Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/17/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 135

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/17/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 135

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 04-15-2014 – Release Date 04-17-2014

Production Number #135 Guest Host – Brad Williams

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Adam is not on Today’s show, Dr. Drew is opening things with guest host Brad Williams filling in for Adam Carolla.

Drew is saying that he wants to do the opening without Adam and he’s citing the noise and movement issues that Adam reacts to, Drew wants to know who can hear what.

Drew is making a point about how his brain works, Brad is telling them about filming a part in Adam’s movie Road Hard and the guys are telling Chris and Gary that one of their mics are still on.


Drew is once again mocking the fact he doesn’t have a role in Road Hard, Drew is now doing a live read.

Drew is bringing up his love for Legit and how dissatisfied he is with the pressure they’re putting on Jim Jeffries, Drew is calling him brilliant and explains the sword of Damocles to Brad.

They’re both having a love fest over Jim, Drew is bringing up Rodney and how he ran into him at one of Jim’s shows and they’re commenting on a man’s drive to get laid despite any shortcoming or disorder.


Drew is now asking Brad if he’s tuned into the American with Disabilities act, Brad is telling Drew about pissing on a guy at the Dallas airport.

Brad is asking Drew about the differences in caring for male vs. female addict patients and Drew is bringing up how he’s really noticed the “chimpanzee female shunning behavior” going on among women, he’s citing some corporate examples.

Brad is saying that it’s more of a sign of the modern times and thinking, people never look within, they blame the external.


Gary is now on mic confirming how Drew possibly over idealizes women, Brad is now telling Drew about the time a woman yelled at his mom in traffic and he ran out of the car to berate and started laughing mid rant when he saw the scene from her POV.

Drew calls brad a ginger and now he’s doing a live read for Dollar Shave Club.

Drew is now sharing Adam’s two legendary ass analogies.


Drew is taking it back to Brad and his genetic history, asking him about addiction concerns.

Drew is clarifying that Brad isn’t a leprechaun and he’s telling him about why March is not a good time for man of small stature, nor is December.

Drew is having Brad tell a story about encountering a father and son, the dad was laying a “role play” onto Brad and the kid.

Brad is sharing the Xbox and bike twist.

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back form break with a plug for the new website for the show.

Drew is bringing up the patent troll drama and explaining it to Brad, Drew makes a point about how they don’t go to the big companies or the little guy, just the guy starting to do well with the format.

Drew is now trying to get a bead on Brad’s family life and his southern mother, he’s now doing an impression of his mom.


Drew is asking Brad about his parent’s reaction to his career and art form, now they’ve transitioned from to the comedy boom and bubble of the 90’s.

Drew is explaining how the live show element is a new demand from audiences and Drew wants to know if it’s increased a demand for standup comedy as well.

Drew is now doing a draft kings live read.


Chris has a question from a listener, he’s reading it on air, how very Classic Loveline.

Chris is killing it with the delivery and Gary has some funny contributions too.

Drew and Brad are both giving him advice on what to do with his dilemma, they say the bottom line advice is they’re glad she’s the one, but it’s not the time and they’re glad they’re now sleeping together, it will only complicate things.


Chris is reading a 2nd letter, he’s reading about a failed fertility campaign and once again Chris is killing it with this delivery.

Drew is now giving some realistic fertility advice for all people and transitioning to advice just for this woman, Drew is talking to Gary about an upcoming guest scheduled for his podcast.

Drew is advocating for adoption, he’s telling her she hasn’t failed nor lost her opportunity to be a mother, Brad is speaking on behalf the Asian dwarf orphans.


Drew was going to steer the topic somewhere, he’s now jumping into a live read amidst Brad’s joking around.


1st Caller John, he’s calling about substance abuse and therapy, he wants to know why the addiction needs to be treated before the mental health can be repaired.

Drew is bringing up why the science dictates you must have an accurate diagnosis before administering any treatment.

Drew is making a point about how addiction treatment solves many mental health problems, Drew is explaining to John that if you’re not an addict, stop for 3 months.


2nd Caller David, he wants to look out for his niece and nephew, he comes from a similar background as Adam and he’s explaining how he wants to about bullying and protection for kids.

Drew is getting him to clarify his point, Drew says violence begets violence and he says its part of how human brains work and the way to break the cycles is by being present with these kids.

Brad is giving his personal example/expertise as someone who was made fun almost as a rule, he’s referencing the technique his dad used to give Brad a thicker skin.

Brad is telling Drew why his dad decided to toughen him up with comedy, citing the dwarf meetings he attended and heard first-hand how difficult their lives truly were.


Drew is wrapping up the first of two shows with Brad Williams as the guest host, they’re giving out the plugs and closing things out.