Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/19/2013 – Trevor Moore and Al Madrigal

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Trevor Moore and Al Madrigal

Recorded 04-18-2013 – Release Date 04-19-2013

Production Number #1060

Show Page

Adam is opening the show with some enthusiasm and BB has some choice drop work. Adam is plugging the upcoming live show at his Malibu home and BB is weighing in as he was at the last one of these charity festivals, ShakesBeer in 2009.

Adam is telling the gang about his trip to the children’s hospital with his fellow long beach grand prix celebrities and the deeper level of comradery that develops among the super competitive crew.

Adam is now sharing a picture of him and a little girl at the hospital that you can find on the show page, Alison is jumping in and they have a funny “tutu” related back and forth.


Adam is explaining how they get a briefing on what to not say to the kids, he’s about to explain the annual “walking of the track” after the children’s hospital visit.

BB jumps in to ask if any of the celebrities have cred with the kids after Adam explains the children are excited to see the celebrities regardless of whether they know who they are.

Adam is now explaining how he was requested to visit with a 15yr old kid who was sequestered in his private room and wanted to speak with the nurse as Adam was leaving.

Adam is now telling the gang about hanging with his fellow racers Michael Trucco and Brett Davern.


Adam is giving an update on the letter from his mom, Alison chimes in to help flesh out his explanation.

Adam is explaining the follow up “I’ll pass” email from his step-dad.

Adam is describing the winner’s ceremony with Sonny from last year as one of the best moments of his life and hopes to recreate it with Natalia this year.

Adam is explaining the race and his role as a “pro” this year as opposed to a celebrity racer and Alison has a nice call back to the episode with Helio and his possible attitude towards Adam’s racing/dancing skills.


Al is now joining the show for his ACS debut, Adam is asking him about the Daily Show hiatus for Jon Stewart and Al is explaining his ranking over there.

Al is now explaining the premise behind the name of his new comedy special and Al is referencing the “Cholo dad” phenomena of Los Angeles that Adam touched on during the Children’s hospital story.

They’re having a great female bodybuilding conversation with some hilarious quotes from Adam.

Adam is wrapping with Al and has a funny one liner about what Alison observes as a possible new medical condition, great under the breath topper from A-Rose before Adam jumps to a live read.


Adam is now sharing a recent traffic encounter that involved several of his classic moves including the “honk through” as pointed out by BB.

Alison and BB are adding to the story and making it funnier, Adam is going super specific and asking what was going through the “reptilian serial killer” mind of the in between car.

Adam is threatening to get that tugboat horn and predicting his possible (Great Magnet forbid) fate in result, Alison has a funny observation about him going out doing what he loved.

Adam is now launching into his “move it along” rant/idea and BB has a brilliant observation about Adam’s finger snaps, Adam is rolling with it and it’s great!


Trevor is now also making his ACS debut and explaining how he became the world’s youngest published cartoonist, Alison is jumping and getting him to elaborate about his parent’s role.

Trevor is explain how his parents came to have the number #2 Christian music single in North America and Adam has a terrific and possibly accurate Sonny Bono/Cher analogy complete with a great closing line that Bryan tops with a killer whisper of a joke, do not miss it!

Adam is now explaining the premise of “Shazam!” and going super in depth on how shitty television was created in the 1970’s, his theories seem to be completely accurate.


Adam is bringing it back to Trevor’s upbringing for some closing tags and jokes about cartooning.

Adam is laying into Charles Schulz and giving him a hard time from 6ft above, BB has a question about an added character to “Happy Days” and they’re riffing about Mork spinning off from the show, but I have a feeling BB was referencing the first “Ted McGinley” transplant in television history.


Alison’s News

Her top story is the latest update on the Boston bombing suspects and she’s having the control room fire up the images of the two suspects.

Alison has a great observation that has led Adam to a great riff about a realistic cop movie and BB is jumping in to do a quick improv of the scene Adam is painting, good stuff!

Adam is now riffing on the name of the first suspect and his comically stereotypical name.

Alison hasn’t officially switched stories and she’s now telling them about the New York Daily news coming under fire for doctoring a photo and she’s explaining the details.


2nd story is on the explosions at the fertilizer plant in Texas, Alison is reading the details and Adam is riffing about the wide range of fertilizer.

Adam is explaining why the Boston story takes the headlines when this is going on, he’s got a larger point about humans and society not being into the math part of tragedies and actual death statistics.


Adam has a live read with a “Bandini Mountain” TV commercial request and riff, Alison is now sharing her experiences as a wedding guest travelling from the east coast to California and the intent to purchase a gift.


3rd story is on the identity of the Ricin mail terrorist, Adam is now riffing on the wide range of Elvis impersonators and how the man really set the impersonators up with a wide variety of different Elvis styles and sizes.

Adam and BB have a funny “fat buddy holly impersonator” riff and Gary is now on mic to confirm that “Bandini Mountain” was an ad campaign and did exist, Adam had some confusion and he’s not making it easy on poor Gary.

Alison is reading the rest of the details about the backstory of this perpetrator and his time spent working at a morgue, Adam is now on a killer riff about morgue employment and refrigerators before wrapping the show.