Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/31/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 242

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/31/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 242

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-29-2015 – Release Date 05-31-2015

Production Number #242 – ‘Groundhog Day’ with Bert Kreischer

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Dr. Drew opens the show sans Adam, he uses the “Get It on” intro and Chris steps in with the assist, and Bert Kreischer ‘The Machine’ himself chimes in asking how many books Adam has written now.

Finally Bert is on the ADS, now get him on ACS with Adam!

See Bert, Adam doesn’t give a shit about any old “this show, that show” drama, man he should’ve been on so much sooner.


Drew struggles to point out that Adam hasn’t included him in this book much like his movie ‘Road Hard’ and he then praises ‘Winning’ after lamenting that he was forced to sit through it “3 times.”

Bert brings up how busy Adam is and asks how someone like that manages, he shares his own reaction to Adam having so many shows and cites ‘PO’dcast with Dennis Miller’ Chris says the show is merely on hiatus.

Bert googled Lynette and says she’s hot as shit and is amazed at her podcast, Drew wants Chris to key up a clip, why?


Drew is bringing up Bert’s show ‘Trip Flip’ and tells them about the snowmobiling they do on lakes in Wisconsin.

Bert is telling them Drew about the various casts of people who appear on the show, telling Drew about some bad injuries.

Bert is sharing his experience of being injured and how he spotted a woman videotaping him discretely and then pretended to be a “big fan” to get as selfie with him.


Bert describes the feeling of hearing this woman discuss not knowing him and gleaming information and then lying to get to bask in the narcissistic glow of celebrity.

Dr. Drew brings up Steve-o’s mid 2000’s heart condition and a possibly overzealous physician who frightened him, Bert thinks he heard that 2006-2010 era Loveline.

Drew is bringing up the lack of sincere concern anyone showed poor Steve-o and Bert has a very sympathetic angle on the recent news regarding Bruce Jenner and shows great empathy for his transition to Caitlyn Jenner.


Drew and Adam are talking about Bert’s therapist approach to his care, Drew says he’s dying to go on Rogan’s podcast and explains his evolving take on marijuana in the media over the years, people forget Drew was talking about repealing the Harrison narcotic act of the 1920’s back in the late 90’s, when Rogan was guesting on Loveline before he got into Marijuana.

So in reality Drew’s public/media take on pot had evolved before Rogan’s so it is total BS and a complete waste of time, Rogan is simply misunderstanding mechanisms of addiction that Drew studied in school and then essentially rewrote via his years of practice and specific approach to medicine.

Adam is describing the marijuana addiction patterns he’s seen maybe 4k or 5k times in various cases, He’s walking Bert through the process and the brain triggers that lead to this specific addiction.


He explains the 1-30 years that it usually takes for an addict to lose their ability to get high and their tragic circumstances that often befalls them.

Bert is praising Drew and seems surprised at his stance, he keeps trying to say “you should definitely do Rogan” but gets cut off due to the intense and interesting conversation.

They’re talking about Eric Roberts and Drew has some funny commentary of the man’s film work post rehab, Drew has a point about “marijuana maintenance” and how the philosophy at play might dictate that leaving someone on a less dangerous substance might be best.


Bert tells them about a friend who transitioned from heroin to Marijuana and Drew explains the house of cards element to his buddy’s future.

Bert says when he smoked pot he wants to drink, Drew explains the neuroscience and chemistry at play very simply.

Bert says that if Drew proposed they do a shot he would do it right now, Drew is now ordering Chris to get some Mangria, Bert is saying if, aren’t they really doing this!, they must do this!


Bert’s telling Drew about his appreciation of a manic phase and they’re talking about their love for coffee with MCT oil, Bert says he’s not that way with drugs and would pass on coke.

Bert is telling Drew about a periscope pool party he guested on, he tells Drew about his love for speedos and recommends Drew switch it up, Drew recalls being forced to wear those when he was a lifeguard.

Drew’s not into showing off the hog.


Bert is hammering these 12k live viewers, they’re seeing clips of it and Gary gets on mic to fill them in.

Bert asks Drew if he would get high with Rogan and he explains how he feels that his panic attacks in college may have been induced by marijuana, he shares his own dysphoria with the substance.

Drew is now mocking the college buddies who would try and get him to try the various strains and now Bert is getting Drew to share the true science of brain development and limitations induced by heavy marijuana use before 18.


Drew asks Bert about the great Duncan Trussell and Drew says he’s recording his wife Susan’s podcast ‘Calling Out: With Susan Pinsky’ Right now and you should check it out!


Drew is doing a live read for TrueCar


Bert is asking Drew about his love of driving and if he cares how he looks behind the wheel, he says absolutely not and explains he just cares about the driving experience.

Drew says his best experience is with BMW driving wise but has been burnt three times with the cars falling apart on him.

Bert says Drew was the first guy he saw with a Porsche Cayenne, was Drew and he tells Bert he’s still driving it all these years later and it’s worth about 5k now.


Bert asks Drew if he would spend 70k for a new car, he says no.

Drew is praising used cars and tells Bert that Toyotas are in his future and they praise the brand and Drew is bringing up Infinity that he rented.

Drew is telling Bert about his kids graduations and shares what colleges they attended now that they’re done, He’s playing the recording he took of the sheriff at the ceremony for Amherst, Drew says it makes him cry every time.


Bert and Drew agree they’re both suckers for tradition, they both love the spear throwing Florida State ceremony, Chris has a picture from Drew’s wife’s social media and he’s shocked he has the photo, unaware she had shared it.


Drew shares his lack of familiarity with what someone does after college, he kept going and he’s now explaining his wife and his decisions about essentially cutting the kids off financially to help them gain true independence and fully explore their lives.

Bert shares how he became dependent on his father and his monthly stipend, Bert shares his 800 dollar a month and explains the phone call his father gave him on his 26th birthday.

Bert says that his father claimed he perjured himself in court by saying that his son was doing well when he wasn’t, he was stuck in a life and cycle of partying.


Hilarious ‘Quantum Leap’ reference from Bert and he’s now sharing how he wanted to “fix it” and his father even offered to take care of him for life, predicting he would never change.

Drew is asking if Bert knows why his parents split up and he mentions the sordid details in passing, he explains how his father told him to embrace humility, Bert says because he was discovered by Rolling Stone magazine he figured he would be discovered once again.

Bert has an original observation fame, it’s akin to some things he’s said on his own podcast and on the Joe Rogan Experience but worded differently and with different energy, solid point.


Drew is now asking Bert about the magical thinking involved with fame, Bert shares the ego element and his refusal to work as an intern at MTV.

Drew can understand him having a high opinion but with that find a gig, don’t wait for another shoe to drop.

Bert insists he’s the luckiest guy in the world and shares how his father’s phone call lead to him getting a gig barking for audience members, he explains how 6 months later Will Smith discovered him.


Drew asks what Will Smith liked in him and he’s very honest in his reply, he’s explaining how he would play video games, work out and party after moving to Los Angeles.

Bert is telling them about how ‘Hurt Bert’ came from the ashes of ‘The X Show’ and Drew is trying to convince Bert that’s he not ‘Forrest Gump’ and Bert references his infamous “Machine” Story.

Bert shares how lives and is telling him about waking up in Jamaica to poached eggs and fresh coffee, he explains his best case scenario for life had Rolling Stone magazine not discovered him for the article that inspired the film ‘Van Wilder’ and now Bert is describing an offer a buddy gave him about working selling carpets.


Bert is telling them about meeting a guy with Charter media whose father ran the #1 carpet distribution place in east Georgia.

Bert finishes the Kaz story and transitions to how he did Loveline one time and the person he robbed on a train called in which led to him telling the “Machine” story for the first time which changed his career forever.

Bert is really trying to convince Drew of his take on him being the luckiest guy in the world, Bert shares his lucky streak that makes gamblers around him win money.


Drew says he’s bad luck and a “Cooler” and Bert shares his ability to discover lost jewelry at the beach, how often does that happen?

Drew insists this is more instinct rather than luck, Bert shares a specific story and Drew says he has magical luck with parking spaces and the location of thrown objects, he thinks that’s due to his knowledge of trajectories but the parking thing is just luck.


Drew is doing a live read for Cremo

Bert provides a great assist and tells Drew about bringing advertisers into his podcast he says it’s a lot of money and he regrets leaving it on the table for all of this time.

Drew shares Adam’s wisdom about The Pirate ship and how technology has changed the world, Drew says Maxipada gets a job and that’s about it.


Chris gets on mic with a hilarious “if you need help or anything” comment after Bert brings up the pool party periscope chicks once again.

Drew is giving out the plugs and Bert gets him to agree to guest on the show some time soon, Drew asks Bert about Washington D.C. as a “comedy town” and he tells Drew about the “call in sick to work” tour that sells out there.

Drew wraps up the episode, this seems like they only recorded one episode but oh boy do I hope there is a 2nd hour with Bert!