Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/23/2013 – Chris D’Elia

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Chris D’Elia

Recorded 04-22-2013 – Release Date 04-23-2013

Production Number #1062

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Adam is opening the show to a classic drop from BB by listener request, Adam is now telling fans to feel free to tweet in suggestions and they will play them based off popular demand.

Adam has a story from taping O’Reilly earlier in the day and the bizarre interaction he had due to his “non-reptilian” style of thinking unlike who he was interacting with.

Alison has some appropriate reactions and follow up questions, she seems very engaged! Adam has a funny call back to his shorts and suit jacket incident.


Adam is now calling back the confusion over the misinformation regarding the events that brought down the two Boston suspects and he’s explaining the further misinformation that extended to this same O’Reilly visit.

Adam is walking the gang though his possible Gaslighting, good stuff! Adam is explaining the lengths he had to go to in order to obtain the facts before his appearance and BB has some nice replies and contributions.

Adam is clarifying that nobody is stupid nor were they trying to steer him the wrong way.


Adam is now telling the gang about a long referenced hypothetical “Two Mommies/Daddies” question he got from Sonny while en route to their father and son nature hike with Molly.

Adam is making some really interesting points about how children obtain information despite attempts to shield them, Adam’s explaining how he explained it to Sonny with an amazing hypothetical scenario with Mike August.

Adam has a funny one liner about the founding fathers that shouldn’t be missed and Alison has a key observation and question about Adam using Mike in the example and Adam has two perfect replies.


Adam is finally settling the debate and comedy in regards to his son’s preference, what a really cool way of describing the story and interacting with his son and BB has an excellent observation about laughter equating approval.

Adam is explaining the other “L.A. Moment” when he ran into a “Pound Save!” style woman who claimed to not know the breed of dog she had who she was fostering for a rescue.

Adam and Sonny had another encounter with nature, a rattle snake and a giant dead rat with a great “in-snake” POV riff from Ace and a funny story capper from Molly who tried to sink Adam’s shoe battleship.


Blah Blah Blog

1st blog choices are: Eric Idle, Russel Brand and Victoria Beckham

Adam is riffing about why he doesn’t care for Posh, he’s going super “feminist” and Alison has some hilarious praise, Adam is bringing Fergie into the mix to extrapolate his point and Alison has a great one liner.

Adam has a callback to “Women Aren’t Funny” and the “Oh Yeah!?” attitude and how it reeks of overcompensation. Adam is now doing live commentary over “I am Woman” and sharing a great fictional anecdote about his mom and her “jetpack of personal inertia”.

Adam is now riffing on the session musicians trying to get laid during the recording session despite the thematic content and lyrics of the song. BB is adding some Chris Carolla drops to the song as it wraps up.


Adam is doing an extended live read for “Lumosity”, he’s working video games and his own aging into the mix and BB seems to be genuinely interested. Alison has a funny comment about measuring and comparing the brains among the staff, Adam’s reaction seems to imply it won’t happen.

Very cool live read!


2nd blog choices are: Jim Carrey, Rain Wilson and LL Cool J

The wording of the blog has a great “Tracy Metro” callback and Adam has an opening riff about the notion of contacting your local representative, BB agrees and calls it “wildly naïve”.

Adam is now weighing the possible choices and Dawson is reading the blog for a 2nd time to clarify.


3rd blog choices are: Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew

Adam has some funny initial observations about people blogging this stuff for free and Adam is now going off on Drew’s reaction to his son being sick.

Adam is now going off on diminished capacity worker still demanding/expecting full pay and he’s back into the story of Drew and his sick son along with his prediction on the diagnosis.


4th blog choices are: Alec Baldwin, Heidi Klum and Chris Noth

Adam is riffing about America being expected to supply materials, charity and solutions for the problems of the world in reply to the tone of the blog.

Adam is now going off on Heidi Klum and her lifetime earnings, with a quick poll of the gang.

Alison has a great insight into where this trend in celebrity blogging originates.


5th bloc choices are: Bill Maher, Russell Simmons and Norman Lear

Adam is recounting why Russell Simmons bugs him due to his hypocritical spirituality, with some funny comments about his ex-wife and some nice commentary from Alison.

Adam is now reading the behind the scenes details of Russell’s marriage to his ex-wife and the square footage of his giant house.

Adam has a hilarious reaction to the results on this one and calls back the 2nd blog


6th blog choices are: Wolf Blitzer or James Lipton

Adam and Alison are squaring off for the Champion round.


Chris is now making his return to the ACS, Dawson has a great “Definitely not a Jew” intro to boot!

Adam has some plugs for Chris and kind words for Bryan Callen and Will Sasso, Adam is telling Chris what services he would like to hire Will for.

Alison is now clarifying what Adam is actually trying to setup with Will, Alison is making this riff even funnier.


Adam is asking Chris for an update on “Whitney” and Chris is going super in depth and explaining the other potential pilot he’s been cast in on the same network.

Adam is sharing his own pilot experiences with Chris and the NBC “Top Gear/Knight Rider” incident that cost Adam another series.

Chris is telling the gang about his new pilot for the network that will be airing with Chris if it’s picked up and Whitney isn’t, or vice versa.


Adam is now riffing with Chris about the “dialogue coach” on set for a sitcom and Adam is going in depth on his boy “Ringy” who worked on one of his pilots.

Adam has a callback to his night alone with the kiddies and Olga watching “Wall-E” and his inquiry about the lyrics to “la cucaracha”.

Adam is telling Chris about the casting process for this NBC sitcom, he’s going in depth on the role that was filled by “Hurley’s mom on Lost” instead of the actress Adam preferred.


Adam is pitching a new documentary based on the premise of tracking down all the classmates of various humorless female comedy executives.

Adam is telling BB he would make the worst studio exec, an unknowing nod to “Red Light, Green Light” the TFV bit.

Adam and Chris are on a hilarious riff about examples of people incorrectly using products in infomercials, great bag of cash and “poured on a cat” one liners.


Adam and Chris are telling Alison about their late night infomercial purchases, Chris bought “The Shark” and Adam fell victim to “The Wonder Mop” in the late 90s.

Adam is riffing about the payment options and the last minute addition of a bonus mop and how it’s not an encouraging sign.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on suspect number #2 being charged in his hospital room, she’s describing the communication he had and an update on his Miranda rights.

Adam is now going off on his potential marriage proposals and Chris says he looks like his cousin, Adam wants the women who propose to prisoners to be monitored so their kids could be removed from an unhealthy home.

Adam is explaining how he doesn’t need the “consecutive” when listing life sentences.


Alison is now reading the statement from the largest terrorist group in Chechnya and has a funny aside about their PR dept.

Chris has a great point asking why they don’t just take credit for all terrible things, Adam is breaking down why they were probably hesitant to claim involvement.

Adam is waxing poetic on the Vaseline on the lenses of society and its perspective on morality to explain the appeal of mass murder.


2nd story is on the DUI arrest of Reese Witherspoon’s husband along with Reese for disorderly conduct.

Adam is explaining how based on the facts she was the drunker of the two “the least drunk one drives” is Adam’s new the more you know PSA.

Adam is explaining how if you ever see his wife driving with him in the car it means he’s aspirating on his own vomit, funny this Superfan only witnessed Lynette being tossed the keys after ShakesBeer in 2009.

Adam is telling the gang about hanging with Superfan Ryan Phillippe and how he shares the similar “my ex-wife” and “she” moments when describing his super famous ex to other famous Superfan Alec Baldwin.


Adam is now doing a one man improv with the Elliot Gould drops from BB, they’re both killing it with an insane “Who’s on first” scenario.

Chris is asking about the drops, Adam has a funny reply about the tone of them and Chris wants to know why he even agreed to do the show.

Chris is having some amazing reactions to the drops and finding out that it was a live podcast, he has some kind words for BB’s speed and Adam is trying to get Chris to jump in and talk to the Elliot drops.


3rd story is on the death of Divinyls Singer Christina Amphlett

Alison is reading the details of her death along with her own personal reaction to the news.

Adam is asking for another song instead of their hit and he’s now riffing on compilation albums and how they used to be great for discovering new music.

Chris is agreeing and explaining how he skips past the iTunes free single in a similar fashion to Adam’s disposal of compilation CDs.

BB is now playing “I’m Jealous” from the Divinyls 1996 release “Underworld” while Adam and Chris further elaborate on the music from the 1990s and Alison jumps in with a question about watching TV via channel surfing.


Adam is explaining how people went from trying to convince him to watch “The Wire” to “Game of Thrones” and some very clear instructions for BB to turn it down only when told, awesome!

This song is great, Adam always picks the gems!

Adam and Chris are now riffing on the chambered questions and replies about whether or not you watch a show, Adam has a killer “cod” riff and Chris is bringing up internet videos that he refuses to watch.

Adam is mocking Chris and his principles for avoiding links and Chris has a killer one liner that would make a great “T Shirt”.


Adam is now wrapping the show with some drops from BB in response to the plugs for Chris and his tour dates.