Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/29/2013 – Alonzo Bodden Live from the M15 Concert Bar in Corona

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Guest – Alonzo Bodden Live from the M15 Concert Bar in Corona

Recorded 04-28-2013 – Release Date 04-29-2013

Production Number #1066

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Adam is opening the show to an enthusiastic crowd with Alonzo making his 8th appearance on the podcast, and BB has an excellent “Top Drop” featuring Alison.

Adam is now sharing his experience in Merced CA, he’s explaining the various tells that you’re in a bad town, he’s going off on the gas station experience and how it’s a tell of what kind of town you’re in.

Adam is riffing on the “Shark Cage” and busting out his hilarious middle eastern accent, Alison has a question about the “100 cigarette” style and why it exists, Adam is riffing on the abundance of flavors and varieties of different things in reply.


Adam is back to his trip to Merced with Mike, he’s describing a white minivan and declaring that all minivans are sad and Alonzo has a great one liner of what a minivan purchase says about you.

Adam has a killer one liner that tops Alonzo’s and he’s now riffing on beat up minivans and making a sad comparison.

Adam is describing the scene from the gas station parking lot featuring a heavy set woman of color and the white trash family in the beat up minivan and their hilarious reply to the woman’s request for spare change.


Adam’s on a killer “in stride” riff and is relaying his bit he came up with after witnessing the request for spare change and Alonzo is describing a different possible scenario.

Alison is describing the time she flew to DC when all the “Promise Keepers” were heading to town for their march in order to exemplify her distaste for strangers offering homemade food.

Adam is taking it back to Loveline and sharing his theory on Cookies and Jerky and Alison has a great question about why Adam wasn’t asked for any money and Adam has a topper reply about waiting for the other piece of hilarious footwear to drop.


They’re now on the topic of “white guilt” and Adam is sharing an anecdote about how there needs to be an agreement about giving homeless people money among friends.

Adam is now riffing about sharing beverages and food items and how Jerky is the one item that everyone shares without concern and has a hilarious “Jerky Tongs” idea.

Adam has a funny reply about what would happen with Steak if people tried to share it, Bryan GET THAT DROP!

Adam just invented “jerky condoms” and just left another great potential drop, BB get on it!


Adam is now describing his efforts to clean up the jerky dust that was found in his passenger seat and how he chose to eat the “jerky children”.

Adam is now explaining fomites to the gang and audience while comparing Jerky to a crouton.


Adam is now telling the gang about the time he stole the pork chop from the fiancé of his former newsgirl Teresa Strasser, hilarious story!

Adam is describing the scene from his kitchen the next day and how Lynette accidentally ate Daniel’s pork chop and the probable scene from the car with T and Daniel that night on the drive home, gold!

Adam has a closing tag about the intimacy level of eating another person’s pork chop and BB has a killer reply.


Alison is now bringing up the topic of what items are ok to eat off another person’s discarded room service tray, Adam is secretly envious of the room service people because his lack of self-esteem won’t allow him to order it.

Alonzo is weighing in and Adam is now riffing on the hotels that are constantly being cleaned yet still have trays of half eaten food lining the hallways, great Raccoon one liner!

They’re further riffing on hotels, Adam has a great observation about coffee and its sliding price scale, and he’s adding porn to the mix too.


Q & Ace

1st question from Kevin, he wants to know if he should slow down or turn up the volume of his radio to stop his girlfriend from complaining about his driving style.

Adam is telling the gang how he went to bed at 530am last night/this morning while his kids and his wife went to a YMCA basketball camp without him during the day.

Adam has a funny jerky callback and is explaining the move Lynette pulled swapping car seats that made him very happy.


Adam is explaining the ultimate flattery he gets while driving and he’s citing the passenger trying to slam on the imaginary breaks, his dad is the prime example and Alison is confirming Adam’s driving technique.

Alonzo has a great question for Alison about getting into the cars of strange men and what it’s like for a woman, Adam has a hilarious movie plot riff.

Alison has a question about Adam driving with a ceramic coffee mug and the full meeting/orchestra he was conducting while driving as Alison was his mug-nurse assisting him with his metaphorical surgery.

Alison wants to know where his mug went when he was done and Adam is explaining how he likes to drink things out of the proper container and he’s citing all the examples of things he doesn’t like.


2nd question from Brian, he wants to know about “freebies/hall passes/Sexception lists” and he’s telling Adam that he’s his wife’s freebie.

The audience seems to love it and Alison has a killer one liner that Adam matches then Alison tops again, gold!

Adam hasn’t yet got into why she would be disappointed(his usual reply/move) and has a great “blowbie” reply, he’s now explaining what he thinks will happen if the dude watches from the corner of the room.


Adam is asking who else is on the list, BB has a killer Norm drop that everyone misses and Adam has a funny Danny DeVito one liner.

Adam is now riffing on the idea of inflicting pain with is penis and Alison has some comments about riding in the car with Adam and Mike and the Jerky fumes she was covered in.

Alison is now explaining that Mike August doesn’t know when he’s going to sneeze, Adam has a killer “tune out” riff about him.


Adam is using the name calling at a party setting to further elaborate on the tune out factor.

Adam is now describing the types of sneezes while describing his mom’s yelling variant, I guess all abandoning mothers named Chris sneeze the same way.

Adam is now doing the impression of August and his karate yell of a sneeze, Adam is now taking it to the bedroom and riffing as Mike, wow!

Adam is now riffing about the lack of sneezing in the black community and Alonzo has a great reply.


Adam and Alonzo are now riffing about food allergies in an abstract way, Adam is describing his lunch runs for the Latin guys doing construction and their absence of food allergies.

Alonzo is backing him up with tales of the “roach coach” outside Lockheed when he was working there and Adam is riffing on his days at Always Better Closets.

Adam is now explaining how he ate cactus and the hilarious body language reply he got when he asked where it came from.


Adam is now describing a conversation with his business manager about volunteering for a charity, Adam is asking if anyone else experiences what happens to him where he has these genius moments of insight and predicts things but is met with the most unenthused reactions.

Alison says she sees it happen to Adam all the time and Adam is riffing on “Plumpy Nut” and how he first learned of it and the 60 minutes piece on it.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the news anchor debacle from last week, the guy is going to now get a national interview in response to his screw up.

Adam wants to know when fucking up made you famous and he’s citing celebrities peeing on walls outside of bars being caught by TMZ

Adam is now telling the gang about walking to his car after seeing “Sex and the City 2” with Jimmy Kimmel, Adam knows he’s told the story before and he’s giving a cliff notes version.


Adam has a killer callback to the guy in the audience with the Sexception list, they’re now playing the TMZ clip from outside the Arclight.

They’re now discussing Gwyneth Paltrow and Adam comes up with “GwenPal” and they’re theorizing on why she’s met with such mixed reactions.

Adam is now riffing on the lack of crazy name choices for white people, he’s got hilarious replies and questions and Alonzo is correcting Adam on the black community’s reaction to “Meta World Peace”.


They’re riffing on baby names, Alison has a question if you should say anything about the name if someone tells you they’re considering an offbeat choice.

Adam is now telling them about his friend “Courtland Downs Cox” and he’s citing Dick Butkus and his own son whose name could be the title of a terrible breakfast drink.


Alison is now telling the gang about something she did today, she finally chose a preferred way of saying Route and Niche, Adam is citing his own word usage and how he’s mocked for his pronunciation of pajamas.

Alonzo is now mocking Alison and Adam for having too much free time and has a funny Vase reply.

Adam and Alonzo are breaking down regional word usage and Alison is getting in the mix, Adam is joking about water fountains and mixed race use.


Alison wants to know why there is a shorter water fountain and Adam is telling the gang about holding kids while they drink from fountains, Alison has a killer waterboarding observation and Adam is now working it in.

Adam is telling the gang about the kids falling asleep in the car and how Lynette tries to discourage it as they then get home and are super rambunctious.


2nd story is on Zach Braff raising over 2 million dollars on Kickstarter for his follow up to “Garden State”.

Adam is telling the gang about running into Zach over at Kimmel’s house this past weekend and his girlfriend who is “too much” due to her exceptional beauty and youth.

Adam and Alison are breaking down the reactions they have to seeing couples with large disparity in the looks department.

Alonzo is now riffing on the female district attorneys on Law and Order and Adam is throwing in his own sign that you’re attractive.


Adam is now doing a great proflowers live read where he gives his mom a hilarious score as a mother.


3rd story is on Williams-Sonoma pulling pressure cookers from all of their stores in Massachusetts, Adam is saying that store is too rich for his blood and has spices he can’t even afford.

Adam has a killer wooden spoon one liner that ends with a car antenna alternative and BB has a funny Bed Bath and Beyond comment.

Adam is now riffing as a terrorist reacting to one of his guys buying a crock pot from W.S. and how he would use it for some food many times before repurposing it as a weapon.


Alison has a question about who actually buys these and Adam has a killer wedding registry joke.

Adam now wants to construct a list of items you only get as a wedding gift but never buy, Alonzo and BB have some items to add to the list and Alison is busting BB’s balls about his Panini press.

Alonzo and Adam wrap the news with a basket of cash registry item and Adam is doing a live read, giving some plugs and wrapping the show with an excellent variant of the Porcelain Punisher’s “Bewm”.