Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/01/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 148

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/01/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 148

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 05-27-2014 – Release Date 05-31-2014

Production Number #148

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Adam is opening his 2nd show back with a question from Drew about Adam’s 50th birthday, Adam is getting to the methods to support the show.

Adam is bringing up Dr. Drew, his wife and dogs coming over with dinner to watch the Paul Newman documentary.

Adam says he feels like all kids should watch that documentary, Drew says it’s a great lesson about passion and pursuing what drives you.


Drew is making a point about diversity in your passions, Paul filming “The Sting” then returning to race cars, Adam says he’s not sure Paul even liked the cars, he didn’t have a collection.

Adam is making a point about self-improvement and how people approach him with their interest in stand-up but don’t want to attend open mics.

“The Problem with everything in life, it’s starts off with go-karts” – Adam explaining that all things start in the lowest, least impressive aspect of their full potential and people often don’t want to do the hard/crappy/embarrassing work.


Adam says that people don’t want to pay their dues, Drew is using Tom Cruise as a counter point and Adam is waxing poetic about Paul’s honesty and dedication to learning, especially at age 47 like Paul.

Drew is saying he knows secondhand from Adam about how brutal driving can be on the human body, Adam is saying it’s grueling but not like running marathon like some drivers will tell you.


1st Caller Ivan, he’s been inspired to try comedy after listening to the show.

He wants to know if he should change his name for a wider audience and appeal, Adam says no, he says names haven’t helped or hurt anyone except “Minnie Driver” he’s sharing his Minnie Driver theory, she was on Loveline in 1997 with David Arquette, that episode will soon be re-released.

Adam is using Aziz Ansari and Russel Peters to make a point about comedians who find success and their names are neither here nor there.

Adam is making a point about marketing and comedy and how you could be funny Dana Gould playing to 300 seat venues or you could be Russell playing to theaters and arenas.


Adam is now talking to Ivan and Drew is citing George Lopez as someone who can do comedy about a culture and community and Drew can also appreciate it outside of said community.

Adam is talking to Ivan about his theory that there are not enough Croatians to appreciate his humor, Adam is using Yakov Smirnoff to make a point about his options as a comedian.

Adam is now making a point about less people in your field, i.e. fat comics, lady comics, black comics all have a group of people willing to support them from day one, unlike Dana Gould or Fitzdog who have to do battle with all of the other white males, whacking up the Whiteman comedy pie.


Drew is asking Adam about Amy Schumer and Adam says he likes her, Drew has seen the show and Adam is being kind like he as well, he’s just assuming it’s good based on her performance on the ACS I presume

Adam has a great Native American Indian marketing example to prove his point so people don’t twist his words to make him into their racist enemy du jour, le sigh…

Drew is commenting on how Adam is getting paranoid, Adam says people where him down at every point, everything gets twisted around and shoved up his ass, it doesn’t stop him he says.


Drew says it’s making him explain himself and he’s being careful, Adam says he wants people to understand what he’s saying.

Drew says the message gets lost in the reaction to the words, fucking idiots ruin everything I love.


2nd Caller Dominic, he wrote his question in advance because he’s nervous. His fiancé left him 5 days ago, they have a 3 year old son, and she became infatuated with her EMT trainer.

Dominic really needs the guys help, he’s sounds like he’s suffering.

Adam is now making a point about how feelings change with age, basically making a point about while he’s sad now, he won’t know how happy he was to lose this lady in just a few years.

Adam is using guys cars when they’re young vs. adulthood to make a point about taste, choices and how life changes.


Adam is hammering home his analogy, your car in the your 20’s vs. your mid 40’s and he’s now connecting that to women in their 20’s vs. women in their 40’s and how men’s stock creeps up as women’s stock drops.

Adam says it’s very slow and marginal, he’s saying hopefully people have other things in their life to make it valuable, Adam says right now his ex is the belle of the ball and he feels like shit, but instead of taking his own life.

Drew is bringing up the time Adam cried on the stairs outside of Stephanie’s sorority house, Drew has added some details to it, putting Adam in the bushes this time, though Adam didn’t rebuke the crying part this time like he did last time.


Dominic is saying he’s not suicidal and doesn’t have a history of depression, Drew is asking all of the appropriate question and Adam has some wisdom for Drew and Dominic to “DIG!” Adam calls it a prison sentence, 6 months – 2 years and its dependent on circumstances.

Adam says he’s locked away for a crime he didn’t commit, eat the prison slop and cut on yourself or improve yourself doing push up’s nonstop and hanging out in the prison library earing a law degree.

Adam says it’s easier said than done and he’s needs to steer away from indulgence and sadness, Dominic is getting the logic and Adam is explaining why this will make him much more attractive.


Adam is sharing the “tragic math” the “I’m never going to be a part of this person’s life again, I don’t get to see or know them, this will be it” that always stuck in craw, the part he could never wrap his mind around.

Adam says it’s like having a best friend in Junior high and the idea of never seeing them again, Adam has a great “yeah but you ain’t fucking grandpa” reply to Drew’s death analogy, hilarious one liner from Drew about his grandpa’s skill level in the bedroom.

Drew explains how this is an illusion and not part of a healthy life, getting so enmeshed like best friends in 7th grade, not healthy.


Adam is doing a nice bark box live read and talking about Drew’s trip over to the house and his dogs playing with Molly.

Drew is singing the praises of all of these box places, he hates shopping and he’s rather have experts pick out the best stuff for him, he doesn’t have the time.

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break.

Adam is asking Drew how he’s feeling and Drew is bringing up how he’s been out of it these past few years, he’s blaming the prostate biopsies that he thinks were running him down.

Adam says he looks and sounds good, Drew is explaining how hard he was reacting to colds, very unlike his normal life.

Drew is now sharing how he’s working with a guy giving out grants to researchers, and he calls it remarkable.


3rd Caller Mara, she has asthma that is triggered by allergies and she says she tried steroids for them and loved it, she’s noticed that she feels 100% better.

Mara is sharing her feelings about life being so much better with steroids, Drew gives a few bars of “The Sound Of Music” as Adam cuts her off joking she was about to sing.

Drew is now sharing the actual possible side effects of these steroids, she wants to know how long it takes for those effects to kick in.


Drew is bringing up Adam’s back pain and depression that he suffered from, he’s explaining he’s not had back or neck pain since he started doing what he wants do to for a living, no stretching, no acupuncture, the absence of depression cured his pain.

Adam is now talking about telling Matt something while on the road, Adam says what caused his depression and pain, he was like an orca whale in a small tank and his fin at flopped over, he was supposed to be out in the open sea not in a shitty tank full of minnows.

Adam is making a great analogy about the size of the brains and ambitions of his peers vs. his own using fish and whales to make his point.


Drew is now reacting to something in Adam’s tone, he’s unsure and he wants to know if Adam’s ok.

Adam is telling that’s ok and agrees the last two months have kicked the shit out of him, he’s explaining his feelings he’s left with.

Adam says the airport depresses him due to the colossal waste of time that it is, Drew is suggesting the “Known Traveler program” that Adam needs to enroll in.


Adam wishes his wife would go do that for him.


Adam is now ranting that he can’t get it done, he’s willing to get to the airport and says they cannot get to the point of scheduling an interview.

Adam is now ordering Matt to get in there to discuss why it’s so hard for them to arrange it for him, Adam is now asking Drew when it was last discussed with Lynette.

Adam says Matt has been working on this for 3 years, I’ve been working on it for 4+ and Adam says he tells everybody to handle it and they refuse to pick up the ball.


Adam is losing his shit and saying that everyone else is not motivated to fix this, he is and wants his life changed!

Adam is making a point about being the mule who stands in line and despite everyone around him benefiting from the mule in line doesn’t care.

Gary is now on mic explaining everything very clearly, Drew is telling Adam to go sign up at the airport without an appointment, Adam says he doesn’t think that will be likely for him.


Adam says it’s because the people who travel are not the mule in line, Drew blames Mike August and says he’s the albatross, Chris nods and agrees, I wonder if this is a name issue…

I hope they put Lakers on the forms, Adam’s ID with Lakers could be an issue if they don’t put it on the forms too even though it’s not really his name.

Drew is now doing a live read for Hulu plus and sharing how much his kids love it and how they use it instead of watching TV.


Adam wants to know where he was, Drew tries to make him angry at August and he says he’s not.

Adam is explaining what makes him depressed, he’s trying to talk about his life working on job sites and Adam is now yelling him about the airport he brought up.

Adam says Drew is making him depressed now, Drew says he’s making Adam angry, not depressed, he’s taking it him out of the depression.


Adam says it’s because everyone in his life is fine with him hauling shit and loading more on his plate, not concerned with his well-being.

Adam says the mule will break down one day and the problem will be the villagers, Drew is getting Adam to explain he feels exploited and he says yes, to some degree.

Adam is now explaining further the source of his depression before making his way into radio, he’s breaking down how everyone else around him was ok being stagnant in a shit factory, he was not.


4th Caller Scott, he’s a big fan and say’s he a huge fan since 1996, hmmm?

He’s telling them about meeting a girl online who has shared her trust issues with men and hesitance to be around someone who drinks, sharing her own sobriety story.

“I gotta get something off my chest, unless it’s my semen, it’s never a good thing” – Adam, he’s now walking drew through just such a scenario and interaction.

“Chicks can’t rally” – Adam


Scott wants to know how to give her some helpful advice, Scott is right in tune with Adam but he gets a “quiet” nonetheless.

Adam is now talking about how men need projects, but not human being projects.

Adam says when your fucking the old car you’re restoring that’s bad, restoring it ok, fucking it while restoring it, not ok.

Adam and Drew are going in depth with the practical advice for Scott, he wants to know how to let her down easy, Drew tells him to say his doctor friend told him not to get involved with her for the first year of sobriety, and it’s not good for her.


Adam is saying “we’re going to go it alone” regarding the patent troll lawsuit and he thanks the fans.

Adam is now wrapping up the show.