Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/13/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 134

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/13/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 134

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 04-01-2014 – Release Date 04-14-2014

Production Number #134 Old Has Become a Pejorative

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro and a plug for his TV show and book, Drew’s asking if he was to tour with Prager if it would be too much like “brisket on brisket” and Adam is now plugging the live how download on

Drew is asking how much of Prager’s philosophy and POV is bases in practicality, experience and observation.

Adam is saying he’s gregarious, funny, and very thoughtful and though he’s devoutly religious he’s still insanely pragmatic, Adam has a good example of Dennis and his ability to argue a point.


Adam is telling Drew that Dennis has never heard of Sting or “The Police” and calls him the nicest guy in the world, Adam is now making a point about wisdom and the concept of it no longer existing.

Drew is explaining how wisdom works in his profession and Adam is now bringing up how being old became lame at some point, Adam is saying it’s kicked into “Older Drive” and is saying you can’t mock anyone for anything but age, even fat is off limits but not age.

Drew is saying that people frame it as though that becoming old is caving in to some concept as opposed to a necessary natural process, Adam is bringing up target demographics and his own income level and spending in comparisons to his 18yr old self.


Drew is now quoting Richard Pryor and calling him a great American poet, Adam is taking it back to Dennis and is pragmatic nature, Drew is explaining holistic to Adam.

Great Doogie Howser reference from Adam, Drew is now doing a smooth live read for

Adam and Drew are talking about the younger generation and Adam says that Wisdom is the “Samsonite of the Old” and he blames everyone being entitled to their own opinion as the beginning of this.

Adam says they treat their opinion like a vote in a retarded election, Drew is telling Adam this is the cultural relativism that they both don’t agree with, as discussed on Classic Loveline with Bad Religion.


Drew is being very honest and citing the Bush administration’s crackdown on science over 8 years and Adam is replying inquisitively, Drew is now explaining it.

Adam is citing the Dutch Zoo with the Giraffe and Lion cub’s news headlines, Adam is sharing his “What do you think they want to do” response, and he’s killing it with his straw man replies that are exactly what people say.

Drew says you got to Caltech and MIT, you listen to what their “math” tells them, not a story, facts and now they’re talking about the anti-vaccine folk and Adam is ranting with Adam down this tangent.


Drew is bringing up the Jahi McMath case, he’s explaining it to Adam and giving him all of the details, Adam is defending the parents’ rights to focus on this, he’s sharing his coin operated life support idea, would you want to live in a world where nobody cared enough to do that for you? – Adam

Drew is citing the mom’s comments in the media, in denial of her brain death, Drew is being explicitly honest about the sadness for this family, and they’ll never get to grieve their daughter’s death.

Adam is explaining himself, every dog needs a bone, some people let sadness become the focus of their lives and cling to it, Adam is citing the various circumstances that people fall into, even citing sports teams and the very sad adult males like myself who are invested in the X-Men Franchise.

They’re going super in depth on allowing people to cling to their own nonsense free of judgment, Adam tells Drew to stop applying his standard of living to everyone else, and they’re doing a live read.


They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break and Adam is announcing that they will be running best of while Adam films “Road Hard” and he’s sharing how they’ll aim for something early from the archive.

Adam and Drew are commenting on age making time seem to pass quicker, Drew is shocked this show is roughly 18 months old.

Adam is bringing up his strong mathematical mind and commenting on how strange it is that despite his “numbers thing” he doesn’t keep track of historical dates or how many things he’s done, Adam says he’s not interested and while it’s interesting anecdotally to some, it’s flushed out of him.


1st Caller Becky, she’s calling about her lazy stepson who is taking the path of least resistance, Adam is giving her the tough love advice and telling her that she needs to get his dad on the same page.

Adam is making a point about rules for dogs and how we do things for them that are “good for them” he’s citing Lynette stopping Adam from giving Molly a bite to eat while feeding Sonny a pop tart, why the disconnect.

Adam is saying that a dad’s role needs to not be the “best buddy” he needs to be part drill instructor and they’re commenting on the realistic danger of drug use and brain damage and the impairment from this kind of behavior.


2nd Caller Jake, he’s walking out of a convenience store and Adam notices the sound, Jake takes about 4 laps to explaining to Adam that he walked into the back of his work in a retail store, just like Adam predicted.

Jake is calling about selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, he’s telling them about his growing anxiety problem, and Drew says that antidepressants are not a magic solution bot they have found that brain wiring gets changed a little bit in these long term studies.

Drew is bringing up his own depression as a young man and Adam has a valid counter argument asking Drew if he would have honestly chosen to get off the medication at some point.

Drew is giving his take on Celexa and telling Jake to listen to his doctor, Adam is asking Drew about the depression and he’s sharing the “long walk” advice he was given.


Adam is now doing a great bark box live read with a funny “short pier” joke.

Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.