Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/26/2013 – Plain White T’s

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Guest – Plain White T’s

Recorded 04-25-2013 – Release Date 04-26-2013

Production Number #1065

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Adam is opening the show to “Macaroni and Cheese” today’s “Top Drop” and Adam is expressing his love for “Hey There Delilah” and he’s chastising BB for not having it queued up.

Adam is explaining how he likes poppy hits and songs about chicks, Adam and Alison are now discussing their lack of exposure to “new” music.


Adam is telling the gang about the visit he had with his mom and stepdad earlier in the day, he’s telling them how they’re not intimate people so instead talk about other things.

Adam is explaining how his mom was trying to tell him about a new breakfast spot they found and Adam was already tuning her out 1min into the description and is lamenting her muffin topic while making a great point about mortality.

Alison is making a great point about what it sounds like everyone besides Adam is trying to avoid and Adam has a killer muffin based one liner.


Adam is explaining how he’s now going to make it 1 year from the NTBM release date without his mom obtaining a copy, partly due to her limited interest and partly due to his expert juggling of half-truths.

Adam is now sharing his theory on life and motivation in reply to Alison, he’s citing homeless guys with 200$ a day coke habits and Alison has a great “Jurassic Park” style reply.

Adam is closing up the explanation with more insight and commentary from Alison, he’s elaborating on his mom’s lack of “seeking” ability when it comes to his books.


Adam is giving an update on their old neighbors, they moved out and moved up north, Adam’s mom is insisting in staying in touch with the neighbors and Adam is delivering an update on the kids from that family, whoa!

Adam has a key “mom/wife” mix up while trying to explain the neighbor’s children’s prison stints with a funny Sonny and Natalia reference.

Adam is explaining his mom likes to keep tabs on “lots of life’s misfits” and how someone she knows is featured in an episode of “Hoarders”.


Adam is telling the gang about trying to reply to his mom about the Long Beach Celebrity Grand Prix and her having him stifle it so his stepdad could hear about it when he returned from the bathroom.

Adam is telling the gang about how in place of a VIP trip to the races John (Adam’s stepdad) wants a tour of Jay Leno’s garage.

Alison is having some normal human replies and follow up questions for Adam, Adam is explaining his dilemma of “sending the right message” and Alison has an even more thoughtful question in reply.


Alison and BB are weighing in with very thoughtful replies, BB is trying to make excuses and Alison has a key point invalidating his argument.

Adam is now explaining how it seems like his stepdad has a complex relationship with the automobile and Adam is elaborating on his feelings and thoughts about people digging their own graves interpersonally.

Adam is doing a very funny live read working in the details from his lunch date with his mom and stepdad, he’s citing his mom’s nature and inability to appreciate achievement.

Adam is explaining how she obtained that nature from her mom in reply to Alison, he’s citing the “Feast of San Genarro” story from his family’s dinner table from about 8yrs ago.


BB has a key Kevin Nealon mention as it pertains to the wine spill incident at his Malibu home and Adam is now asking for the 1min speech Kevin gave to save an elephant.

BB is now playing the clip as Adam and Alison are reacting and Adam is peppering in some live commentary.


Adam’s Favorited Tweets

1st pick a gang leader who has fathered 5 kids with 4 different Baltimore prison guards since 2009.

Adam is breaking down the logic of this even happening and has some questions about the women being allowed to work men’s prison blocks.

Adam is reading the details of the story and going off on how we can all agree fathering kids from the joint is a not a good plan for society and is calling for more judging.

Alison has a great point about how much these 4 women must hate each other despite their very similar shortcomings.


2nd pick is a picture of a listener’s 1973 Cadillac sedan with bright “fasten seatbelt signs” and Adam is asking for the electronic traffic signs to maybe incorporate some other societal instructions.

Adam is listing all the other possible sets of instructions for the light up traffic signs.


3rd pick is about the 2nd Boston bombing suspect, Alison is stepping in to be realistic about his appearance and the role it will play in women proposing to him.

Adam has a great easy on the eyes, not on the thighs quip citing the ball bearings in his explosive backpack.


4th pick is on a movie about “De La Salle” being shot in Louisiana as opposed to the bay area, Adam is using his perfect logic bipartisan argument about people filming in other states and how it’s indicative of other industries being forced out of California too.

Adam is doing a “Hulu Plus” live read and they’re all enjoying the porcelain punishers “Bewm” drop.

Adam is now sharing some anecdotes about Natalia and her incredible balance and her reluctance to demonstrate it for her grandparents. Adam is explaining how kids act as if they are on a Mexican soap opera when proclaiming they’re tired.


The Plain White T’s are joining the show for their debut visit, Adam is having them play “Should’ve gone to bed” from the new album.

They’re back from 2nd break and Adam is explaining the last time he saw the guys was at “Daryl Hall’s” house on a VH1 program, Adam has a hilarious explanation about what happens on the show.

The guys are now explaining how it all went down and how they got booked to appear on the show.


The guys are now explaining the origin of the band and how they all came together, Adam has some thoughts on people who bail on various bands.

Adam is calling it a calculated risk and comparing it to people who bail on their kids, the band is telling Adam that their hit song was recorded and edited before the former members bailed on the band.

Adam is now citing his ex-girlfriend Cynthia who bailed about a year into his KROQ work and right as he was getting signed onto Loveline. (Great Magnet mention she actually comes up for the first time in Classic Loveline Episode #89 which will be released in 13 days).


The band are explaining the origins of their big hit “Hey There Delilah” and Adam has a great observation about people singing along to English/American songs who speak a non English language.

They have a great “Jo Koy” R and L callback and Adam is wishing he could offer his mic to audiences to finish his comedy bits like they do with songs.

Adam is telling the guys how their business is a much smarter move than his, how the audience insists upon the hits when it comes to music but wants nothing fresh and how the comedy audience wants the opposite.

Adam is ordering up some Brose for the boys.


Alison’s News

Alison has a quick mention of “I Know My First Name Is Steven” the TV movie that haunted my childhood, Alison is getting them to acknowledge they know the plot and she’s getting into the details and explaining it was actually set in Merced CA.

Adam is now on a riff about balls rolling in the street being a signifier of children in danger and Mike from the band has a killer one liner that everyone seems to miss except Adam who helps him with a quick assist.



Alison’s top story is on the mother of the two perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing claiming her shitty sons didn’t murder a kid and wound dozens of people.

Adam is calling her response refreshing but also insane, he’s telling the gang that everyone is just a degree of insane in modern day society. Adam wants all future marathon terrorist incidents done at the first mile marker.

Alison is reading the details of the mother’s statement and Adam is riffing on how some mothers will disown their children for being gay but not for mass murder, whoa perfect logic!


Adam’s now on a funny riff about his likely reactions if anyone ever reports one of his kids was responsible for a terrorist act.

Alison wants to know how there is still such confusion about the events and intentions of the perpetrators, Adam wants to know what’s with all the fucked up reporting while citing the details of the boat shootout/showdown.


2nd story is on Justin Bieber back in the news for having possession of a stun gun and Marijuana, Adam is explaining that when you buy a tour bus it comes with marijuana already inside.

Adam is further riffing on the idea of traveling on the tour bus and how it caters to people who like to get high, the band are confirming his suspicions with a John Tesh mention/analogy as a counterpoint.

Adam is telling Alison about the time he spent sleeping on a tour bus and his hilarious yet still ill-conceived bit “Boys Gone Wild” and the mud wrestling match with the juggies.


Adam is explaining that one of the guys on staff kept yelling “wheels up 4am” and wanted to go to Pahrump Nevada to spend time with whores.

One of the guys in the band has a theory on why the bit didn’t fly and Alison has a funny question and one liner follow up, she’s now explaining why she feels nervous about the idea of sleeping on a tour bus.

Adam is asking the band if sleeping on the bus then becomes the norm and the only place you can sleep, Adam is explaining the unique nature of a diesel engine when it comes to lulling you to sleep.


Adam is now sharing a theory about the scariest/most questionable guys being involved in ground transportation and Alison agrees along with the band.

The band are now sharing a story from another band about their breaks going out while driving down from the rocky mountains, complete with crying bus driver telling them to say goodbye to their loved ones.

This story is reminiscent of the story told by “Alien Ant Farm” in 2006 on the KLSX ACS about their own horrific bus crash in South America while they were in studio for one of that show’s very rare live musical performances similar to this one.

BB has some actual information about car/truck runoffs on the side of roadways.


3rd story is on the closing of the Gibson/Universal amphitheater.

Alison is announcing what will be taking its place “The Wizardly World of Harry Potter” and Adam has a quick anecdote about Ray trying to sneak into the amphitheater back in the day.

Adam is now sharing the KROQ “Weenie Roast” incident involving the “Fugees” as discussed on the one on one episode with Wyclef Jean.

Adam is now telling the guys about the “Green Day vs. Third Eye Blind” backstage/onstage drama from the Weenie Roast in 1998.


Adam is now telling them about the time Stephen of “Third Eye Blind” was lamenting getting caught cheating on Charlize Theron after taping an episode of Loveline.

Adam is doing a live read with Dawson chiming in with the “Legal Zoom” fine print.

Gary is now reading the full details of the “Green Day vs. Third Eye Blind” incident from the KROQ Weenie Roast, Alison is reading some quotes and they’re trying to make sense of what happened.

You can hear the details from the day’s events from a fresh from the concert Adam Carolla on June 21st 1998’s Loveline episode and the post show Charlize lamentation was from the year 2000 Third Eye blind Loveline, not the 1998 appearance.


One of the band members just revealed he’s a huge Carolla fan and Adam is doing another live read for Stamps.com

The band are now playing their song “The Giving Tree” live in studio for the Aceman!

Adam is singing their praises and declaring them 2 for 2 and has some closing plugs as he wraps the show.