Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/29/2013 – Dr. Life and Dave Dameshek

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Guest Dr. Life and Dave Dameshek

Recorded 05-28-2013 – Release Date 05-29-2013

Production Number #1088

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Adam is opening the show with Dameshek in studio and a nice pirate ship themed tell a friend, Alison wins with a birthday wish and BB has a nice #TopDrop from Mike Dawson.

Adam is explaining how his birthday’s proximity to Memorial Day always throws a wrench in his gears, he’s now thanking his family for turning his birthday into the equivalent of a cigarette butt.


Adam is teasing his review for “Beyond the Candelabra” and BB’s review of “The Hangover Part III”.

Adam is explaining how everyone wants him to go see Fast 6 with Bill Simmons but they’re separated by work and Simmons suggested separate solo viewings before meeting up next week, Alison has a great observation about his reply.

Adam is explaining his internal struggle deciding if he should bring Sonny to see the latest Fast movie, Adam is on an extended riff about the lack of sexuality in the Fast series and DD has a nice point.


DD just revealed something so horrific that Adam asked him to leave the room before he started throwing kicks and punches, BB is using this opportunity to reveal his own theatrical treachery.

Adam is explaining his “Epic” litmus test for trying to gauge Sonny’s ability to handle Fast 6.


Adam is now asking the gang about their wiring via his explanation of his own and birthday celebrations, Adam is explaining why he likes his birthday to fall on a Saturday.

Adam is sharing a conversation between him and Lynette about his level of excitement for his birthday and he’s explaining the realities of his birthday.

Alison, BB and DD all have excellent contributions. Hilarious “Grit” call back and killer one liner from Alison.


Adam is on an impactful and equally hilarious rant about birthdays being common and essentially meaningless, great call back to the teacher who fed his students compromised cookies complete with a killer back and forth with Alison, genius!

Adam is explaining Lynette’s reaction to his wiring speech and how he chose to back off and instead focus on his new rule that if you offer more than 4 varieties of sandwiches and 2 varieties of fries you must offer coleslaw in your restaurant, Adam just commented on his 3rd stage “old Jew” transformation.

Adam is explaining his alternate super positive take on birthdays and how it is the “ultimate lottery ticket” and Adam is now sharing the 2nd way he is wired while describing Lynette’s gift to him.

You can view an image of the thoughtful gift via the show page above.


Dave is sharing an anecdote from the Man Show days and his theory as to why Adam doesn’t enjoy birthday celebrations in the workplace.

Adam is now sharing the one thing that got him this year, he’s sharing a super personal and awesome anecdote involving Jimmy Kimmel.

DD is now asking if Kimmel actually bought Jeff Ross the original version of the topless Bea Arthur portrait, Adam is explaining how he doesn’t know anything and was looking at it all weekend trying to figure it out and how it never came up during lunch because of his other complaining priorities.

Adam is theorizing on the answer and asking the control room (Gary) to look it up, hilarious comment about Jimmy’s gift and now he’s clearing the record, lightning fast!


Adam is telling the gang about the free CD’s he gets from people of their “crappy bands” and how he can’t hand it back to the people, leave it on the table or throw it away due to his wiring.

Adam is using his dad checking out records from the library to further his point and now he’s sharing about buying best of CD’s as it was all he could afford on payday and the small pittance he would get when he tried to resell them in exchange for new CD’s.

Adam is explaining his attempts to give CD’s to a generation that doesn’t care about CD’s as they’ve always been almost free, Alison has a good point and Adam is throwing it to BB.


Hooray for BaldyWood

The Hangover Part III

BB is calling it a miss and now they’re discussing the idea of a good film being ruined by its sequels, Adam is asking if it’s the audience’s fault of the filmmakers and making a great point about novelty.

Alison is citing “European Vacation” as a good comedy sequel and everyone is disagreeing with her choice, Adam is sharing his recent attempt to watch the Hangover 2 without factoring in its predecessor and how it would stand up to a viewing without ever having seen the original.


DD has an interesting point and question regarding sitcoms and sustained premises, Adam is taking it back to novelty and connecting it to a first meeting with someone and how it evolves, wow!

Adam is using Indiana Jones to make a larger point, DD is telling him to watch his words and BB has a great point about the series.

Alison is bringing it back to the psychology of experience and the difficulty in recreating or matching a previous experience where you laughed uncontrollably.


Adam has a great Animal House point and DD is taking it to the sports with an NBA analogy, DD has an even finer point.

BB is sharing how many people he witnessed walking out of the theater and he’s now lamenting his midafternoon matinee viewing, Alison and BB have appropriate reactions and roast him over the air conditioned coals for a bit.

Adam is now going off on After Earth and Will Smith’s youthful appearance, how he only looks about 15yrs older than his young son in the promo materials.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports

Dave is explaining why he won’t bother with NBA or NHL score updates, he’s explaining how his favorite NHL team is up against Simmons and he wants to know what they should bet.

Adam is telling them not to do a mayoral style bet and how there is no skin in the game, he’s got some hilarious obscene alternatives.

Adam is full on going off on mayoral wagering over sporting events and DD has a hilarious reaction to Adam’s whiffle ball bat belly punishment for the loser.


Dave is explaining the huge reaction his all-time greatest NHL names list was received from last week so he’s now going to share some omissions and alternate picks.

Adam is using one name to make up a morning radio show, DD is doing a deadpan halfhearted contribution.

Adam is in character as his morning show DJ mocking the fat sidekick “Big Sludge” which is a thinly veiled stand in for “Big Tad” from the KLSX show.


Adam is explaining how much he love hearing DD say “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi” and Dave is now explaining its role in his childhood.

Adam is now riffing in character as a mongoose discussing dinner options with his pals, BB is joining him as the two dissenting mongooses.

Adam is now a mongoose telling his group about “toxins” and how it effects their day to day life, this is Ace Awards 2013 material!


Dave is sharing a story about Eric Dickerson tweeting about Justin Beiber’s excessive speed in Calabasas. Adam is now weighing in as someone who loves fast cars, he’s waxing poetic on the need to punch it.

Adam is explaining how the 15 minutes of fame never seem to end now, Alison is helping him elaborate and clarify his point.

Great “Too Shy” reference from Dave and Adam is now explaining his two minds about Justin speeding in residential areas.

Adam is now getting into the 80’s and the “pre-AIDS/mid-Coke” era.


Creep of the Week: Alison Rosen is a late addition and just tasted the blaster, Dave is launching into the advertisements for “Christian mingle” and the larger message of the company.

Dave is now having Adam join him in character for an improv reenactment of a phone call from a user of Christian Mingle contacting god/Jesus after the date, hilarious reactions from Alison up top.

Great Chaz Bono and Dane Cook one liners from GOD aka Adam, this is wonderful!

Adam just did something unspeakable towards Dave’s character and he’s forever denying him a family.


Dr. Life is now joining the podcast for his debut appearance, Adam is giving him some plugs and getting him up on the mic.

Adam is asking him about his story and his late in life weight loss that has led to his current position in life, Adam is asking the most important thing to do for longevity.

Adam is bringing up the hidden negative side of natural foods such as fruit and he’s asking about carbs now, Adam is bringing up the days of “carb loading” advice from professionals and Dr. Life is not offering any answers that Adam wants.


Dr. Life is now telling them about eating 4-5 meals per day and what to avoid in all of those meals.

Adam has a great point about orange juice and a hilarious Harlem globetrotter’s reference when chastising his step dad for his mixed feelings on orange potatoes.

Adam is now riffing with Alison and BB about Yam’s vs. Sweet Potatoes and Dr. Life is suggesting Pepsi challenge, Adam is now riffing about a possible scenario, great closer from A-Rose.


Adam is explaining how he went sick on his birthday and then declared no more and immediately caved in order to get BBQ with Jimmy Kimmel, he’s making a larger point about his will power with food and how it’s changed over the years.

Adam is pumping Dr. Life for more good information, what fish to eat, what to avoid and testosterone supplementation in men over 45.

Adam is riffing and Alison has some funny reactions, nice contributions from BB a well.


They’re now going in depth on the blanket term of steroids, hormone supplementation and Adam is expressing his concerns about “No Free Lunches in Nature” and the possible unforeseen consequences, Alison has some funny sarcastic one liner and Dr. Life has a nice analogous comparison.

Adam is now going off on people who are against GMO’s but support stem cell research, Adam is for all of the science and is remarking on how people are going to die regardless.

Dr. Life is explaining how he got rid of his type 2 diabetes and stopped his coronary artery disease, he’s now walking them through his daily gym routine and cardio supplementation.

Alison has a nice question with a funny preface, Dr. Life initially protests before confirming her suspicions and Adam is now on a hilarious time machine riff in reaction the concept of female doctors, gold!


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the JC penny tea kettle billboard being mistaken for Adolph Hitler, she’s asking Adam to tell her what it resembles without telling him the controversy and he totally sees it.

They’re now riffing on the appearance, great “Hives” mention from Alison and BB is in the mix too.

Adam is now riffing on how because there are so many things that they will be mistaken for resembling and sounding like other things, whoa!

Adam is riffing on the “Super Denim Robot” and the implications of reinforced knees in men’s pants.


Adam is now complaining about people who jump in to mock you for simply misspeaking, BB is right on point and does a perfect back and forth, nice insane closer too!

Alison is explaining how this story is being spun and Adam is claiming any publicity is good in the modern age.

Adam misses a world with a “JC Penny” in it and want’s around for punishing his kids.


2nd story is on the Apple 1 computer that sold for over 671k dollars, Alison is telling the gang about her outdated computer and her hesitation to wait for the new models from Apple.

Alison is now asking Adam about who is in charge of upgrading his computer equipment and how he ends up with high end equipment, he’s telling her about his 8k mac that was used for editing the Hammer that is now considered worthless.

Adam’s giving his take on value and deprecation of items, Alison is bringing Dr. Life into the mix and asking about the possible health risks regarding long hours of sitting.


Adam is now telling Dr. Life about his workout dilemma, how he picked an activity that’s almost effortless for him but difficult for the average person.

Dr. Life is telling Adam about optimal heart rate and BB is referencing the Hammer, Adam is now telling the Doctor how he learned to skip rope.

They’re going in depth on Andropause and hormone supplementation, Dr. Life is walking them through the signs of low T. Adam is now adding a new variation to his “Vietnam” visions for defending against massage table boners.

Adam has a perfect “The More You Know” about trying to avoid unwanted erections.


Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is giving his in depth review of “Behind the Candelabra” Adam is predicting Emmy wins for acting and set design.

Adam is echoing the point that it was of high enough caliber that it should have been released theatrically and he’s making a point about the running time.

Adam is giving an enthusiastic recommendation and launching into a live read, giving some plugs and wrapping the show.