Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/25/2013 – Jo Koy, Live from Amalfi

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Guest – Jo Koy, Live from Amalfi

Recorded 04-24-2013 – Release Date 04-25-2013

Production Number #1064

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Adam is opening the show live from Amalfi with Jo Koy making his ACS debut, BB has a choice “Bewm/Boom” as today’s “Top Drop” aka drop of the day.

Adam is now segueing into the scene he witnessed in the men’s room, he’ going off on makeshift ass gaskets and BB has some insight as well as he overheard the preparation process.

Adam is going off on the “Assata” that was constructed by the audience member and he’s trying to get him to reveal himself now.

BB, Alison and Jo all have some decent comments and are in the mix.


Adam is asking Jo about his ethnicity and background, Jo’s telling him that his father was dating instead of fighting for this country and he’s revealing his actual last name.

Adam is touching on his Manny P. comments a few years back that lead to an insane reaction and he’s sharing Jon Stewart’s advice to him about it.

Adam is now stating you only want to mock countries that have “busy dance cards” and he’s sharing his theory on JR. College while giving Pilipino nursing students a pass.


Adam is going off on the experience of being a nurse, he has a great quote about having to move people around when you’re not engaged in having sex with them.

Adam is now in character as a nurse talking to his dad and Alison has a killer reply about it being like moving a TV along with the cable box connected to it.

Adam is using his days teaching traffic school to make a larger point about perception and attitude while citing the angry “students” in his class.


Adam and Jo are now riffing on meter maids and Jo is busting out his “Meter maid Ninja” character while Adam comes up with a “Throwing Ticket” which Alison seems to appreciate.

BB is laying in the requisite pan flute while Adam and Jo further riff on this, Adam is in character as the citizen getting a ticket from Jo.

They’re further riffing, Adam has a great mocking impression of Jo’s character and they’re making up the weapons used by said meter maid ninja.


Adam is now riffing on the chalk marks and extensions for said marking, hilarious quotes and riffing about chalk, Adam invents a Japanese ritual suicide inspired by chalk use.

Adam and Jo are now riffing about guys marking up crime scenes in a rain storm and BB has a great contribution from the wings as a 3rd crime scene worker.

Adam is now polling the audience on chalk use in crime scenes and someone actually does have an answer about the visual effect element that now plays a role in crime scenes and evidence recovery.


Adam is now riffing on road flares and how surprising it is they’re still used in modern day society.

Jo is jumping in and Adam is arguing for the increase use of reflectors and Alison has a great iPhone suggestion.

Adam is now riffing on the absence of top hats in modern society, he’s blaming the automobile for that hat’s downfall and Jo is breaking out his “Jewish voice” while Adam riffs about Yarmulkes and top hats.

Adam is bringing up the discrimination of only using white rabbits for magic tricks and has a funny riff on black rabbits sounding like an adult novelty device.


Adam is now going off on “Crane Flies” and how they might break up his marriage, he’s now quoting himself giving insane/excited instructions to Lynette while she’s trying to bring in groceries from the front porch.

Adam is going super in depth on the gingerly way people search for insects while citing the crane flies lumbering past his TV in the middle of him watching late night Sportscenter.

Adam is going further in depth on the Crane fly, he’s describing them as Jehovah’s Witness like and promoting the watchtower from the POV of a Crane Fly.


Adam is now going off in regards to the daytime activities of “Drunken Hobo Vampires” aka Crane Flies, Adam and Jo are delivering funny one liners from the POV of the Crane Fly interrupting Adam’s Sportscenter.

Adam is now describing his theory on how he should kill them during the day like Van Helsing would kill a vampire and he’s now expressing remorse and sympathy about attempting it because of their relaxed daytime activities/exoskeleton language.

Adam is now going off on all nocturnal creatures, he demands to know why we need creatures of the night while referencing his frequent nighttime spider cameos on the ceiling above his bed.


Alison is about to get to something but Jo steps on her again to riff about spider webs, Adam is jumping in and officially declaring he’s had it with spiders and Alison has a killer one liner.

Adam is now riffing off that concept and calling his jizz “Ensure”, Alison’s reaction and reply is pretty great.

Adam is now riffing on the most ominous spider web that can possibly befall you, Alison has a great Urban Legend one liner and Adam’s out loud thinking process is hilarious!


Adam is telling the gang about having a bee in his car too, Jo also has had that experience and Adam is now citing the bugs that can hang onto your windshield at high speeds.

Adam is explaining how he discovered that the glossy coat was keeping spiders from his walls and Alison’s brilliant idea about developing a system to encourage spiders to avoid his ceiling.


Jo’s son is in the audience and Adam wants to know how he was able to seek out a multiethnic woman to have a child with and Jo is riffing from his sons POV.

They’re still riffing on Jo’s son and his afro, Adam is now riffing about Sonny’s haircuts and suggesting they “remove pussy from the equation” for children’s haircuts and style.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on her puppy who has an eye infection, she’s explaining the process to see the vet after Adam riffs about this being code for her gynecologist appointment.

Adam is now elaborating on her point about being forced to wait despite having an appointment, he’s using the restaurant reservation process to make his point.

Jo is busting out the meter maid voice to help Adam flesh out his improv/reenactment, this one is going long!

Alison is now jumping in to share the explanation about her dog’s air humping and Adam is telling the gang about his “rape is an act of violence” riff and how Dr. Drew loses his shit in response every time.


Before getting to the actual top story Jo is diverting the show again to ask if anyone in the audience is aware of his previous ACS work during the KLSC morning show as “Kobayashi” which was a recurring bit that ran for almost the length of the show.

Jo is now in character as “Kobayashi” and he’s doing an improv with Adam, sadly no mention of Joey Chestnut yet.

Spoke to soon, wow, this is a trip down ACS memory lane, Jo has a funny observation about squinting during his impression and Adam is saying he’ll get “no quarrel form this bigot”


Alison’s top story is on the Obama’s plan for tattoos if their daughters attempt to get them at some point, Adam is now riffing on the tattoo clientele changing over the last century.

Adam and Jo are now riffing again, Jo is in character as an upset black guy trying to get a tattoo from Adam.

Alison has an interesting question about the tattoo industry and Adam is describing the incredible boom in popularity.


Adam is riffing on the idea of women doing stuff for them to feel sexy, Alison jumps in with a great assist and Adam is describing what would have to be done to any underwear that spends any time up in his ass.

Jo is now stepping on Alison again to describe women trying on underwear at Victoria’s Secret and Adam is riffing on the “cooze coaster”, Jo just brought this back to the “ass gasket” riff from earlier.

Adam is now riffing on the weirdo’s going through the dumpster outside the Victoria’s Secret.


Adam is now telling Jo about his comedy vehicle for Rob Schneider, the “Pinky cheeks” idea.

Adam is walking Jo through the premise and Jo is now in character as Rob posing as a woman, Adam is in character as Melissa McCarthy trying to get a bikini wax.

Alison wants to know how he’s going to botch the waxing and Adam has a killer reply.


2nd story is on Doctors warning teens not to attempt the “Cinnamon Challenge”, she’s describing the stunt and the possible dangers.

Adam is walking them though the “stick of butter” stunt as attempted on the man show, the 2nd time this has been brought up in 2 weeks.

Adam is asking why “cold is a luxury” and he’s citing the hot towel in 1st class contrasting the cold silver wear.

Adam and Jo are now back in character at the restaurant, Adam is killing it and Jo is doing a Yeoman’s job.


Jo is now joining Adam in character as his Ninja meter maid/maître d’ for a Hulu Plus live read, Adam is dishing out some plugs and wrapping the show.