Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/08/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 141

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/08/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 141

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 05-01-2014 – Release Date 05-08-2014

Production Number #141 Guest Host – Mike Catherwood

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Drew is opening the show with the 2nd best host of Loveline Mike Catherwood, the cohost of current day Loveline and the Mike and Drew podcast both of which are also available on Podcastone.

Mike is telling Drew about his work on a new TV show, he’s explaining it for the audience and Spanish television, Drew and Adam are explaining how the Spanish culture responds to a curvy woman and machismo concepts of masculinity.

Drew is sharing his experience watching the show they’re discussing and the frankness of the language and sexuality on display.


Drew is telling the audience to double down on the support methods to help keep the pirate ship afloat, Mike is telling them about his new baby and how much work his wife has put into in comparison to his own level of input.

Drew is asking Mike about the changes in his household since the child’s birth and Mike is telling them about jizzing on the kitchen floor, Drew is stopping things to get him to clarify.

Drew is having Mike tell a story about the time he hooked his son up with Mike to hang out while he was home visiting from college.


Mike is going in depth and Drew is helping him clarify the scene, a woman stuck her ass out of a moving van and pissed and shit while at full speed.

Holy shit this story is great, Drew is having Mike explain how the dogs become simply dogs with a child in the house, his old observation.

They’re doing a Bark Box live read where Mike says he would have eaten dog food from them in his steroid days.


Drew is now having Mike tell some of his old drug stories to the potentially new audience, presuming there is little crossover.

Drew is asking Mike about his feelings regarding other celebrities in sobriety, he’s now weighing in on Russell Brand, and Drew is citing his speech to the UK parliament about drug recovery.

Drew is sharing an anecdote of a drunk waiter in Italy, Mike is now telling Drew how he was able to travel to Italy as a young man.


Mike and Drew are going in depth on their feelings regarding Marijuana, Drew explains that he can’t come out in favor because he doesn’t know the true outcomes but he’s neutral, with a strong lean towards libertarian freedoms.

Mike and Drew are making a point about the strength of edibles, mike is now attacking both the anti and pro pot people, he’s calling for more people in the middle.

They’re now giving out the plugs for Loveline, Mike and Drew and Classic Loveline the show I host, all on Podcastone, awesome!

Drew is doing a live read, they’re heading to break.


They’re back from break.

Mike has an opening riff about the people he works with on his new show and Hispanic women, they’re going to a very Great Magnet letter that mentions Classic Loveline.


1st Letter from Ryan asking about a sleep sex call from Classic Loveline, Mike is now explaining what Adam was probably saying.

Ryan wants to know if “Night Raping” has any true medical basis, Drew is telling Chris to wrap things up and is explaining the changes in the past 18 years since that show aired, hence the medical disclaimer I made up to protect Dr. Drew.

Drew is now giving a modern take on the situation and offering up some solution and examples, Mike has a nice Hannibal Lector joke.


2nd Letter from Mark, his 5 year old son won’t eat vegetables or fruit, he wants to know of any tips to help his son eat better.

Drew is sharing his wife’s trick of making waffles with veggies for their sons, Mike is now referencing the “Waffle Crapper” story.

Drew is telling the story from Classic Loveline 2004/11/21 with Will Arnett and Mike is confirming their theory, Drew is not fully giving himself credit.

They’re now playing the clip of Dr. Drew’s wife about driving with Mike August on the road.


1st Caller Kyle, he’s happy with his profession but looks around at his peers who are now approaching 60 and don’t seem very happy.

He wants to know if it’s too late to go to college and if it would actually make sense for his profession, Mike is explaining why he agrees with what they assume Adam’s advice would be about a possible trade school solution.

Kyle is explaining what frustrates him with his role in company and how he would like to be further immersed in the field.


3rd Letter from Jacob, he has dyslexia and wants to know if he can do anything to fix this problem so he can advance in his career.

Drew is citing his lack of expertise but sharing that there are societies dedicated to these modern approaches to dealing with it.


4th Letter from Megan, she has painful vaginal sex and can’t remember her childhood and teen years but doesn’t think she was abused.

Drew says he would need to talk to her to figure things out, Mike has a funny comment and now Drew has a killer segue promoting John Hamm’s new movie.

Drew is finishing up the plug and they’re singing the praises of John Hamm, Mike is explaining how John used to live with Paul Rudd and Drew shares his desire to meet John Hamm and Amy Schumer.

Drew says he would need to talk to Megan to help her, he’s now sharing the info for episode #121 of his podcast.

Drew is now wrapping up the show.