Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/29/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 147

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/29/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 147

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 05-27-2014 – Release Date 05-29-2014

Production Number #147

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Adam is back and thanking all of the guest hosts who filled in, he’s mocking Drew for monkeying with the mic.

Adam is now explaining how he never laments guesting on a podcast, it’s easy vs. appearing on TV or film.

Adam is now sharing how the OTF pieces can be quite frustrating, he’s explaining how much extra footage he must shoot, he hates waste, the only facet of life he hates.


Drew asks Adam about his old way of being, he only wanted to be doing things he wanted to be doing at that time, and Adam says he’s over that.

Adam is now explaining the only way to shoot a feature film you star in, he’s bringing up people who are 20yr into their independent film.

Drew says that both him and Adam have a problem with the “bullshit factor” of creativity, get off your ass and get shit done, don’t talk about it endlessly.


Adam is bringing up how he would rather talk to a guy trying to score a 12 pack of discontinued Tequiza who likes to beat off on his pool over a guy who wants to tell him about his reality show.

Drew is asking Adam if people bug him with these fake projects and ideas, Adam is now drawing a contrast about the people on TV vs. the people who watched it during his childhood.

Adam has a funny comparisons of his mom vs. Hart To Hart and Honey Boo boo’s mom and now Adam is bringing up the 1980’s burger king commercial from the 80’s.


Drew explains that Dr. Cheryl Arutt, Adam’s therapist and frequent guest form his show was the Burger King girl when she was 17.

They’re now playing one of her spots.

Adam is now making a point about the Whopper formerly being a huge burger, it was considered the largest burger, Big Mac too.

Now they’re considered average sized burgers and Adam is bringing up Rodney Allen Rippy holding up a “Jumbo Jack and Adam tells Drew not to say McDonalds like a black guy “MacDonald’s” mocking the old kinda racist TV spots.


Adam does a preemptive sniff, Adam has a funny joke mocking what happened to Rodney and Drew says he was on Classic Loveline, Adam vaguely remembers it, hmm?

Adam is plugging his book and live show in Irvine tonight.

Adam is telling Drew about heading to D.C. and addressing congress while he was in town, he’s explaining how the bill was shot down and what that means about politics.


Adam is now showing the picture to Drew, Drew says the kids in the foreground actually run congress, they’re the ones doing the work for the old lazy people who shoot down bills that have bipartisan support.

Adam is joking about security being shitty even in the capital and jokes about the presidents getting attitude.

Drew saw Adam’s documentary last week but saw one he likes even more, Penn’s documentary and now Adam is saying he stepped in Drew’s dog’s shit.

Drew says that was Molly shit.


Drew watched the documentary twice, he’s describing the premise and the man who is the subject, Tim’s Vermeer, Adam is trying to figure out the context of the title.

Drew is explaining the back story of Vermeer and moving on to Tim as well, Drew says Helicopter funny, not quite like Matt Fondiler, but almost.

Adam is now waxing poetic on the lack of need for training, how when you’re exceptional you can do exceptional things, citing Tim’s genius and motivation.


Drew argues it’s a certain type of brain, different than smart in an intellectual way, instead it’s a problem solving and building brain that cannot be taught.

Adam is now doing a live read for Bark Box and talking about how he examined the poop he stepped in, it was fibrous and Drew says his dog eats lots of bones.

Adam has a funny “Natalia loves all creatures except for dad” and has a sad self-satisfied sniff, wow!

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break and Drew wants to have the calls hold on.

Drew is bringing up the Santa Barbara shooting rampage, Drew was disturbed by it and Adam explains he was traveling and how things are blurred and how you are out of the loop when you’re “into the air.”

Adam now has the full story and Drew wants his thoughts.


Adam is bringing up his talk from the ACS #1332 where he brought up free time and young males and what that produces.

He’s explaining his logic in depth to Dr. Drew, Drew jokes about abandoning men in virtual reality to keep them from fucking up society.

Adam is bringing up farming and wars and how they have traditionally been the distractions that kept men from acting out.


Adam is bringing up Paul Newman and his son, the guys working in the coalmine don’t OD, and it’s the lottery winner.

Adam says girls are not going to go out and hurt people if they don’t stay busy, Adam says we need to start looking at our males from 13-22 as an endangered species and we need to intervene before it’s too late.

Adam is now bringing up his dominatrix data, about the customers being almost universally white males and what that means and how that proves his theory correct.


Adam is now breaking down killing in the city due to gang and drug violence, it’s survival vs. Santa Barbara is “whitey is out of problems” and Drew makes a point about how racist that is.

Adam is now agreeing and saying that when a black guy can’t read the system failed him, when it’s a white guy he must be dyslexia.

Adam is explaining how you make people do things, he’s got a great beaches of Normandy logic and Drew says he doesn’t know if you can break through with a kid like that in Santa Barbara.


Drew is making a point about these shooters being the bizarre outliers, Adam says he doesn’t know if you are going to be able to identify these guys in advance without their parents making a bigger deal out of it.

Drew mocks the guy’s shitty manifesto and talks about his narcissism, Adam is now bringing up how cops are dumb people who couldn’t get into college, they’re of no use before the shooting starts.

Adam is using the north Hollywood shooters and Nicole brown Simpson cases as examples.


Drew says we need to start judging and blames this “free to be you and me” attitude that takes precedent over the rights of the community and gives all the rights to the individual.

Adam is now getting to societal judgment and Drew says it needs to be more sophisticated, not just good and bad.

Adam has a great inner city kid pants sagging analogy and how it’s not about being mean to try to get them to pull their pants up, it’s actually love.


Adam is now using social security numbers to count the “hey man, Big Brother” arguments he gets from people when he talks like this.

Adam is using futuristic movies and says it would be doing the kids a favor to tattoo their social to his kid’s arms.

Adam is now making a larger point about the government assigning everyone a number.


Adam has a great alien example asking what they would say about social security numbers, Adam says once you can get over a number that makes you pay 50% to the government for life you can get over other things like the NSA listening to calls.

Drew says it behooves you to have them listening so you don’t end up shot dead in the street, Adam wants to know the people who have been held back from voting for not having ID, the people effected by the patriot act.

Drew is now doing a live read for Go to Meeting, he jumps right in and segues perfectly.


Adam and Drew are summing things up, Drew says this kid was using “The Secret” and he’s now going off on how primitive that book and message was.

Drew explains it to Adam and says it’s how babies thing, it’s primary narcissism, he’s bringing up how the kid would drive to Arizona thinking he was going to win the lottery.

Drew says this kid was playing into and almost victimized by all of the worst things in society and Drew says human connection if the most important part of life.


Adam is trying to make a point about how knowing something prevents you from hating it or harming things like it, a failed chicken analogy is bested by a potbellied pig one.

“What he didn’t understand, he was the problem, he was the reason he wasn’t having relationships” – Drew

Drew says get back to the basics, there is no secret and we can only change ourselves.

Adam is wrapping things up with some plugs.