Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/17/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 342

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/17/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 342

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-15-2016 – Release Date 05-17-2016

Production Number #342 – Out Comes The Genie From The Lamp

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Adam brings up his conversation with the wife after the usual intro and quick plugs for the upcoming live show with Chris from The Foo Fighters.

Adam is explaining how his wife finally lit up regarding the kitchen remodel now that the paint is finished and everything is done. “Out Comes the Genie From the Lamp” – Adam

Adam is saying going from the start, the plans, the ideas and hanging out with his Israeli contractor trying to get through the earlier stages, Adam says most people can’t understand the hard earlier levels lead to the awesome boss fight and feeling of accomplishment.


Adam says the twin towers don’t exist anymore as we couldn’t rationalize people killing themselves with commercial airlines.

Adam is not blaming Lynette, he’s just observing something he noticed and Drew gives his take about lacking “the vision” of Adam’s construction projects and how he’s never been able to picture what he tells him until it’s finished.

Adam is bringing up how most people tell him about their ideas for various projects and how execution is the most important avenue of success.


Adam is bringing up Seth MacFarlane and how he can’t build for shit but he can arrange a full band and symphony inside of 6 months if he wants to.

Adam says the most empowering experience in the world is going from the start and completing a project or endeavor, he uses Drew writing books to make a point about Drew seeing something through to the end.

Adam says digging ditches on a jobsite is the equivalent to getting coffee for a production company or film crew, it wasn’t Adam and Frank Lloyd Wright sitting down breaking bread and discussing things when he was the low man on the totem pole.


1st Caller Travis, he’s “verbally cocky” and aloof, Drew interrupts him and asks Drew if he reminds Adam of his buddy Chris, Adam is now talking about being born handsome and getting a good hand dealt to you.


2nd Caller Nisha, the caller from #341 who wasn’t present.

Nisha wants to know about “lack of experience” with Lynette and the construction, Drew says he suggested that and Adam shot it down.

Adam is saying that Lynette launching the new beer alone is exactly that, Nisha is telling them about blowing through their archives and even Classic Loveline, cool.


Nisha is telling them about her eldest son who is a 21yr old emotional basket case, Adam comments on his ideas about parents and family being totally PC common sense ideals in the mid 90’s and now somehow totally outrageous concepts.

Nisha is explaining how her son has been diagnosed with various conditions and Adam asks if she must be surrounded by the menagerie of kids around her head.

Adam jokes and says let them drown, Nisha says now that’s she’s the mom who had this kid and let him down, how does she fix this.


Adam says the good news is that with the slow march to the grave people make their way towards sanity.

Adam says be consistent and honest about her intent to make his life the best it can possibly be, Drew says his son needs a community or cause, Adam suggests a dojo to keep him going and around other people instead of alone for his thoughts.

Adam explains how he just donated to the Catholic Big Brothers foundation, they wanted to come back and have lunch again, so they donated 5k to the organization and one of the guys is Mormon, cool Mormon but Mormon.


Adam shares how the guy was asking him about being an atheist and just doing something nice for a catholic organization without any prompting, Adam says he was going to make a space in atheist heaven, I think he means Mormon heaven or it was a weird joke.

Adam is talking about this country rallying behind other countries and causes, Adam says it would be anarchy if we didn’t by and large accept others and do the right thing.

Serial killers and racists are the exception, Drew talks about the decline in violence despite the increase in population.

Adam talks about his comments about gay bashing and how there is not that much gay bashing in a world where many people couldn’t imagine living life as a gay person, they just accept it.


Adam talks about domestic violence and Adam asks Drew if he knows anyone who has hit his wife, if he has any friends who have ever hit their partner, he has one.

Adam comments on how that anecdotal data only father proves his theory, Adam says hold on and jokingly ask if it’s him, good stuff.


3rd Caller Tony, he’s driving a DMW out of Denver and hauling ass, Adam can hear a Bob Seger in his mind.

Adam brings up ‘Get Out of Denver’ by Bob Seger and Tony tells them about his life decisions as Chris fires up the song and they listen to it, Adam says it’s a good song but rarely played on the radio.

Drew reacts to the lyrics and Adam explains Bob had a lot of songs with a similar theme about bailing from somewhere.


Adam is trying to figure out how he thought of Bob Seger and Drew brings up some dat about how the conscious mind works and comes up with this stuff before anything.

Adam chalks it all up to coincided and Tony tells them about an opportunity in Silicon Valley, he is hungry to get back to work and wants to get after something.

He wants to know if he should choose between a marijuana dispensary or the Silicon Valley job.


Adam is telling Tony he’s pretty good at figuring out what he wants to do, Adam is talking about the regret and “Sliding Doors” moments in life that don’t really exist.

Adam says “who cares” about the path untaken and thinking about what could have been, Adam says Drew is against the dispensary because it involves pot.


Drew, Adam and Gary are doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Drew and Gary wore their stuff to the Endless Rant IPA launch


4th Caller Janelle, she says she’s cut from the same cloth as Adam and has a bad attitude in the same ways he does, she clarifies her comments and brings up ‘What Can’t Adam Complain About?’ and his staff.

Adam is now ranting about the air compressor and the feeble minded people who don’t turn it off after turning it on, Adam also chastises companies for not putting a simple red LED on the unit to let someone know it was running.

Adam is sharing how the compressor was once left on and it walked across the floor and rubbed up against Adam’s car bumper, he comments on an idiot who left his car there and had the keys, who denied being responsible for that happening, Adam asks who do you think you’re tasking to with that.


Adam says people tell him to relax and he explains how he’s lucky to have been there to hear the thing kick on at 8pm and to have it happen while he was on the phone with Lynette.

Drew had too much MCT oil and is going to shit his pants, he begs Adam to let him go and he does immediately, Drew misunderstands and demands to be released much like his bowels in 45 seconds, Adam says he will wrap-up with Janelle and clears him to go once again.

Janelle is back on mic and she’s ranting about the things that piss her off, Adam jokes about having a brood of super charged ranting kids with her.


Adam says he’s figured out a way to make a living out of complaining, he doesn’t try to sour his wife, friends and kids on life.

Adam talks about the event at Mark Geragos home tonight and how they will have a rant filled conversation but it won’t go down as an argument or hate speech, he tells people to strike the balance between lively debate and complaining and something else.

Adam closes the show to a drop of Janelle screaming “Because it’s Crazy!” from about 2min ago.