Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/16/2013 – Harris Goldberg, David Garrett, and Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Harris Goldberg, David Garrett, and Dave Dameshek

Recorded 04-15-2013 – Release Date 04-16-2013

Production Number #1057

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Adam is opening the show with OG KLSK ACS sports guy Dave Dameshek in studio.

Adam has a quick riff about Mike August booking the writers from Deuce Bigalow for the show tonight, Adam is quoting August and his reasoning for the booking is hilarious!

I get Adam’s point but I have a feeling August is right on this one, I can’t wait to hear what happens.


Dave has a killer reply about the booking and Adam is adding to it with a great one liner about “Without a Paddle” which actually produced one of the all-time funniest loveline episodes in 2004.

Adam is now having Bryan assist him with a reenactment playing his boss, BB is killing it, and he does this role so well.

Adam is playing Randall and has some harsh words for Judy and Bryan and his upgraded hairline, whoa this is great.


Adam is now working out of the improv to explain the exact situation he was hinting at, his mom sent him a letter acknowledging neglecting him as a child and wants to repair their relationship.

Adam is going super in depth on this really fascinating turn of events.

Adam is now quoting the follow up phone call and how it explains why they have the very relationship she doesn’t want, Alison has a super wise add on to Adam’s closing comment about the call.

Adam has another plug for the newly released paperback of NTBM and some clarification on Tuesday release schedules.


Adam is now sharing two unique stories from the road today, first a tale of an overreacting woman in the diner parking lot doing a classic anti Carolla move.

Adam is now citing some google alert drama a, story about Miceli’s Italian restaurant is being cited to help make his point.

Dave is now weighing in on the heavy world of Italian food drama.


Dave is now sharing another anecdote about dining out with his kids, he had a similar incident from a couple weeks back at Carney’s, but this one is vastly superior with a great Mo Dameshek approved closer from DD.


Adam is now telling the gang about a conference call from earlier in the day with Babydoll. This is his 2nd automotive conundrum of the day and involves what sounds like an unpleasant “concerned citizen” even though Adam is being polite.

BB has a killer reply to Adam’s earbuds pointing and Adam hopes her husband will make sense of the story for her over dinner as he can’t fathom what her vantage was.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports

They have some opening Rich Eisen love, Dave is reporting on Kobe’s injury and the past weekend of sports highlights.

Dave is surprised they already discussed the injury and he’s offering some further insight into what it could mean for the franchise and Kobe’s career.

Adam has a hilarious Lakers riff with a solid Diane Cannon one liner and now they’re discussing the Masters and Dave’s got a funny/crappy “same name game” for Adam Scott.

Creep of the Week: Dave once again has a food item, Adam is closing it with a great live read.


Harris and David are now making their debut appearance, Adam is having them flesh out why they were eager to appear on the podcast.

Adam has a topical “Grown Ups 2” question and the guys have some insights into some of Adam’s long held suspicions about these movies being vacation opportunities at the movie going public’s expense.

The guys are helping Adam understand why these style of weak comedies are made and confirming some of Adam’s long held suspicions in regards to Sandler.


Adam is now asking in depth questions about Deuce Bigalow 2, he’s going in depth on the “dick nose” scene and Harris is explaining how he was given the moniker of “movie ruiner” by Rob.

They’re now playing said scene and Alison’s reactions are priceless, Adam is doing further impromptu commentary over the dating montages.

David is now explaining how the premise of Deuce Bigalow came to be and the initial treatment he worked up after riffing the idea with Sandler and Schneider.

They’re now discussing the new movie “The List” and how its plot has a real world origin.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the bombing of the Boston Marathon, she’s reading the latest details.

Adam has a funny reply to the term senseless bombing and a nice comparison to “engaged to be married”

Adam is now pitching a new movie for the guests and offering it up for Sandler with a closing idea about his other thousand terrible ideas they can have.

Adam is now offering some practical advice in reply to this senseless violence, he’s citing his 2002 advice given on Stern during the “DC sniper” reign of terror.


2nd story is on Aubrey Plaza crashing the stage during Will Ferrell’s acceptance speech at the MTV movie awards.

Adam is declaring that she’s going “golden palace” on us, BB has a nice Soy Bomb reference and Adam is now explaining his comment to Alison.

Adam is telling the story of how he and Drew first got tickets to the MTV movie awards along with the season 3 MTV contract doubling move he insisted upon.


3rd story is on a recent study that states heterosexual people can identify the sexual roles of partners in gay relationships just as well as other gay people.

Adam has an immediate hilarious reply about closing up shop on one of his fictional business, Alison and BB have some nice back and forth with him over it.

Alison is reading more details and thanking Mike Lynch for the news assist, Adam has another killer reply about “tells” and some old advice from his fictional “grand pappy”.


Alison just wrapped the news and now Adam is busting out a Legal Zoom live read with a great assist from Mike Dawson.

Adam is now asking Gary for a taste of “The Dr. Drew jazz” and trying to set up how Drew can be a world class “point shitter”. BB is encouraging a delay for tomorrow which probably means it will never get fully discussed.

Adam is now further setting up the clip. They’re playing the clip from Adam and Drew #33.

Adam is now teasing the clip from the November 4th 1997 Loveline that I transferred and sent in mid show for episode #33 of A&D.