Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/15/2013 – Brad Wyman

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Brad Wyman

Recorded 04-14-2013 – Release Date 04-15-2013

Production Number #1056

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Adam is opening the show with a quick tease about the movie talk in today’s episode, he’s hinting he may go with Brad’s company over Kickstarter for his new movie project.

Adam is now telling the gang about seeing “Pain and Gain” with Bill Simmons, he’s joking about their movie dates and how they share a drink with two straws.

Adam is explaining that Not Taco Bell Material is now out on paperback with a newly cleaned up back cover that finally assists his joke in making sense.


Adam is now explaining how he can’t compare back covers with the hardcover due to how he doesn’t have a copy of NTBM at home or at the shop, Alison is asking why.

Alison just heard Adam on a recent episode of Loveline and is citing his “toilet seat/toilet paper” idea presented there.

Adam is now looking at the back cover and mocking the people who couldn’t understand it at the publishing company.


Alison has a great reply about the type of fans who would buy the paperback, a positive spin on Adam’s comments from just prior.

Adam is now explaining his new “business of toilet seats/toilet paper” idea and how he tried to explain it to Drew.


Adam is now sharing a new anecdote from performing live in Redondo Beach with Dr. Drew, he encountered one of the world’s laziest security guards.

Adam is now going off on the apathetic nutria that we are breeding in society, BB plays the who drop and seems to be completely surprised, he actually has the “If I didn’t know it, then most people don’t know it” tone to his voice in reply to Adam’s explanation. (Adam has actually discussed Nutria on this show before, in front of BB, multiple times)

Adam is surprisingly well versed in the history of the animals infesting Louisiana, impressive!


Adam is busting out an Audible.com live read, but instead of the boring standard podcast audible spot he’s working Dawson in to mock him for the sub 8hr running time.

Dawson is actually defending himself and now Adam can’t help but agree that he did a wonderful job, Adam is now remarking on his first audiobook and the young judgmental woman engineering it.

He’s now transitioned to other audiobooks that must be uncomfortable to record and he’s in character as Mackenzie Philips recording her own audiobook.

BB is now asking Adam about the book writing process and Adam is updating the gang on the status of the Mexican standoff with his mom over a free copy.


Adam is now sharing the details of how they were actually locked on stage during their Phoenix shows, BB and Alison are chiming to flesh out the story.

Adam is sharing an anecdote about a recent cell phone conversation with Mike August on a windy day, Alison seems to enjoy the story and BB is adding a great reply!


Adam is now asking the gang if he was a dick, he’s telling them about Olga’s birthday and her gift of car maintenance. Adam is quoting Sonny and Lynette and has a great aside about Sonny keeping track of the amount paid for the car repairs.

Adam is now explaining how he was trying to get the amount Olga paid for the used Camry, BB steps in to clarify the math/history, nice work Bryan!

Adam is now explaining how he doesn’t remember buying her the Camry and how he ran it by Dr. Drew and asked what it means that he has no recollection of buying another human a car.


Adam has another tease for his upcoming “Pain and Gain” review, he’s explaining the difficult process to get “The Hammer” made and citing the underperforming “The Comebacks”.

Adam is explaining his history with Debbie from Comedy Central and why she loved him like a son, he’s telling the gang how she took over “Fox Searchlight” and how Adam assumed he would have a home for his movie.

Adam is explaining how despite his years of work and deep relationship to the head of a studio he wasn’t able to get his movie made and was treated like someone who just stepped off the bus, he’s got a nice closing F you to everyone but Debbie.


Brad is now joining the show and he’s explaining the Indie Go Go business model to Adam and the intentions behind it for democratizing financing.

They’re going super in depth on the financing options and how Indie Go Go’s system works in comparison to other crowd sourced financing services.

Adam has two killer one liners about Alison that she has varied reactions to, gold!


Brad is now getting Adam to explain the premise of his new movie, he’s explaining how he waits till an idea strikes him and doesn’t plan for them.

Adam is now explaining the premise in detail, sounds like a great premise and he just revealed the title too, wow huge day for reveals!

Brad has a suggestion for encouraging financing of the film and Adam is explaining the money that can be spent in post on music clearing, Brad seems well aware, Adam has a couple vague anecdotes and some kind words for Loveline legends “Bad Religion” who sadly have yet  to appear on the podcast.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw 42 on opening day, Adam is postponing the review for “Pain and Gain” till tomorrow. BB has tons of behind the scenes info and it might be his best one of these segments.

BB didn’t care for the film, Adam is disappointed it sounds so bad and even Brad can’t get behind it fully after seeing it himself.

Adam and BB are riffing about Dawson and his resemblance to Alan Tudyk, they’re now discussing the film even more in depth and BB is setting up a clip.

BB is now sharing the “performance” the rest of the audience was giving in reaction to the racial slurs in the film, and Adam has an immediate and goofy reply.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Justin Beiber’s questionable guestbook entry in the Anne Frank house, Adam is now explaining how we all know the Nazi’s are evil but the person who dropped a dime on her is even worse and he would like to never stop kneeing his relatives in the groin.

Adam is now in character as said person, he’s dropping hilarious quotes up a storm, whoa!

Adam is now making a great point about slavery and the holocaust when it comes to descendants and relatives with the reveal of the C who reported back to Adam’s sister that he called her sons Nazis.

Alison is now posing a bizarre hypothetical about owning people, Adam has a joke answer, a serious one and then a crazier joke answer.


2nd story is on Kobe Bryant’s injury, Adam is working the last hypothetical into it and now riffing about Kobe trying to pitch his wife on physical therapy in Colorado.

Adam is explaining he is a fan of Kobe and does respect him, Alison is talking “sports” up a storm and sharing some of her fiancé Daniel’s insights into the injury.

Adam is now lamenting his own age in response to witnessing Kobe’s entire career.


3rd story is on Jenna Bush giving birth to a baby girl named Margaret. Adam likes the name and finds it to be old-school.


4th story is on the death of Jonathan Winters, Alison is reading a tweet from Robin Williams about the man’s death.

Adam is now explaining how he loved Jonathan and what he meant to comedy and touching on his insanity to which Brad confirms.

Brad just brought up “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Mad World” and Adam is now explaining how it still holds up despite its advanced age.


Adam is doing a live read and just announced his 2nd charity fundraiser from his Malibu home, he initially mixes up Laughs for BB and ShakesBeer, Luckily BB is there to correct.

I will be going to this event and contributing/donating to do so, everyone else should too, these things sell out fast!