Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/20/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 136

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/20/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 136

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 04-15-2014 – Release Date 04-20-2014

Production Number #136 Guest Host – Brad Williams

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Adam is not on Today’s show, Brad Williams is opening things with Dr. Drew reminding him to introduce himself, and they’re saying “coming weeks” for how long guest hosts will be filling in.

Drew is asking about going to the set to record live on location, Drew is once again joking about not being cast in Adam’s new movie and Gary is now on mic judging Drew’s acting ability.

Drew is saying he took acting lessons, now crediting therapy and Gary says it’s 10 more years of media experience between today and his work on “Legit” and his work in “New York Minute” back in 2004.


Drew says he can see it in the eyes of the staff that they’re far more relaxed without Adam present, Brad has an Asian eyes joke and now Brad is telling them about Adam ranting for him and one other person.

Gary is telling them about Adam doing 10min with their pilot at the Burbank airport, Drew is affirming that Adam isn’t performing, he’s complaining.

Drew is now sharing Adam’s old flight routine when they would travel across country.


Drew is now doing a Dollar Shave club live read with Brad Williams helping out.

Adam and Brad are now discussing Patton Oswalt and how smart he is, Brad is sharing the improvised 15min speech Patton performed for a part on “Parks and Recreation” and he’s praising how funny it is.

Patton says he looks at Patton Oswalt like most people view professional athletes, Drew is reaffirming how smart Patton is and Brad is telling them about Patton’s continued playing of D&D via a buddy who’s in the same group.


1st Caller Chad, he’s calling abouthis relationship with his father, he’s trying to find some common ground and develop a relationship before it’s too late.

Brad is now answering as Adam, in advice not tone. Brad is giving his own take and wants to know if they can find any common ground.

Drew is giving practical “side by side” advice, saying he can’t handle face to face interactions and will only bond via this “side by side” bonding.


Adam is making a point about the differences between men and women and now Brad is sharing his father’s experience going through skin cancer treatment.

Brad is telling Chad to give in and go fishing with his dad, he’s got a solid “Air Bud” reference and now Drew is launching into a live read.


2nd Caller Natalie, she’s been taking care of her mother who has schizoaffective disorder, Drew is explaining why people afflicted with it can be difficult to deal with.

Natalie is sharing how tricky it can be to deal with her and is listing some of her behaviors as examples.

Natalie says she’s refuses to accept that she has any brain disorders, Adam is going along with her mother’s refusal to accept reality.


Natalie is trying to get her mother to go on disability instead of working fulltime, she’s now getting upset and Drew wants to know why.

They’re going super in depth with Natalie, Drew says she’s answered her own questions and now he’s sending it to break.


They’re returning from break and Chris is on mic sharing that Adam was once very bummed out about the way Drew refers to the producers as minions and implies they’re in fear of him.

Gary is now on mic and Brad is suggesting marriage counseling, Drew is using the last caller’s paranoia to launch into a live read for Life Lock.

Drew has a rare self-satisfied sniff and a funny internet highway reply, Drew makes note of him still being friends with Adam after 20 years.


Drew is referencing Adam calling him and Jimmy his only friends in a recent article, Brad is sharing how Drew didn’t know who was going to be filling in for Adam, they’re joking about dwarves inspiring joy.

Drew responds to the Rodeo Clowns drop, he’s now explaining the context from the Eric Stonestreet episode of the Adam Carolla show.

Brad and Drew are now joking about the word midget and making the T into a different sound, like people do with target, the French pronunciation as it were.


3rd Caller Rob, he’s not tracking well and Drew stops him to alleviate his nerves, Rob reveals he works for the government, his dog needs a surgery and he wants to propose.

Turns out he’s a mailman and now Drew is asking him about his route in Manchester New Hampshire, he says it kinda sucks but it’s a good job, he’s now trying to change the topics.

Drew accuses him of drinking, he’s nervous because he’s hearing different voices.


Drew is giving some practical advice of how Rob can propose with a fake/temporary ring to be replaced once he can afford it.

Drew is saying not to even mention it to her father when asking for her hand in marriage, now Rob is focusing and obsessing on that since Drew brought it up, wow!

Drew is telling him now to act like he did with them on the phone with her father in person.


Drew is now doing a Bark Box live read, using the caller’s dog topic to transition and Brad can’t help himself from commenting on this one.

Brad is asking Drew about asking his wife’s father for her hand in marriage, he says he assumes he does but can’t remember it.

Gary and Brad are both sharing anecdotes.


Chris is now reading a letter from a 29yr old listener whose girlfriend won’t accept responsibility for her actions and events that happen at her control.

Drew is making a point about personality disorders and how people react to the world around them with blame instead of being able to internalize some of it.

Drew is saying he’s dealt with lots of people that are the product of these types of parents and Brad is sharing a story of a kid who punched him in the head and broke his hand, demanding Brad be suspended for his head’s structural integrity.

Drew is telling them about a patient who created his own religion “Leoism” and Brad along with Chris are now chiming in.


Chris is reading another letter about night terrors in a young daughter, Drew is advising they consult the pediatrician and rule out all possible medical causes.

Drew is sharing some advice about soothing in lieu of waking her up to then put her back to sleep, potentially traumatizing her.

Drew is sharing his bewilderment at people reaching out to the internet instead of visiting a doctor, Drew is saying people can’t be objective about themselves and their family.


Drew and Brad are talking about the attitude of people who come to the doctor like they’re fluent in the same language and have similar knowledge.

Drew is sharing his points about wisdom and listening to experts, he’s mocking “Dr. Smith” his straw man Dr. that people use to make points, he says listen to Caltech and M.I.T.

Brad is now giving out the plugs and wrapping the show.

Drew reveals that Adam Ray, Brad’s cohost will be filling in for 2 episodes of the Adam and Drew show, 137 and 138 it seems.