Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/22/2013 – Schmoes Know, Summer Movie Preview

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Guest – Schmoes Know, Summer Movie Preview

Recorded 04-21-2013 – Release Date 04-22-2013

Production Number #1061

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Adam is opening the show with a very spirited mandate to get it on and a funny intro from Dawson, even Alison makes note of Adam’s energy.

Adam is teasing the 9th appearance of the Schmoes Know gang and the Summer Movie Preview they’ll be doing, this Superfan would love to hear a Film Vault vs. Schmoes Know crossover ACS sometime.

Adam is telling the gang about his experience at the Long Beach Celebrity Grand Prix and elaborating on the nature of adrenaline, Bald Bryan has a killer Jenna Elfman reply to Adam’s funny one liner.


Alison is asking Adam insightful questions about how he feels before a race, Adam is now walking the gang through his pre-race rituals involving cleaning his windshield and sunglasses.

Adam has some kind words for the Scion’s they raced and is describing the experience of being the center of attention pre-race including the crowds and the Tecate girls.

Adam is quickly recapping the reason why he races as a Pro, he’s getting into the confusion of whether or not he’s the only person to ever win as a celebrity and pro, he’s for sure the only back to back winner but still remains in a grey area.


Adam is telling the gang about the female drag racer who was part of the pro race, he’s going in depth on just how impressive what she does for a living is and the nature of speed, BB tries to help out and Alison has a key question.

Adam has a quick explanation of drag racing for BB and is now going in depth on another one of his pro opponents, a veteran of the “Nitro Circus”.

Adam is explaining some of his world records with a funny aside about Dawson and this very podcast, Adam is getting into the “front wheelie” motorcycle record along with the “big wheel” stunts.


Adam is now working his way into the race, sounds like we’re going to get the annual breakdown of the footage and the outcome, I’m sure there will be a more in depth version later this week on Carcast.

Adam is explaining the opening agreement he tried to make after the pros had their annual “cheating meeting” and how just like in the celebrity race the agreement was immediately broken, Alison has a perfect prediction and BB has a terrific sarcastic reply.

Adam is now doing live commentary over the footage, there is some really funny moments but overall it’s just interesting, Alison and BB are asking questions and seem to be “with it”.

Adam is once again bringing up his “HANS” device and how his car seat mysteriously betrayed him when it came race time, sounds like a saboteur is afoot!


Adam is bringing up his nicest moments after the victory lap with his twins and the next morning his funny conversation with his daughter Natalia regarding his celebrity status and relation to President Obama.

Adam is expressing real emotion and personal truth about what it meant to him as a father. Adam is riffing about the “People” magazine aware and the celebrity winner’s potentially confusing thank you speech.

Adam has a hilarious fictitious magazine sponsor of his own along with some comedy about getting his beak wet and the amount Rutledge won in a single race vs. his 2 year purse total.

Adam is now responding to his name being misspelled despite it being written on his car correctly in over 5 places.


Hooray for Baldywood

Bryan saw “Oblivion” and Adam is explaining why he was amped up for it along with what bumped him about the ad campaign.

BB is drawing some “Book of Eli” comparisons along with “I am Legend” and “Moon”. He’s got some great behind the scenes info and is doing a nice job summing things up.

Adam is riffing about the lack of denim in future science fiction films and Alison just invented “Space Greasers” a future clothing/culture trend along with a possible movie.


Adam is going over his standard riffs about these fucked out future concepts and BB is wrapping up his review.

BB is recommending “Moon” instead but advising it’s a fine “beat the heat” type of summer movie to waste an afternoon at.

Adam is telling the gang about his overall odds and how a fan tweeted him about betting, Alison has a funny Nick Santora callback and Adam is going in depth on how he had to contact the fan back to stop him from making an error.


Mark is now joining the show after a vagina themed voicemail from a listener, Alison has some funny observations and Mark is telling the gang why he’s solo for this visit.

Adam is now riffing on “I’ll see you in hell” and explaining his porthole variant on it and now bringing up “Don’t bullshit a bullshitter”.

Adam is asking Mark about his take on “Oblivion” and helping Mark clear up some baseball analogy confusion.


Adam is now updating the gang on his certified fresh status after a thank you to Mark for his review, if you’re a Rotten Tomatoes critic and a Carolla fan, please add a review.

Adam is asking Mark about Iron Man 3 and has some funny wordplay involving “mowing a lawn”. Adam has a perfect analogy comparing Mexican desserts to the Iron Man franchise.


They’re now talking about “Man of Steel” and Mark has some info about the star and Gina Carano off-screen along with a teaser for Fast 6.

Adam is now riffing on “Superman Returns” and the 3rd act “continent lift”, amazingly in depth and unexpected from the Aceman.

Adam is now just on a general “Superman” riff and getting into his flying powers, he’s doing an in character riff as a woman being transported by “Superman”.

Adam is riffing about the kind of “Darker” version everyone wants to see, complete with a great one liner about how he responds to being cut off in traffic.


Adam is telling the gang about getting stoned with Jeff Ross and trying to convince him to start rocking a cape, not a comedic one, but a serious cape.

Adam and Mark are now riffing about it, Adam has a funny chin related comment and some more details about Jeff’s lady friend trying to contribute to the idea.

Alison has a great observation about cape use and Adam has a bit of wisdom about emulating the behavior of guys you might know who are on any Forbes list.


Adam is now telling the gang about the time he got stoned and convinced Jimmy that he needed a Cadillac added to his late night ABC contract.

Adam is getting into the Snoop Dogg Man Show bit with the Bishop Don Magic Juan and Snoop’s lamentation about the recently cancelled “Snoop Deville”.

Mark is bringing up the MTV “Diary” episode featuring Ol’ Dirty Bastard while Adam is finishing his story.


Elysium is now being explained by Mark and Adam is bringing up the nudist camp that went by the same name that his grandmother used to bring up to make him feel uncomfortable.

Adam is now riffing on the concept of nudist colonies and Alison has a great reaction and Adam has a great Michael Jordon one liner along with a rule about the only things that should be done in the nude.

Adam and Mark are getting into the psychology of the elderly celebrating nudity and Adam is elaborating on his grandma and her “convenient thoughts” regarding gifts and love.


They’re now getting into the latest M. Knight Shyamalan movie and how Adam’s prediction about his name doing more harm than good to a film’s credibility at this point in his career.

Mark is bringing up “Pacific Rim” and Adam has a funny tagline for WonderCon.

Adam is telling Mark about “Pain and Gain”, Adam is saying it’s worth a watch but his head is still swimming and describes it as Michael Bay trying to be Tarantino.


Alison’s News

Her top story is an extensive update on the Boston bombings and suspects.

Alison is going through the details of the final shootout and eventual arrest along with the identity mix ups on twitter regarding the suspects.

Adam is riffing on the “Co-exist” bumper sticker seen in the photo of the vehicle that was carjacked.


Alison has more details about the surviving suspect/perpetrator and Adam has a great comment about what he can expect in prison.

Alison is explaining the extenuating circumstances that prevent him from being read his Miranda rights and Adam is explaining why he’s fine with it, makes sense too!

Adam is now going off on the “Global Misery” caused by Russia and he’s making some great points while calling it “Just a piece of shit”, awesome!

Alison has even more details and Mark is explaining his family’s connection and roots in Watertown Ma.


Adam has some questions about the gunfire exchange between the surviving suspect and the Boston police department.

Gary is now on mic to help clear up some details, Adam is accusing him of being passive aggressive and they’re trying to figure out the details for Adam.

They’re all discussing David Ortiz and his speech that got a pass from the FCC.


Adam is getting more updates on the boat shootout and going in depth on the likely psychology behind the relationship of the two brothers.

Adam is now getting more info and trying to make sense of it, he’s going off on SWAT teams and riffing in character as a member and BB is joining in, this is gold!

Adam is doing a closing live read and getting some updated info about the shootout at the boat under the guidance of the FBI team, they’re riffing on the robot name and Adam has a killer reply to Mark’s comments about the FBI Aquatic force.


Adam is blue in the face from talking and forgets Alison already wrapped the news, he’s doing some plugs and wrapping the show.