Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/03/2013 – Daniele Bolelli

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Daniele Bolelli

Recorded 06-02-2013 – Release Date 06-03-2013

Production Number #1091

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Adam is opening the show straight from his return to LAX, BB has a nice #TopDrop and Adam mixes up some words much to everyone’s delight.

Adam is now sharing the ingredients in his “zesty snack mix”, Adam spread it out mid-flight and took a photo which you can see via the show page link.

Adam is now using the vending machine as a microcosm for capitalism and offering up an invention that would be required to get people to select the “zesty snack mix” if it was offered.


Adam is now telling the gang about the events from Jimmy Kimmel’s bachelor party, they went on a long bike trip and Adam was stuck with the model featuring knobby tires and a broken seat.

Adam is explaining how Adam Perry Lang got then hooked up with a gourmet food truck, Adam was high the whole trip and Alison is quizzing him about how they consumed it.

Adam just declared he’s done eating pot and mushrooms are officially off the table.


Adam is telling the gang about Jeff Ross and his attempt to divert the gang of tired guys to get coffee and sweets before heading in for the night, Jeff made the mistake of saying “get whatever you want” in front of Cousin Sal.

Cousin Sal was able to find some durable goods to buy, Adam is explaining how he likes the joke but doesn’t like the waste of throwing out the goods.


Adam is sharing the stories from the strip club and how he doomed them all with his proclamation about it becoming an Olympic sport.

BB is now sharing an anecdote about his own experience with a stripper using a similar setup.

Adam is now describing the motion as being too fast, hilarious Looney Tunes analogy and now he’s going in depth on the modern strip club experience.



Adam is telling the gang about Jeff’s impromptu roast of the bachelor party attendees and running into Dana Gould at the airport men’s room.

Adam is walking the gang through the electronic kiosk check in experience and the customs form process.

Adam is now going in depth on his conversation with the airport ticketing agent.

Adam is telling Alison why they had to go out of town for the bachelor party and how nice Vancouver was and how it contrasts Los Angeles.


Hooray for Baldywood

Adam is giving his take on the M. Night Shyamalan connection, BB is saying the 12% from top critics is ridiculously low for what was an ok movie.

Adam is now commenting on the poster that shows Will looking youthful and closer in age to his son than he actually is.

Adam and Alison are weighing in for what might be BB’s most in depth review so far for this segment.


Adam is now connecting this piling on of movie critics to the political realm, he’s citing Bill Maher and his reaction to Benghazi.

Adam is now technically defending M. Night Shyamalan and explaining how everyone causes their own undoing, he’s citing a “pep talk” with his staff.

BB is now asking Adam about Fast 6, Adam is saying he enjoyed Fast Five more and found some moments from the film perplexing, BB is riffing with him.


Adam is now explaining the common element found in romantic comedies and action movies involving the suspension of disbelief.

Adam is giving an overall “see it” recommendation, Alison is asking if she would be entertained by the movies or if it’s a guy’s only series.

Neither BB nor Adam are touching on Fast 6 bridging the timeline of the Fast movies.


Adam is coming back from break to a local news clip about airport stress relief dogs and Adam is praising himself for once again predicting the trends of society.

Daniele is making his return to the ACS for his 2nd visit, Adam is now joking about the “s’cuse me” of the people operating the motorized airport carts.

Alison has a great “cow pusher” reference that Adam turns into a fat person who deals drugs.


Adam is now asking Daniele about his new book “Create Your Own Religion” and how it was inspired by Bruce Lee and his “Jeet Kun Do” martial art style.

Adam is telling Daniele about his take on people “picking and choosing” elements of their religion without admitting that’s what they’re doing, he’s citing his own “cherry picked” refined atheist morality.

Daniele is agreeing vehemently and answering Alison’s great follow up question about religion/philosophy and where they differ.


Adam is asking Daniele what religion he would pick if he had to and sharing his amusement from religions that seem to be created by dudes running the rules of the religion by other dudes.

Adam’s on a hilarious riff mixing in Judaism and Islam, hilarious.

They’re all going super in depth on the hypocrisy of people who claim to believe, intense and heady ACS!


Adam is taking it to the randomness of death and how it effects the human psyche, Adam is referencing “Tovar” the caveman and Daniele’s reaction is priceless.

Dawson is now on mic to confirm he hears Adam’s audio anomaly and is fixing it as they speak, nice work!

Adam is explaining how people react to his inability to spell/read and their various theories and probing questions, he’s connecting it to people asking about how he became atheist as opposed to it being the default mindset of a human.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the impending prison nuptials of Joran van der Sloot and Adam is now riffing about hooking him up with OJ Simpson so they can commiserate on their love of crime.

Adam is explaining why he supports the death penalty for these cases and how he feels about the “snow globe full of catshit” we all live in and why he wants the birthrate to slowdown.

Adam is now going off on the privilege that Joran’s parent’s money provides for him while in prison overseas, as opposed to the limited perks money brings you in the states.

Adam’s riffing about Don King in comparison, gold!


2nd story is on the death of Jean Stapleton, Alison is reading the history of her role and has a nice quote about her speaking out about her role on “All in the Family”.

Adam is now making a point about the sophistication of the American television audience and how “All in the family” wouldn’t fly today despite all of our progress in other areas.

They’re now onto the topic of purchasing a car due to Alison’s clever aside, now Adam is giving his “its peppy” riff and launching into the idea of a salesman as a profession.


3rd story is on the death of 3 veteran storm chasers who were featured on Discovery Channel’s “Storm Chasers” TV series.

Adam is now explaining how it’s surprising this doesn’t happen more often and now riffing about planes that are flown into the eye of a storm in order to collect data.


4th story is on Dane Cook being criticized for not allowing his performance from the Boston marathon charity benefit to be televised.

Adam is telling the gang about his own perfect storm of bad movies, Ghost Rider and Good Luck Chuck.

Adam is explaining the argument from both sides about material and usage, BB is trying to leave a mile shart on Adam’s point and Adam is calling Dane the “M. Night” of comedy and explaining how he doesn’t have an act so it’s not a big concern of his.


5th story is on last year’s guest Pia Zadora who was arrested on domestic battery charges.

BB is sharing his own great magnet connection to this story, he just brought her up, I have one too as I am working on the ACS archive and just catalogued her episode not 20 seconds before this story started playing.

Adam is now sharing how he knows there isn’t a god based off her appearance on the ACS, Daniele has a nice understated reaction asking to hear more.

Adam is asking who the pussies are who file charged on women, Adam and BB are sharing their mutual history of being victimized by women and their flying fists of fury.


Alison is now wrapping the news, they got to every story!

Adam is now going to go off on pillows, he’s sharing about the layers you find in hotel rooms and Adam is citing the thin pillows as the best for sleeping and how they are good for utilizing in the taco or baklava moves.

Adam is now sequinning into the lighting in his hotel and his drunken attempts to shut the lights off and the mess he left for himself the next morning.

Adam has a great quote from Daniele about corpse raping to make his point about damaging the lights in his room and tipping off the maintenance guy.


Adam is doing a live read, giving some plugs and wrapping the show.