Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/18/2013 – Greg Fitzsimmons and Helio Castroneves Live from Amalfi

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Guest – Greg Fitzsimmons and Helio Castroneves Live from Amalfi

Recorded 04-17-2013 – Release Date 04-18-2013

Production Number #1059

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Adam is opening the show with Greg Fitzsimmons live on stage from Amalfi, Adam is sharing some anecdotes of his day full of pod/radio tour before tonight’s show.

He’s telling the gang about what I assume was something Producer Gary instantly regretting saying, Adam is now sharing a new adage based off his reply to Gary, gold!

Adam has some audio thanks to Gary from a recent HBO fight, Adam is setting up the clip and now riffing about it with Fitzdog.


Adam is giving some plugs for Greg’s upcoming Boston gigs and Greg has an unusual somber tone, Adam is citing his experience doing the Hugh Hefner roast 10 days after 9/11 and Gilbert Gottfried’s glorious insanity.

Adam is using a hilarious haircut descriptor as an analogy for one of the several “Babydoll” airport phone call stories, Alison has a killer reply using Adam’s own words.

Adam and Greg have a quick tangent about wedding objections and they’re now explaining how the bachelor party has devolved from final fling to “hazing at a homoerotic frat you don’t want to join”.


Adam is sharing the story of hijacking Philip the Juggler’s bachelor party, there are some great exchanges between Adam and Greg.

They’re now just discussing the strip club experience and Adam is working in the guys who worked on the man show who could “finish” during lap dances.

Adam is explaining what strippers should and shouldn’t say while working, he’s referencing Dag’s stabbing victim story from the Classic Loveline era.


Adam and Greg are now doing an improv of the perfect stripper conversation, BB gets chided into adding the “Cherry Pie” music bed, how is that possible!? Adam is the stripper and Greg the customer, this is insanely great!

Adam is wrapping up this Ace Awards 2013 worthy bit and asking for a round of hands for Greg in his role as “straight horny guy”.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote about a security tape of Greg responding to a guy baiting him into a fist fight. Greg is now giving his side of the story and it’s awesome and there is a call back to the episode where Adam offered Greg some Mangria, gold!


Adam has a killer “Punch Up” reply to Greg’s tales of anger management, he’s now getting into the classic “Galleria Mall Chain Flail” story.

Greg has a funny observation about the weapon of choice and the time period it reflects which leads to an even funnier one liner from Ace.

Adam is now riffing about weapon technology throughout the span of time and finishing up the story involving “Snake and the boys”.

They’ve got some follow up commentary on Greg’s therapy and now Adam is working his Chevy Celebrity/Malibu theory into the riff and BB tops it with a killer joke.


Helio is now returning to the podcast for his 2nd visit, he’s got some initial comedy while swapping stools with Fitzdog.

Adam is now asking Helio about the upcoming race, he’s boasting about returning to keep his crown and Helio has some DWTS info.

Adam is bonding over the Celebrity grand prix experience and telling Helio about the races from his perspective and now Helio is telling the gang about modern Indy racing technology and safety.


They’re now discussing the Dan Wheldon tragedy and Adam is sharing the spooky backstory he has with it, he even cites the Great Magnet. Dan was a Classic Loveline vet, appearing in 2003 and 2004.

Adam is wrapping up with Helio and Alison has a killer one liner aimed at Greg and his Prius, wow!


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the first suspect in the Boston Bombings being located in security footage.

They’re all weighing with thoughtful replies, Adam is bringing the comedy and Alison has the latest facts.

Adam is now joking about Fitzdog waiting for fans in the parking lot for clapping too emphatically and he’s got a new variant on the name of Greg’s car.


2nd story is on the arrest in the case of the Ricin letters sent for Obama.

Adam is now riffing with Alison about Ricin and he’s concluding it sounds like a sweetener you’d find at trader Joes.

Adam is now riffing on people who get super cutesy/naughty with their very boring food choices, he’s in character riffing as one of these people and Greg intentionally grinds it to a comedic halt, Alison Adam are playing along perfectly and it’s even funnier, nice work Greg!

Alison is now in character as the same type of person that Adam is doing the impression of, this is wonderful!


3rd story is on the totally topical founder of Wienerschnitzel passing away.

Adam is explaining how he came up in conversation and the great magnet connection to his death.

Adam is now touching on the “Rachel” incident from Phoenix, Alison is fleshing out the behind the scenes/in the room element.

Adam is now setting up a round of “guess the Asian” after Greg brags of his prowess, he ultimately has to give up in the first round to a sneaky Hawaiian gal.


4th story is on a new study that found less than 10% of the population would have sex with a robot.

Adam is now riffing on a Dorothy Stratten movie that he can’t pull the name for. Gary pulls the name of the movie “Galaxina” and Adam has a Peter Bogdanovich aside.

Adam is now being updated with the details from Gary regarding the Dorothy Stratten and Bogdanovich story.

Adam is now riffing about robots, hilarious analogies and one liners, another contender for Ace Awards 2013.


5th story is on Fast and Furious 7 and it’s approaching release date, Adam is explaining the appeal of the franchise and how we’re invigorating a whole generation of douchebags with these type of movies.

Alison just admitted to never seeing any of the Fast and Furious films, Adam is now describing the plots to her in vague terms.

Adam is now telling Alison to skip over Tokyo Drift, the 3rd entry in the series but takes place in between the soon to be released 6 and 7.

Adam is referencing his love/hate relationship with the on screen performance of Lucas Black (little kid from Sling Blade) and BB mistakes it for a prequel when it’s anything but, this reminds me of explaining all this to Adam while walking in Denver a few years back.


Adam is now riffing with Greg about eating crappy Red Lobster and Outback steakhouse, Adam is asking why people don’t spend an extra buck to get good/real food.

Adam is now having his local “one black fan”  join them on stage, he’s a great sport and adding to the riff but sadly doesn’t enjoy any of the crappy restaurant trappings stereotypical of his race.

Adam is now telling Greg about the “Sambo” chain of restaurants with some great quotes and Greg’s reactions are gold.


Adam is working the awesome black fan into his Evoice live read, Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is closing the show.