Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/17/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 239

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/17/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 239

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-12-2015 – Release Date 05-17-2015

Production Number #239 – Medium Chain Triglycerides

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Adam thanks the fans for listening to another episode, Drew goes back to the routines question and brings up MCT oil and explains what it is and why he uses it.

Adam says that he’s bulletproof and Drew says that’s the brand he uses, Adam says he uses the Onnit variety and uses it in his coffee, Adam is now asking Gary to find out the brand.

Adam doesn’t think he’s noticed any effect, Adam is talking about the sound “earwigs” he uses on set and how he they “broke” him.


Gary is now sharing that they use Onnit brand and won’t name the 2nd company as they’re not a sponsor, Adam is telling Gary to revisit Matt and then feels sympathy for Matt going nuts as Adam’s schedule is bursting at the seams.

Adam is now arguing with Drew about the label and brand, he’s interested in the label and he’s getting to the idea of movie or show using one of his ideas or jokes.

Adam is now bringing up parallel thought and unintentional influence, Adam says he’s never read the “Bulletproof” branding and doesn’t think he was influenced.


Adam has a CNN on in the background analogy and tells people to get their MCT from Onnit, you really should, and as a company I also support their products, very strong ethics and ingredient quality.

Adam says he can’t feel the difference between junk food and healthy food nor supplements and says he’s like an army jeep and can run on kerosene or even piss.

Drew is now quoting Aristotle regarding character and the recovery community that gains that while most of society gets further away.


Adam is back to his onset “earwig” pocket choice and how he was able to reduce a few items steeling energy off the crank of life, a simple brain for engine metaphor.

Adam is telling Drew about the switch in his 69 Datsun roadster that shutdown the alternator and how it can be used to gain an extra 1 horsepower for the final 1-2 laps.


Drew is now doing a Quick Books live read


Adam is back to his story and how they “broke” him for the day, he said the sound guy didn’t catch up to Adam and get his earpiece along with the mic pack.

Adam says that Matt got the email asking about the earwig Adam drove home with, they wanted to send someone to pick it up and Adam says absolutely not, Adam says it’s a waste of time and he will bring it in, it’s putting one more notch on the crank, Adam is now riffing about cranks.

Adam says as a citizen of the planet he doesn’t want any carbon emissions done in waste, Adam is now sharing their response to him and immediate acceptance of his reply.


1st Caller Joe is telling them about selling his first home and wants to know with the 75k they made, double down on a rental home in addition to their new place or pay off their loans now.

Adam is telling him not to look at life this way, he’s back to his parents and how they immediately shrink in reaction to his schedule and time demands.

Drew is bringing up the satisfaction of work and Adam jokes about Jefferson being known for his hammock time, Adam brings up Walter Payton and his work ethic.


Drew has a wise tax reply, about the sheer math they’re facing and explains how to make this decision as an investment challenge.

Drew has a wise point about money earned and the nature of capitalism, Adam is now asking people not to use work as a pejorative and approach it as life, it’s; what you do.

Drew brings up Adam’s own logic about doing what makes you happy and what makes out money.


2nd Caller Tyler, he’s telling them about bring two women to see Adam performing live shows and Tyler tells them about a live podcast he attended in Minneapolis.

Tyler wants to know if Adam has a scenarios where someone has taught him lessons about life, he says she’s taught him emotional things.

Drew agrees and Adam says that it’s what humans need to learn, then Drew clarifies that with him and they decide it’s what women and kids need, not them.


Adam and Drew are talking about the mechanical lessons they try to pass on to others and the emotional ones they receive from their spouses.

Adam and Drew are going in depth on how women don’t want a partner who always goes right into problem solving mode, they riff about agreeing about what a bitch Suzie at work is.


3rd Caller Andrew he’s a big fan and supporter, he tells Adam about driving to Seattle to see ‘Road Hard’ and wants to know about Adam’s car choices in the movie and assumes they have some meaning.

Adam is telling him it’s a good question and he explains he wanted a Lexus 400, the best money could get in 1998 or 1999.

Adam is now explaining the idea behind it, very in-depth explanation and now Andrew wants to know about an ominous feeling he would receive before pooping.

Drew marvels at how much Andrew sounds like David Arquette, Drew has some possible scientific explanations about the dysphoria he experiences upon a bowel movement’s approach.


Drew is talking about the children who waive bye to their shit and the remnant of developmental shit this could be attributed to.

Adam is telling him to watch the Newman doc and recommends it to Drew as well.

Adam is now getting to a conversation with Lynette about anxiety and now Adam is getting to the former real world fears that we’ve removed from daily existence, Adam is refusing to fill the empty space in his reptile brain with new invisible worries.


Adam says anxiety feels like a phobia over a fear, Drew is bringing up Adam’s early adolescent anxiety regarding asking girls out.

Adam is saying he doesn’t feel like he has no anxiety, Drew tells Adam that only sociopaths lack it completely, Adam wants to know why we must insert new worries in the place of the ones we evolve past.

Adam brings up how he was listening to Howard Stern and heard Drew’s name come up during an ‘F, Marry, Kill’ and the anger she had after the publication of ‘The Mirror Effect’ and Robin’s score on the NPI exam.


Adam is explaining how his narcissism is different than Robin’s and how he gave the writing credit for ‘The Hammer’ to Kevin Hench to keep him current in the WGA.

Drew says this isn’t narcissism in the traditional sense and now Adam is telling him to create a new test, Drew is telling Adam to cut his finger off and Adam jokes about them adding that to his schedule.


Adam asks Drew how many other people would’ve done what he did.

Adam says he doesn’t like him getting the full credit but he’s a great guy and would rather he benefit.

Drew says that Adam is plagued by narcissistic injuries and Adam is sharing his problem with the book is the conventional understanding of the term and Drew says if you read the book you would know it’s far more nuanced and multilayered.

Adam is now riffing about his destroyed Taco Bell application and his biggest problems with filling out forms, he explains how he would fill the things in the wrong spaces, and he wants a universal form style to sort this out.


Adam is now bringing up the millions of reams of paper that were discarded due to the different placement of the boxes on the forms.

Adam says they should’ve taught that skill in school and now it’s obsolete with the rise of the internet and computer access.

Adam jokes about adding frown faces and arrows with “sorry” written on his application, Adam says those were his salad days of no salads where he dined on Taco Bell often and loved ‘The Bell Beefer’.


Adam is doing a live read

Adam has a funny Marquis De Sade one liner


4th Caller Max wants to know about sex addicts and alcoholics who don’t come from trauma, he brings up the women he knows who exhibit these symptoms and Adam talks about how he always thinks it might be more connected to trauma with women.

Adam is explaining how he can’t watch internet porn all day due to his busy schedule and house full of kids.

Adam is asking Max about the free time on his hands, he asks him what he loves and he says he’s into prostitution, Adam says there is a lot of that going on and it’s not for him.


Adam says it struck him a long time ago while he was listening to a Graham Parker song called ‘Big Man on Paper’ and comments on it being a live version.

They’re now playing it for Drew and the listeners, Adam is explaining the meaning of the lyrics and mentions the “coexist” bumper stickers and the nothing they amount to.

Adam is complimenting specific lyrics and breaking it down for Drew, he likes the self-deprecating lyrics and comments on this being from 1989 while everyone else was listening to crap.


Adam is now mocking their wasted time trying to fast forward through the song, Adam is now responding to the meaning of the song, written before the internet, and Drew’s checking his phone.

Adam is telling Drew they will try to remember to finish this conversation at some point, he’s giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show in response to Drew’s “Emergency” notification on his phone.