Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/25/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 348

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/25/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 348

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-24-2016 – Release Date 05-25-2016

Production Number #348 – Monkeys Who Talk

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Adam has the standard intro and Drew asks Adam if he did tell him about his bashed in car, the diarrhea lady story of course.

Adam says that poor Nick is panicking and Drew says he’s giving him the production finger; Adam apologizes for him.

Adam is telling young people to get past just the letter of the law when dealing with the boss he uses the word gestalt and he tells Drew about his typical dining experience with the family at the kitchen counter. Adam wants people to anticipate what their boss wants, for everyone’s sake.


Adam talks about how he locks in and gets excited, it’s like having a snake or a guard dog that will bite you.

Adam is saying he wanted Tom to take the Dooley truck to pick up the 8 barstool, Adam is telling Drew about hit incremental updates throughout the day, how he hears differing information and it seems like it’s a go until you hear the mission is scrubbed.

Adam is making note of Matt Fondiler’s kind and easy nature, he contrasts his way with that of his friend and former producer Daniel Kellison, he gives great examples of him manipulating reality and making things happen, greasing wheels and Adam says he would get the stools done on the day Adam wanted them done.


Adam says he had a Disney/Pixar table read and he was excited about it but he can’t say anything, he doesn’t even really say what it is, calling it a thing.

Adam is sharing how the stools finally did show up while he was over at Pixar, he came home to a huge pile of boxes, the stools weren’t assembled.

Adam is talking about his guys get paid the same amount of money, they had no extra things to do and could have easily assembled them for him.


Drew asks what happened and Adam jokes about Lynette busting out her power tools to assemble them as he enjoyed a hammock, mint julip and plate of lasagna, hilarious motorized screwdriver noises from Adam.

Adam says he being paid the same salary regardless of what he’s doing, he gets 20$ or 25$ regardless.


is telling Drew about assembling one of the stools and the realizing that the kids would need two and he put together another.


Adam asks if that is what he wanted, a pyramid of boxes or was he intending something else.

Adam is now giving a carwash analogy, a per car vs. flat pay rate.

Adam says and now there are two people, Tom & Rob and he says start looking for what the boss man is looking for, anticipate need!



1st Caller

 Joe, he’s struggling with Anorexia and does the annoying “this question is for Dr. Drew” and he’s asking about increasing caloric intake and refeeding, Drew refuses to answer the questions and asks why he’s not being medically managed.

Joe is accepting of his stern reply and Adam asks what’s going on that he’s among the less than 1% of males who are anorexic.

Joe is blaming his cross training coaches and mixed messages from high school sports, Adam wants to know what’s really going on.


Joe insists isn’t mostly from running cross country and Drew says it’s like blaming anorexia on not eating and Adam talks about the movie ‘McFarland, USA’ and he jokes about Joe objecting to the shoes they wore and other inaccuracies similar to how Drew reacts to medical TV shows, he picks ‘St. Elsewhere’ oddly enough.


2nd Caller

 Alexander, he needs some relationship advice and prefaces by addressing how Adam and Drew typically react to long-term first/early relationships and how they can hold people back from living life and growing and often lead to resentment.

Alexander talks about this being his last year at college and Drew says both of his prefaces are sweeping generalities and Drew now addresses the reality at play and he points out his options, Drew says he acknowledged his feelings and he choked on them and then came back to explain to him why he can’t do what he’s calling about.

Adam talks about banging strange pussy and how it’s not necessarily the goal of being single and on your own, Adam talks about early life pressure to get married at 25 before you get a chance to be “out there” and Drew talks about males and how they need to work things out.

Adam is talking about thoughts that creep up on you and Drew speaks of motivational drives and knowing where impulses and thoughts are coming from.


3rd Caller


Cole, he was a financial industry intern and switched it up to Medical school, he now wants the guys take on the best way for him to practice as an addiction medicine specialist.

Drew says he never made more than 18k per year doing that and quotes a peer who said drug addicts aren’t really into insurance.

Adam is talking about personal training and how there is a version to get rich even if you clean aquariums, he says when you’re getting paid by the state it’s very limited and he explains why.


Adam has a health update for Dr. Drew and he asks Gary about Drew’s spot.


Adam is telling Drew about Erik Kramer and his suicide attempt, Drew misunderstands and Adam has a great “his son is back from the dead” sarcasm in reply.

Adam goes over his history with Erik and Gary gets on mic and reminds them of ADS #118 with Erik Kramer as their guest, from just over 2 years ago.

Adam is telling Drew about his other childhood friend Nick Menza who died on stage and they discuss his seemingly good health and footage of him from just the day before, Adam says you’re allowed to die, people are allowed to die and Drew knows this well with his profession and the denial he faces in octogenarian patients and people facing terminal illnesses.


Adam is mocking the primitive human brain that tries to figure out where these diseases come from, Adam says we’re weak and we’re freaked out, Dr. drew quotes Joe Rogan’s ‘Talking Monkeys in Space’ and they move on to a live read.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read

Adam is condescending to his wife for tuning him out. The new kitchen? Edition


Adam is really going all in and giving a great spot for Blinds Galore.


Adam is plugging the live dates and he wraps up the show, Gary gets on mic for the assist.