Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/30/2013 – Andrew Dice Clay Live from Amalfi

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Guest Andrew Dice Clay Live from Amalfi

Recorded 05-29-2013 – Release Date 05-30-2013

Production Number #1089

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Adam is opening the show with Dice making his 2nd appearance on the podcast, Adam has some praise for his work on “Entourage” and Andrew has some praise for Mangria.

Adam and Alison are on a funny tangent about Mangria, BB has a great one liner about Adam “Re-taking back the night” holy shit BB!

Adam is asking Andrew about his upcoming film and has a killer retort to his initial protests about his acting vs. stand up character.


Dice has now inadvertently stumbled on the closing topic from yesterday’s show, they’re now riffing about old age and Andropause.

Adam is now telling Dice about reading a 1989/1990 Playboy 20 questions, Adam has a rare “hooker” slip while describing his stripper ex-girlfriend from Hounslow.

There’s a nice “piglet” back and forth between Dice and A-Rose, Adam is now sharing about a recent survey he heard about declaring more women have tattoos than men.


Adam is now riffing about the concept of “for us” vs. for them and how women will cite activities and indulgences they do for themselves compared to men who do things for women.

Hilarious one ball/dolphin shorts riff from the Aceman. Dice has an extreme take on women and their genital piercing options, Alison has a hilarious reaction and Adam is calling him the “Will Rogers of Bedazzled Pussies”.

Adam is sharing what Drew has told him about “hook up culture” among people in their early 20’s and lamenting he wasn’t ever a part of it, Dice is taking it back to the downstairs and Adam is calling for him to be placed on the tourism board.


Dice is asking Alison’s name, Adam has a funny one liner then and even funnier topper about what she likes to go by, Alison’s response to Dice is hilarious and impressive while kind of terrifying.

Adam’s once again claiming Dice is pointing at Bald B and Alison has another turn of phrase that Dice seemed to miss somehow.

Adam is now having Dice picture Dave Spade and giving an elaborate hypothetical question, Dice initially misses the point for comedy then comes around and answers the question with a simultaneously crude and enlightened point, whoa!


Dice is asking Adam about his past of asking women about their pasts, he’s explaining the weird world you can spin off into after hearing details you can’t un-hear, he’s going into the Petra Nemcova explanation for the best possible scenario for a new partner showing up in your life.

Instead of doing the “Less History More Mystery” explanation, he’s really going off on how much he likes “Claimed by God” as an end to a relationship, this episode is insane!

Dice is now quizzing Alison on her age while commenting on her youthful appearance, he’s getting in depth quizzing her on how much she’s shared about her sexual past with her fiancé, Adam is now finally launching into the “More Mystery and Less History” idea.


Adam is citing the Chicago Cop who murdered several of his exes to give an example of the markers/tells you do need to know about someone’s past, Adam is saying it’s less about a potential partner’s dating history and more about their relationship with their parents, holy shit hilarious!

Adam is telling the gang about getting his haircut at “Model Cuts” his famous 10 dollar haircut of preference for what seems like over a decade now, 2 decades?

Adam is now launching into his “Hookers at that point/Hookers on the Brink” riff, BB is jumping in with an idea and now he’s earned his way into an improv reenactment.


Adam’s back to his haircut story, he’s explaining the guy in the chair who was attempting a comb over and the several laps he was making the stylist/barber go through.

Adam is riffing about his lack of interest in the back of his head with a hilarious Ving Rhames aside, great twist on the story.

Adam is now asking about everyone’s feelings on the experience of someone showing up and not having to wait as long as you.


Adam is telling everyone that he saw “Fast” with BB earlier in the day, as discussed on Bryan’s “The Film Vault” formerly of Carolla Digital.

Adam is explaining they saw a lone woman seeing the movie in the middle of the day, he’s sharing the most infamous experiences of this from his past, the lone woman watching the matinee of “The Marine” and the early morning solo eater at Fogo de Cheo.

Adam is telling BB that he ran the woman down in the parking lot in order to solve this mystery, Adam is breaking out his fall curious tone and it’s amazing.


Adam is now breaking down his attraction level to Vin Diesel and his “lateral Syndrome” if he was a hypothetical woman, Alison is giving her take and Adam is forgetting that Vin guested on Loveline.

Dice is calling for a picture of Alison’s boyfriend and she’s claiming not to have one, Adam is now talking about the eyebrow work on all of the men in the film.

Adam is now riffing on Jordana Brewster’s acting performance in Fast 6 and his theory on how her brain works.


Adam is asking Dice about his sons and his wives, Adam is now riffing about his possible famous name “Shittinboot” or “Shit’n Boot”.

Dice is telling the gang about his role as a father and now Adam is quizzing him about his family and Jewish roots.

Adam has a hilarious reaction comparing his father to Andrew’s and he does touch on the “he was around long enough to see it?” line of questions.


Adam is giving love to the Jewish people and now calling for genocide to be retitled as “Jealouscide” and BB has a nice joke that nobody seems to appreciate, even Adam is now calling for Dawson to sweeten it up with some canned laughs in post.

Dice is trying to take it back to Adam’s family and he’s slamming on the breaks backing it up to Jealouscide, now he’s going in depth on this idea.

Adam is now comparing Jewish communities to NASCAR teams, hilarious!


Dice keeps thinking that Adam is dodging some family topics, Adam is telling him he’s an open book, Alison’s reactions are priceless and Adam is going in depth explaining his relationship to his parents.

Dice keeps assuming the normal reaction and Adam keeps explaining the crazy unusual reality of his family, Adam is now sharing the story of his last phone call with his mom about his stepdad.

Dice is now asking Adam about his dad and the bullshit conversation he gets stuck in, Dice is at a loss for words for a moment and now Adam is comparing his stepdad to act 1 of “Tommy” if he was bad at pinball.

Adam is trying to share the Feast of San Genarro/Jon Bon Jovi hurricane Katrina relief story to explain things, now Dice is focusing on Alison and taking it back to her past, Adam has a hilarious twist.


Dice now talking about “Back-Dicking” and he’s trying to bond with an audience member over it, Adam and Alison’s reactions are equally hilarious, Adam is demanding to know what the expression means.

Dice is now explaining it and calling for Adam to loosen it up in the bedroom and Adam has targeted the front row of dudes for an intense back dicking.

Dice is asking Alison about the end of her day in explicit detail and Adam is calling for Dice to get a job working on inspirational posters.


Alison’s News

Alison has an update on back dicking and her thoughts on it.

Her top story is on new “Beard Advertisements” that you can see via the show link above, Adam is now calling for ads on the forehead space and is predicting an apocalyptic future.

Adam and Alison are now riffing on the worst foods to eat while rocking a beard, Dice is jumping in with Alison’s thoughts before she can share them, very reminiscent of her classic “Chewing box man” drop.

Adam is now giving his thoughts pubic grooming, his classic “trimmed without looking trimmed” idea infamously discussed on the first loveline episode with Jay Mohr from 2001.


Dice is now asking Alison about her pubic grooming and she’s sharing the same information she’s given in the past.

Adam and Dice are riffing on searching for clown pubes, Alison is asking if Adam and Dice do any grooming and the answers are not surprising.

Adam is now riffing on Frederick’s of Hollywood being pissed about Victoria’s Secret, now they’re all discussing crotchless panties, Adam is guessing they cost more than regular crotchful underwear.


Dice is now asking Alison about her underwear preference, she’s protesting the idea of a thong and Adam is now calling for a personal hygienic thong dispenser.

Alison is sharing the “get used to it” conversations she has with her friends and Dice is echoing the same sentiment with a point about high heels, now he’s telling her to stop lying to him, hilarious reaction from Adam.

Alison has an honest and understated Dice noise in reaction to his comment that everyone else does a full “oooohhhhhhh” in response to, this show keeps getting crazier.


2nd story is on James Lipton from “Inside the Actors Studio” revealing that he worked as a pimp in Paris and Alison just revealed that he’s 86yrs old, Adam’s reaction is great.

Alison is explaining the details of his work in post war France, Adam is working it into a back in the day tangent and Alison is explaining James Lipton’s current take on prostitution.

Adam loves the bit where James asks people their favorite curse word, Adam is refusing to share his own favorite, and I think I know it.


Adam is now riffing about Larry King not having to tell people he enjoys consuming soup, Adam is offering to bail anyone out of jail if they ever attempt his “suspenders snap” idea on Larry.

Adam is now ranting about soup in Los Angeles, Alison is agreeing with him about pumpkin and Adam is now explaining how he misses “stew” and is citing it as a marker for a bygone heartier era of America.

Adam is now asking what happened to Casserole as well, Alison has a great Bisque and Frittata retort and Adam is calling for a chart showing stew and casserole consumption paired along with the changes in American society.


Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is now making a point about Indian takeout being more ubiquitous in American than stew and casserole, and he’s really into this theory.

Adam is taking it back to Dice and his mother, comparing them to his family and lack of a kitchen table.

Adam is doing a great Mangrate live read, with a hilarious back dick call back and variation.