Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/03/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 332

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/03/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 332

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 05-01-2016 – Release Date 05-03-2016

Production Number #332 – The Boys Are Back

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Adam opens the show with a “Boys Are Back!” intro and explains his “here’s where I’ll be” theory he gave when he left Terrestrial radio, if you want to find him, this is where he is, if you want Loveline, this is it.

Adam says they are going to start off doing these shorter form shows for the time being and it will evolve over time.


1st Caller Kevin from Anchorage Alaska, Adam was confused by the AK state abbreviation.

Kevin is calling about his cardiac problem and Drew explains what he’s going in for, Adam is asking some follow ups and Drew tells him about the likely outcomes of this condition.

Drew asks him about some other medical problems and he mentions his blood pressure, Adam asks him about his job, he manages a storage unit complex.


Kevin loves taking people’s tuff and selling it, he brags about his “trail of tears” and Adam shares his feelings about sad scenery and graffiti.

Adam talks about the homeless encampments and the varied apacoltpyic scenes across his city, Adam says storage units are between methadone clinics and check cashing facilities.

Adam is asking Kevin about the stuff they’ve found in the units, he mentions firearms and dildos.


Adam gets him to say “good money gone out the window” and he says he’s been hardened by dealing with the public and Drew marvels at it.

Adam doesn’t think it’s all the public, it’s the depressing subset of the populace, like working in a welfare office.

Adam is sharing why he doesn’t need to see a journalist beheaded and connects that to why he doesn’t need to experience this, Adam is talking about the free dinner program being expanded in schools.


Adam shares his “who is going to feed them on the weekends?” conversation he had with Olga, who had earbuds in at the time most likely.

Adam says his utopia is parents feeding their kids, Adam quotes Dennis Prager and his “If they’d only preach what they practice” and they move on.


2nd Caller Greg, he talks about losing a friend to cancer and recovering from living on the streets himself, he wants to know about giving back and giving people 2nd chances.

Adam has a great sloppy joe vs. chicken breast analogy as he explains how people avoid charity and kind acts, he says not only does it feel good but you actually have a better and richer life.

Drew talks about being of service and the way it can sustain people who are dealing with other disappointments.


Adam is using Jimmy Kimmel as an example as the most charitable guy in the business and how that’s only translated into a large army of friends associated with extreme loyalty.

Greg says one of the biggest supporters and friends he had was Uncle Frank, he says that his daughter is his mentor and quotes the Late Great Uncle Frank from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Drew is sharing how much he loved the guy and Adam agrees he was very genuine.


They talk about his death, Adam knew it was about 5yrs ago and Greg clarifies the backstory about his friend who dies with cancer.

Adam is sharing how he was on the sideline today while his son was playing football and a woman came up to thank him for hosting her sister’s very first charity event, she tried to jog his memory and he explains he doesn’t keep track of anything.

Adam says he doesn’t recall the exact details and there is not that much to these events, it’s fine.


Drew thanks Adam for hosting some of the Police events and says he’s gotten out of a few speeding tickets because of it.

Adam is bringing up the Tom Angel case and the forwarded email, Adam is making a point about fake outrage and reacting in kind to a different event, it’s not the same as Tom writing an email, he just forwarded something.

Adam asks Drew what’s he doing and he says he’s doodling. Adam is bringing up the Guy Aoki “Ching Chong” controversy from the KLSX morning show and he brings up Lynette getting upset about the Dixie Chicks prank and story and Adam says he was actively telling her to hit the bricks with her hot 27yr old pussy, wow!


Drew says Adam didn’t flinch and there was not one single assailable moment and Adam riffs about a flinch fuck.

Adam calls Guy a fuckstick and describes what happened on the radio show.

Adam is now back to the Tom Angel case and asks a logical question about joking in the workplace and having to pretend to be sorry for things you’re not sorry for.


Gary is on mic clarifying what went down and Adam says this is karma for shaking down the taxpayers of Burbank.

Adam says the pundits are all saying what he did wasn’t really wrong, he just should have known better.

Adam is not into roasting someone for “he should have known better” and he makes a point about people going on witch hunts for actual acts vs. today when it’s about thought crimes or inaction.


3rd Caller Dan, he’s talking about looking for an engagement ring and his fiancé is telling him to not spend a lot, the gals at work are telling him different and to go big.

Adam jokes about the new generation of broke narcissist lazy guys getting engaged who don’t by pricey rings because they suck.

Adam talks about the high crime rate in San Francisco and Dan tells them about witnessing a smash and grab in the bay area today.


Gary has the car theft stats for SFO and Adam now walks them through the opposite of homeless and then contrasts what it’s like to be a large population of mostly males who wander the streets trying to find a way to get high, eat and do whatever with no gainful employment.

Adam talks about San Francisco being a sanctuary city for homeless and illegal immigrants, hence the high crime rate.

Drew takes it back to the jewelry and says he got his wife a clear gem, Adam is trying to drop a “hope diamond” joke that Drew steps on, funny though.


Adam is talking about his used Dooley truck and the idea it’s the same price as some ring is insanity to most guys.

Adam is talking about how men view jewelry; it doesn’t add to attractiveness.

Adam is talking about the pain vs. cost factor of a ring, did it sting enough, women want sacrifice.


Adam now walks him through an insane story of battling odds and multiple places he had to venture to and through, to really make her happy, holy shit!

Punch yourself in the face, hahahahaha!


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Adam says “um, ah” a lot edition


4th Caller Sam, he has been drinking nonstop for the past 3 years, he is telling them about his daughter’s mom being murdered and another relationship after that where he felt ecstatic.

Adam stops him and gets back to the daughter and her late mother.

Drew asks about how his daughter took it as he dodged the question, Sam says he looks like a bad dude and gets women because of it.


Sam is unsure of what he should do, Drew tells him to go to an AA meeting and put his hand up.

Adam suggest he switch over to his IPA, wow!

Adam tells him to think about his daughter and use her to motivate him to change. Adam is mocking the Huffington Post and their articles disproving the reality of the majority of abuse survivors.


Adam is riffing about various absurd scenarios where things worked out despite unlikely odds and they give out the plugs and wrap up the episode.