Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/02/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 331

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/02/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 331

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 04-26-2016 – Release Date 05-02-2016

Production Number #331 – Rudderless

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Drew comments on this being the first episode of 5 Days Per Week and Drew asks if Adam is going to punch him, they talk about Drew saying Thank You to phantom people dropping off his coffee in the studio.

Adam talks about teaching boxing and how the name of the game is breaking habits, he talks about people who would drop their hand while throwing a punch and how it’s almost universal among all people.

Adam asks and then answers what the issue is, those who listen and apply and those who seemingly can’t.


Adam talks about the girl who asked him why he was yelling at her after she dropper her hand for the millionth time.

Adam says the people who want to succeed actually come up with a Loverboy headband esque solution.

Drew argues that not all people can learn these things and Adam says there wouldn’t be surgeons and aircraft pilots if this was impossible.


Adam says 92% of people never listen and never get it and they’re destined to a not-great existence on the loser bus.

Adam is now saying a 90yr old can’t pull off a 4.2 40yard run, Adam is now giving an actual version that makes sense of Drew’s point.




1st Caller John, Drew asks him if they’ve spoken before after he says hello and references past conversations.

He is calling about a sense of satisfaction he feels after every project and how it all looks better through rose colored glasses but was reminded e was miserable during most if not all of said projects he now feels satisfied in having completed.

John wants to know if you must always endure misery to feel satisfaction in a profession, Adam talks about doing what makes you happy and he comments on selling out The Moore Theatre with a live podcast taping.


Adam explains why this was so much different than his standup shows, Adam says you’re not supposed to have that level of satisfaction in your 20’s and Gary plays them the crowd reaction form the opening of the live show at The Moore in Seattle.

Adam explains why that theater means so much to him and he cites the ‘Even Flow’ video from Pearl Jam and he shares why he’s proud they built this live podcast format and created a job.


Drew is doing a Sideline Live Read


Adam is quoting a conversation with his wife form yesterday about the bottling of the new ‘Endless Rant’ IPA by Carolla Drinks.

Adam explains the satisfaction she felt about seeing it finally completed, rolling down the assembly line.

Adam tells you to relish that feeling and remember it, Drew says bottle it, nice!


Adam is sharing how people wouldn’t necessarily flourish if a sack filled with 50k was dropped off at everyone’s home.

Adam says none of life works that way, the money we waste doesn’t do anything, passing on wisdom and knowledge that has an effect.

Adam is asking about Drew’s parents and wants to know if he was left money and if it made a difference in his life, Adam mocks the people who got 65k and Drew says even 500k won’t help that much, well…


2nd Caller Andrew, he’s a long haul trucker and he’s currently at a distribution center and Adam jokes about the chick’s panties melting away at the bar when they learn about his profession.


Andrew says he blows his money and can’t take the next step into maturity, he says he can’t pay bills on time and doesn’t know how to get a credit card.

Drew is asking if he understands the difference between a debit card and a credit card, he’s not being condescending and Drew talks about brain limitations and predicts that Andrew’s car is a mess.

Andrew reveals he lives in truck and keeps it fairly clean, he says his dad is an airline pilot and Adam asks about his family, did they use credit cards in front of him, Andrew doesn’t grasp it and needs the question again.


Drew asks about drugs and head injuries, Adam jokes about this being like when his dentist asked him if he dipped, not since then has there been such an insulting line of questioning.

Adam is telling Andrew that Drew is trying to hint that he’s a dim bulb and Adam tells him that’s ok, being ah rad worker is more important.

Adam talks about his secured credit card that he used to buy a mountain bike, Adam says the first piece of knowledge you need is that you don’t really have any knowledge.


Adam is now sharing the Isuzu Trooper coffee mug example of how he overcame his bad habits and Drew lets a Tom Leykis esque laugh slip, nice.

Adam is sharing how he overcame his own internal debate about moving the mug.

Drew talks about the need to force himself to do things as a younger person and how he no longer has to do that, he can just do stuff, no forcing or internal debate needed.


Adam brings up his buddy Ray and his default setting to lash out when confronted about personal failings, ala “You’re Late” and “I’ve seen you be late before” reply.

Adam is talking about his studio and says you could even view it as him having the luxury of being late as it’s his studio.

Drew jokes about pine boxes and Adam reveals he spent 13k on Lynette’s father’s coffin, funny Jewish plain coffin comedy.


3rd Caller Ian, he’s calling about his situation, he got discharged from the Navy due to his anxiety and depression, now that he’s out he has no idea what to do with his life.

Adam is telling him he’s 20 and can do anything he wants by 30, if he really wants to.

Adam is telling people to treat their 20’s like boot camp and set the table for your later life by being ready to pursue an actual career.


Adam asks if he has a compass in his life, his dad who literally has a good compass as Adam puts it, a 22yr Navy veteran.

Adam says Drew never experienced not having a rudder in life, being rudderless.

Drew insists he quit school and went back to California and it was horrific, he was wasting his time in tights pursuing theater, he says he felt rudderless regardless of what Adam says or the peanut gallery snickers about.


The guys in the both are laughing at Drew and Adam references the TV series ‘Renegade’ and mentions the badlands while mocking Drew.

Adam says we should not mistake the things that seem fun and cool with the things we can actually do, don’t mistake the NBA dunk competition with your vertical leap.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read


Adam is sharing the story of the argument he had with his buddy John and his mother, regarding John going back to Junior College to become a physician, Adam told him it was a waste of time and suggested he get a realistic job.

Adam quotes his mother from this early 90’s conversation.

Adam says his buddy Jon went in to Nursing and did pretty well for himself, a much more realistic and better path for him.


4th Caller Matt, he’s not on the line, he wanted to know about the genetic predisposition for addiction, Drew reads the question and gives some stats.

Adam asks about the genes and if it can jump generations, Drew brings up the stories he does and doesn’t hear regarding people who are dry drunks or never tried the stuff.

Adam and Drew are talking about the dangers of prescription drugs and Drew cites the drama surrounding vaccines and Adam talks about these pills getting grip on everyone, even people never addicted to another substance with no history of addiction.


Adam says it feels like they can take housewives and makes criminals out of them, prescription opiates that is.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam plugs the live shows and Drew says he will probably be in Europe this summer anyway and can guest on the shows if Adam wants it.