Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/07/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 236

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/07/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 236

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-03-2015 – Release Date 05-07-2015

Production Number #236 – The Race of Life

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, Drew is marveling at Adam’s lozenges and he explains he’s been working on his audiobook.

Adam is clearly using ‘Fisherman’s friend’ brand drops and they riff about fisherman related products and endorsements.

Adam is telling Drew about missing the Pacquiáo vs. Mayweather fight due to his audiobook, he’s explaining all of the details complete with the way people try and do the math regarding his schedule and suggest times he could double or triple up on work that’s just not feasible.


Adam mentions the photo of the empty seat sent by Jimmy and Drew asks if he wanted to die at that moment.

Drew is bringing up the time they went to a NAPE convention while trying to sell what eventually became MTV Loveline after Adam tells him about not wanting to be scene nor the center of attention at any of these big events like the fight.

Drew recounts the Steve Kehela story from that NAPE convention, Drew says he didn’t see the walk in and Gary is now on mic explaining how Jimmy was on camera during the fight.


Drew says he did seem him and just didn’t realize it was him, Gary points out the finer details of Jimmy’s attire and how on point his comedic attire was.

Adam says that Jimmy just brings regular Joes and lets them enjoy this event, praising him and his personality.

Adam asks Drew what’s wrong with him that he doesn’t want to be the focus nor center of attention, Drew is deconstructing it.


Adam says it feels like “who cares meets a hassle” and explains his feelings at the Paul Newman documentary premier vs. something like this.

Drew says Jimmy was just being scene, he was doing a bit and Drew is now asking some follow up questions, Adam says the fight is much better on HD TV and explains how it’s more about the event to be there in person vs. watching at home.

Adam says he would’ve rather hung out with the boys and got a suite over be at an event with them, that was the part he was least looking forward to.


Adam says he would be a horrible Kardashian due to his lack of inclinations to promote himself and his lack in interest in the spotlight.

Adam is talking about how ‘Winning’ was incorrectly titled in the New York Times after Drew asks him what’s up, clearly having heard something off air.

Gary gets on mic to flesh out the details and lament the massive audience of the times seeing the mistitled mention for Adam’s movie.


Adam, says he wanted Drew to see the doc so he could be aware enough to discuss it, Drew brings up his daughter’s E.R. visit due to a rolled ankle and how he had to view x-rays and stay informed, holy shit he’s a good dad!

Drew is now showing Adam time stamps and Adam asks if he’s not going to trust the doctors to care for his daughter on the other side of the country.

Adam is asking if it broke, Drew says they thought it did but Drew couldn’t spot it on the x-ray.


Adam says that Drew also used his space saver spare tire as an excuse, he denies it and Adam walks him through it, getting him to admit/recall the conversation.

Adam says that Drew had already ensured it wasn’t going to happen before the day even came around, Adam is now asking why people can’t go along with an idea when the math is worked out.

Adam is now asking why Drew has an anxiety disorder regarding Loveline, a job he has been doing for 30+ years.


Drew is now explaining his anxiety disorder that he originates from, all of his thoughts are tied into and he can’t escape.

Adam is now bringing up their time on the road and how Drew would call him at 7:59am as he was in the elevator descending to meet Drew at 8am.

Drew is explaining how he was told he needed to get into a van to get to and from the theater, Gary and Adam are now theorizing what happened.


Drew is giving them the play by play and claims he was really trying, Adam is talking about his 175 conversations about that night and how the street was already blocked off due to another premier across the street.

Adam says wouldn’t you want your people to bring that stuff up to you, Chris gets on mic to move to the emails.


1st Email from Christie, she wants to know when to step in and keep her mother from driving when she gets too old to handle it, she also wants to know when Adam and Drew plan on giving it up.

Adam is talking about the old people who hit people outside of buildings due to handicapped parking spaces not having a curb near the entrance.

Adam talks about the bars being put in place to prevent this from happening and he comments on the insane wiring of humans, we’re more scared of alligators than we are of unfit people propelling 5,000lb vehicles down the road.


Adam talks about the part of the doc with Paul Newman crawling out of his racecar at 82, Drew tells the listener about using an anonymous tip to get her mother screened.

Drew is bringing up the changing attitude of the DMV and Adam talks about the years of waiting for trials and other government processes.



1st Caller Justin, he goes months without smoking pot or drinking and then will binge when faced with personal difficulties.

Drew says he’s what’s called a periodic alcoholic and how the illusion of control makes this one of the hardest forms of addiction to treat.

Justin has tons of kind words and makes Adam’s day.


Drew is doing a live read

Adam tries to give him a “hell yeah” and then moves on like someone gave him the signal or something, this is odd.

Drew mentions the next caller from Antigua and Adam comments about something being weird, what is going on?


2nd Caller Jeremy, he has a question for Drew regarding his equilibrium after tapering off of antidepressants.

Drew has an example of a patient who could never fully wean off of their antidepressants.

Drew gives him some practical advice and they move on.


Adam is sharing the details of an article he was tweeted about how difficult it is for Asian people to enroll in college, Adam is now reading the points that are added on to the S.A.T. scores for different races while -50 points are removed for Asian students.

Adam is now riffing about salmon and Asian cultures, hilarious “technically part of the salmon but not the steak” line from Adam making a point about Chris and his people.

Adam is now explaining how the Asian students are being penalized for working hard and how their solution is to simply work harder.

Chris has a funny “the race of life” comment and Adam explains it to Drew very briefly as he goes back to the article.


Drew brings up the recent uptick in conversations about intact families after the civil unrest in Baltimore and now Adam is riffing about gravitational pull of large and small objects and how the politicians in this country are only focused on the olive sized objects and not the extinction level events.

Drew is now trying to recall what Adam said on Classic Loveline that he’s referencing.


Adam plugs his new movie ‘Winning’ and Gary plays a clip of Larry Miller on ‘Take a Knee’ and it sounds great.

Adam explains how he tells people all the time that they need to double up on work, you need two gigs to get ahead.

Drew once again brings up Paul Mecurio his 3 time guest who talked about his journey into comedy.


Drew tells them about seeing Larry Miller when he returned to their college and performed.


Adam plugs his wife’s Mangria outing at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas and Drew thinks Adam should be marveling that she did this solo.

“She’s super accommodating, she’s super nice!” – Adam describing his wife Lynette