna costume that went along with his “Mr. T”.


Creep of the Week

Dave is being classy while not being classy by hinting at a story he deferred for Alison to cover in the news later in the show, Alison is setting the record straight.

Dave is bringing up guys who bring their girlfriends to rock shows and the thinking behind them encouraging to show their breasts, Adam just got the whole studio blasted with his one liner aimed at DD.

Adam has a smart observation about a concert experience going from bad to worse in reply to Alison’s question about the people unable to witness said boobage.


Kevin is joining the show for his debut appearance, they’re talking about the final 3 episodes of this season of Mad Men and the upcoming final 7th season.

Adam is asking Kevin about becoming a series regular and what it’s like having that job, Adam is now segueing to the BS “top 10 or 100” maxim lists and how Christina Hendricks needs to be on all of them.

Adam is calling Jon Hamm a very nice guy and asking about his acting history, Alison has a funny comment about Sally Draper and Kevin sets the record straight on that too.


Adam is asking Kevin about going on a Mormon Mission and his work in Haiti, Adam has a series of comments about the door alternatives in Haiti, whoa!

Kevin is enjoying a Mangria “Brose” and Adam notes he must have moved on from his religion.

Kevin is telling Adam about a time he was scared for his life while in Haiti, Adam is asking Kevin when he knew that wasn’t the path for him, very insightful response from Kevin.

Adam had the guys pull some clips of Jo Koy from his last live appearance and now Adam is explaining how Jo played Kobayashi on the old morning show.


Alison’s News

Alison is equating BB’s excitement for Duff McKagan with her own for Kevin being in the studio.

Her top story is on a swarm of killer bees that killed someone, Adam is saying he should be tried for homicide because of the timing of his most recent rant prior to this incident.

Alison is now reading the details and explaining how no inch of his body was un-stung.


Adam is now riffing on the picture of the deceased, he’s calling for dedicated “death pictures” and Alison and Kevin are adding to it, Adam is taking it to the police force and the variety of shots they should take in advance.

Adam has a great Jonathan Winters one liner and now he’s calling for an image of Jonathan.


2nd story is on Michael Douglas being in the news for his interview in the Guardian where he attributed his throat cancer to HPV from oral sex with his wife. BB and Adam are interrupting to do an improv about the previous story, gold!

Alison is now calling it a puss way to die and everyone loves it, Adam is calling for a giant bee instead and she agrees it’s much cooler and impressive.

Alison is taking it back to the 2nd story and giving the details of how he acquired his cancer.


Adam is explaining Dr. Drew’s long held take on this disease and its potential to spread in these ways, hilarious one liner from Ace after Alison tells the gang about Michael’s health status.

Alison is telling the gang a refresher about “Fritz the Gynecologist” who told her about oral HPV and now she suggested a “good and evil gyno” for each shoulder and Adam is asking why you would keep a good and bad doctor.

Adam is taking a page out of Kevin’s mom’s book and declaring nature doesn’t want people to act out sexually, Alison is challenging him on it and he’s removing any god element.


3rd story is an update on the Pia Zadora and her domestic violence arrest, Adam is reading an update on Michael Landon and his demise shortly after his final Tonight show appearance in 1991.

Adam is further explaining why the public doesn’t trust the claims of celebrities when it comes to medical conditions.

Alison is reading the details of the case and Kevin has a nice Silence of the Lambs reference.

Adam is making a salient point about nature and the death of women during childbirth, the gang are all comically challenging Adam and his take, now he’s on a hilarious dowry marriage riff with BB.


Adam and Kevin are having a nice back and forth summing up all of Adam’s ideas and Adam is telling Alison about “Butterfly” and how the star is the poor man’s Bo Derek.

Adam and Alison have a great simultaneous “Orson Wells” shout and Adam’s explanation of what nature intends for him is very Kevin and Bean/Loveline 1995 “Adam Carolla Philosopher, Warrior … King!”

Alison is quizzing Adam further on nature’s intent and Adam is updating the gang on the 40% mortality rate in hospital settings of the 1800’s.


4th story is on the gender reveal of Kim Kardashians pregnancy.

Adam is sharing how he was yelling at Matt earlier in the afternoon attacking the notion of birthdays and included a hilarious insult mid inspirational speech.

Adam is explaining how people should select their own special day to celebrate each year, BB is sharing his own insight about his diagnosis date and including Kevin on the details of his health.


5th story is on the return of the Hoarde Tour and Adam is wisely stating it was started by Blues Traveler and telling Alison that Mike Lynch most importantly is clamoring for it.

Alison is explaining the details about the tour and asking if the young people of today even remember the tour from the early 90’s, she’s explaining it to Kevin.

Adam is calling for some live Blues Traveler from the Red Rocks and explaining what a great guy John is by telling Kevin how he came and played the “Cinco de Mangria” festival at Adam’s home.


6th story is on Oprah announcing that Kelly and Michael are the new talk show royalty.

Adam is now riffing on the pretentious nature of Oprah in reply to Alison and Kevin, Alison has a killer semi sarcastic one liner aimed at the O.

Adam is now explaining how Oprah is guilty by association for celebrating Tyler Perry.


Kevin brings up Wendy Williams and now Adam is explaining the time he guested on her show and she went off on him then the producers included it sped up at the end of the show which of course the control room then slowed down and played on air.

Adam has a yell at a python riff in response to the notion of the Wendy Williams audience being able to detect their being insulted.


Adam is now asking Kevin and the gang about someone tweeting Adam about a TED talk themed around Grit and how it important it is for developing minds.

Adam is quoting Angela Duckworth and Adam is explaining how he doesn’t know how to turn a man into a Viking but he does know how to turn one into a pussy, gold!

Adam is citing the “walking recess” and “cool zone” that Sonny told him about from his elementary school and BB is asking the gang if they remember fanning themselves with schoolbooks after a hot recess.


Adam and BB are now riffing on the concept of “it only makes you hotter” and “Don’t drink water you’ll cramp up”.

Alison is sharing the best advice for staying warm and Adam has a killer scouting one liner that Bryan follows up nicely, very Canteen Boy-esque.

Adam is explaining how he ended up the world’s “dickhead list” and why people who support coddling others are operating under the illusion of care and aren’t improving their quality of life.


Great John Stockton reference from Adam as he launches into the closing live read for Personal Capital an amazing free app that will change your life and finances forever.

Adam is giving some plugs and closing the show with a very earnest and funny return invite for Kevin and Kevin has a great message for Adam about his work on air with Howard Stern.