Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/11/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 142

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/11/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 142

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Annabelle Gurwitch

Recorded 05-01-2014 – Release Date 05-11-2014

Production Number #142 Guest Host – Mike Catherwood

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Mike is returning to the show with a nice fat plug for Loveline and the now free Loveline podcast, thanks to the Classic Loveline feed for that, at least in part.

Drew is giving out some plugs.

Annabelle is making her debut on the show, she’s sharing the theme of her new book about arriving at middle age, Drew is asking her about “Dinner and a Movie” the TBS show she hosted with Paul Gilmartin for nearly a decade.

Annabelle was fired because they wanted to skew younger, she delivered a fuck you instead of taking it to litigation.


Annabelle is referencing her book “Fired” that also became a documentary, Drew is getting her to go in-depth on what Woody Allen said to her before firing her from a play.

Drew is telling her to go on hormone therapy replacement, to improve her mood and she’s getting further worked up, talking with pressured speech.

Drew is citing his own wife and her hormonal intervention, Annabelle is joking about Hollywood tropes and the allure of a younger partner.


Annabelle reveals she is on HRT and jokes about dry vagina, Annabelle is now telling them about her book cover and the idea of granny panties being sexy.

She’s now lamenting the libido of her 20’s that led her to many shitty situations, Drew is now taking it to a quote from Socrates.

Annabelle is telling them about “Boomeritus” a term for overworking in the gym like you’re younger than you are.


Drew is now doing a live read for Go To meeting.

Annabelle is joking about shitting and dudes in her household, Mike is telling her about his newborn.

She’s telling them about her 16 year old son and how he can’t stand her, she’s connecting that to the idea of adolescence expanding and Drew agrees.

Mike is joking about her son’s beat off schedule, she just revealed that she found tissues and Mike is recommending a re-washable jizz rag.

She’s now telling them about working with Mario Lopez and they’re praising his skin.


1st Caller Greg, he quit drinking 14yrs ago and has a friend who is just returning from treatment and wants to know some tips for dealing with him.

Drew is explaining the differences between abuse and addiction and having Mike chime in to explain the role he needs to play in his friend’s life.

They’re both giving more practical insight into the experiences of an addict post recovery, Annabelle is sharing a wise point about codependency, Drew brings up the “Little Shop of Horrors” plant and how it’s a perfect example of addiction.


Drew is bringing up the bringing car on the way to the studio, Annabelle is sharing her inability to follow celebrity culture and she is sharing her own refusal to use the name “Kardashian” and Drew wisely predicts that she is now mothering her pets like children.

She’s making a point about biology and sociology confusing things for humans, about having kids later in life and going through menopause while your children enter puberty.

Drew is now making a point about differences in cultures and Mike has a funny ethnic tangent, Drew is now saying that the species survives due to women, Mike is now stating how men are almost designed to take life while women create it.

They’re now heading to break with Bark Box live read.


They’re now back from break.

Drew is referencing Annabelle’s show “Wasted” she was doing, now she’s sharing how she feels bad for middle aged men and how they can’t get an impressive car unless they have a higher income.

Drew is sharing the Prius pussy alternative, Annabelle is joking about pleated khakis and Segway travel, she’s now commenting on the biological impulses of men and Drew says we don’t have to act on all impulses.

Annabelle is riffing on Logan’s Run and Soylent Green, Drew is taking her back to the topic at hand.


1st Letter from Lucy, she’s been with her bf for two years and he’s yet to say I love you, Chris is killing the read.

Annabelle is once again going super speed and Drew is slowing things down to ask what’s really going on, Mike is sharing how he was that guy, the man with poor intimacy skills.

Mike explains how his wife walked away when he wasn’t committing and bringing what she needed to the relationship.

They’re going in depth on the compartments of human emotion, she’s asking about media influence and has a great secondhand anecdote.


2nd Letter from Claire, her relationship is having issues due to her boyfriend who is texting with random women and texting nude pictures.

Mike is sharing how he has his own issues with this and is required to keep boundaries now that he’s married, Drew is explaining how you need to engage in behaviors that don’t upset or harm your partner.

Mike is sharing all the offers he has to get his “ass wrecked” by dudes as they discuss nude selfies and sharing them online.


Annabelle is being very honest about her failed feminist ideals of the 90’s denying the differences between men and women, Drew wants to know what the upside was for the ideal to be the mindset of a teenage boy.

Mike is now giving his take and Drew is moderating, Drew says that the people that take the heat in this country, dark skinned people, women and overweight people.

Drew is now doing another live read for “Million Dollar Arm” and he’s describing the plot, they’re joking about movie titles and penis double entendre.


Annabelle is giving out her plugs and they’re wrapping up the show.