Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/15/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 143

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/15/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 143

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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Recorded 05-01-2014 – Release Date 05-11-2014

Production Number #143 Guest Host – The Sklar Brothers

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The Sklars are making their Adam and Drew debut, they have two appearances on the Adam Carolla Show and never appeared on Loveline, sadly.

They’re talking about Loveline being a perfect radio show and one of the greats, Drew laments it never being recognized for its 30 years of public service and more.

Drew almost talks about it in the past tense.


Drew is explaining how they would analyze and help abuse victim callers, picking up on vocal cues caused by arrested development due to various forms of abuse.

Drew is asking how they use their twitter account, one of them is explaining why they do it this way and Jason is telling Drew about shooting “Curb Your Enthusiasm” which then excluded Randy from ever doing the show.

Jason is explaining their take on how twins are not fully explored in media, Drew teases some questions and asks about the need for one of them to wear glasses.


Drew is explaining that this is epigenetics, Drew has an observation about brain plasticity and its role in their eyesight differences.

Drew is reading his own feelings and when they talk about their relationship it makes Drew feel uncomfortable, he’s addressing them feeling the same way when they experience other sets of twins.

Drew’s addressing the perceived hypocrisy and Randy is bringing sheep into the mix and has a funny reference to the Denver airport conspiracy.


The Sklars are sharing how fatherhood has allowed them to experience some new perspectives, they’re sharing how their parents gave them some unique boundaries like separate rooms.

Drew brings up his triplets, Jason says the most important part of being a multiple is the age not the appearance.

They’re now explaining why they decided to go to college in Michigan over an Ivy League option.


Drew asks the gross girlfriend swapping question and now the guys are complimenting Blazing Saddles and Airplane for influencing them.

They say that was a “hack” move, not just a hack joke but a hack life move, they’re explaining their logic.

They describe it as a backdoor rape, Drew says it’s devious but nobody can resist the thought of it, Drew ties it to invisibility and gives a spooky almost Twilight Zone logic to it.

Drew is now plugging Adam’s book and getting to the Patent Troll litigation, Randy is praising an episode of This American Life, and Gary confirms it’s a great episode.


The Sklars say that Earwolf would have to shutter its doors if they had to settle, Drew is now citing Adam’s riff about the post office and the cost.

Drew is now segueing into a live read for

Gary says that Adam has told him that if he loses this case he will cease podcasting, he will stop instead of pay the blood money, whoa!

Drew says it breaks his heart, mine too.


1st Caller John, he’s in recovery and has 3yrs under his belt, he’s been having trouble focusing and a therapist brought up him possibly trying Adderall.

Drew is sharing his opinion on using stimulants as an addict, he’s vehemently against it while explaining that his opinion is in the minority among his peers, he’s giving his own expertise and wisdom from years of experience treating addicts who also have ADD symptoms.

Drew is going in depth on theories about addiction and ADD while clarifying the differences in treating someone under and over 18.

The Sklars are offering up some helpful stats and words of encouragement, Drew is stepping in and wrapping things up with John.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break.

The guys invent Drew to their podcast, Drew is launching into a live read for Bark Box and they’re telling Drew about one of their dogs being racist.

Drew says it’s more profiling and less racism, they’re joking about.


2nd Caller Danny broke off his engagement and Drew is going in-depth asking him about their history, Adam is now going into how unhealthy it is for someone to cling to a teenage love.

Drew says he has no patience for the guys who wreck their families by cheating because they didn’t get it out of their system as a young man.

Drew is asking him about his life in NYC and the Sklar Brothers are telling him about all of his options in the city.


3rd Caller Mike learned that his sister in law is abusing pain killers, he wants to know what he can do to help his wife and her sister.

Drew is busting out his “Little Shop of Horrors” analogy and the guys are getting Drew it to admit that Marijuana maintenance is better than methadone maintenance.

Drew is asking Mike how his sister in law is getting the hydrocodone, Drew is sharing an anecdote from Tom Arnold.


Drew is wrapping with the caller and asking the Sklars about their history with addicts and people in recovery, he’s deeply fascinated.

They’re going in-depth on the psychology of an addict and how one reacts to something like a car accident, Jason is now sharing an anecdote from an ESPN 30 for 30.

Drew is sharing how people try to manipulate him for drugs and wrapping up the show.