Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/17/2013 – Mike Birbiglia and David Wild

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Guest – David Wild and Mike Birbiglia

Recorded 04-16-2013 – Release Date 04-17-2013

Production Number #1058

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Adam is opening the show with a very spirited intro, David Wild is in studio and they’re having some fun with upcoming guest Mike Birbiglia’s non-drunk friendly last name.

Adam is now riffing about Carlos Santana, Adam is asking why he gets a pass while offering up various theories as to how he got his bulletproof status.

David is calling back the shabez goi riff from a few shows back while offering up an Elvis anecdote.


Adam is now asking the gang their thoughts on the “big load” who was sitting next to Adam in the exit row on his flight home.

Adam is busting out some killer quotes, including one about how the guy is sitting.

Adam is now explaining why he doesn’t like to board the plane first and sees it as a waste of time, BB is sharing his own tale of travel with a great “Red State” one liner from Ace.


Adam is sharing his latest “loafer dilemma” and its connection to “Danny Two Sheets”, Alison’s reply to his phone call greeting is amazing.

Adam is now explaining the shoes that actually arrived and he’s riffing on the two worst kinds of shoes, the old person generic shoe and the bright flashy tennis shoe of the hipster, he’s citing Joel McHale for a nice call back to the 2006-2009 KLSX ACS.

Adam is telling the gang how he ended up with a pair of 155$ pre-worn shoes, BB has a killer observation in regards to Adam actually wearing them while telling the story.


Adam is now giving his review of “Pain and Gain” and he’s breaking down the cast along with the premise.

Adam is breaking down how it’s a true story but some of it seemed over the top and has some kind words for Tony Shalhoub and The Rock.

This is a very in depth review, he’s covering just about all angles of the movie and its strengths and weaknesses.

Adam is going off on plot structure and what leads to the “wrap it up” feeling he’s experienced in some recent movies, Alison and BB have some good follow up points as Adam wraps up the review.


Adam is doing a live read after some Michelle Branch confusion, BB has an anecdote about ShakesBeer 2009 and his upcoming book.

David is clearing the air over “accidental racist” he’s the man who mixed that Reese’s cup of doom and is simultaneously taking credit for it and blaming himself.

Adam is now riffing about the narcissism in society, killer points!


Mike is now back to the show for his 5th visit, Adam has some kind words for his film “Sleep Walk with Me” and a nice riff with Mike about Babydoll.

Adam is updating Mike on his anecdote from yesterday about the woman accusing him of casing her neighborhood and how he started to do the same traffic loop today.

Adam is now asking who the person is who stops behind you when you pull over, he’s got some amazing quotes and Alison has her own super perplexing variant of this story.


Mike is telling the gang what it’s like for him being a New Yorker in Los Angeles, he’s got some funny quotes about the possible time frame to drive 9 miles and Adam is not a fan of the complete stops and doesn’t understand their necessity.

Adam is now going off on the city and its hypocrisy, Alison is chiming in with some points about parking.

Adam is taking it back to the Loveline days and he’s mainly citing the 12/08/2004 story with the closed freeway onramp, though it did happen many other times too.

Adam is explaining the same shit happened on his way home from his Loveline appearance last week and the homeless tent city he encountered, Mike has some hilarious reactions and even asks when the story is going to end in a kind/funny way.


Mike is now asking Adam about Loveline, he’s explaining what a fan he was of the show and how personal it was for mainstream radio.

Mike wants to know if people throw their personal issues and questions into Adam’s daily life, Adam mocks Mike’s two examples with a killer reply.

Adam is explaining the thing big loveline fans will do that is a letdown, barbell through the nose and F the LAPD forehead tats.


Adam is now getting to the bit of Loveline clips I sent him during Adam and Drew #33 that he teased on last night’s show, he’s explaining the premise to Mike.

Mike just brought up Guy Aoki and the Sarah Silverman controversy and Adam has a wonderful reply for all of us fans that had to hear him on the KLSX show.

Adam is now playing the clips I sent in and transferred, this is insane!

Adam is explaining the “Crystal Brain” Gloria Allred incident from the 2006 ACS, BB keeps trying to suggest 2007 but it’s 06, another clip that I sent in!


Mike is now weighing in on Adam’s point about conversations about race, he asks Adam to think of his most racist friend and he’s got a killer reply!

They’re all now discussing it and Adam is playing the rest of the “Crystal Brain” clip, Adam is now polling everyone on “Stupid or Liar”.

Adam is on a killer riff about Gloria, the term Money Whore is wonderful!

Adam is now doing his first Onnit labs live read, I was actually there on the day they first came to the studio and I use/endorse their products too, this is awesome! Onnit.com/Adam


Alison’s News

Her top/Only (?) story is on the closure of Joshua tree due to graffiti, she’s explaining the official explanation citing social media as the contributing factor.

Adam is going off on narcissism and what society is turning into, he’s got some great points.

Adam is now citing the new stretch of the freeway that has a progressing series of tags running concurrent with the construction, he’s now calling for his mixed concrete/spray paint idea.

Mike is loving it and busting out a new version of an Adam Carolla impression that Alison seems to appreciate.


2nd story is on a new study that shows men can identify their babies unique cry just as good as the mother, Adam has some funny replies and the story is wrapped up for another quick live read.

Adam has a killer call back to Santana during the live read and this might be an episode with all hilarious must listen live reads.