Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/12/2013 – Matt Walsh and David Alan Grier, Live from Irvine Improv

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Guest – Matt Walsh and David Alan Grier, Live from Irvine Improv

Recorded 04-10-2013 – Release Date 04-12-2013

Production Number #1055

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Adam is starting the show with DAG on stage, he’s got a funny half of a comment about Alison, and she takes it in stride.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote of his kids daily morning goodbye to him, with a funny riff about not using tongue.

Adam is explaining the new point system they introduced to the kids, they can earn a dollar for each good deed/chore they accomplish and how he realized it was only done for money.

Dag is lamenting the loss for Michigan, Adam is simultaneously rubbing comedy salt into the wound while helping Dag riff it out.


Alison is sharing an anecdote form her appointment with a new doctor and the unexpected digit drop that took place in his office.

Dag just brought up Teddy Pendergrass while Alison explains the sensation of a rectal exam, whoa these quotes are gold!

Adam is sharing the familiar “you how know this goes” digit drop one liner he got when he was violated by his doctor, Adam is now calling for his doctor to pay him for that, street rules.


Adam is sharing how he recently got Dr. Drew to discuss his medical school training cadaver and explaining the first question he asked him about the dead guy.

Adam saw some nachos and is now on a tangent about how they’re the only menu item you can’t mule home and reheat/re-eat. Alison has a decent point with ice cream, Adam finds a solution and BB craps the point bed with “Cereal”.

Adam is now advising people order novelty colored/themed checkbooks when they have to re-up, he’s explaining his old pink kitty checks he would enjoy giving to the lumber yard in his construction days.


Adam is now telling the gang about an incident that happened to him in traffic, he got caught sleeping at the most uncommon San Fernando Valley “green traffic arrow”.

He’s describing the appropriate honk from the probably C word lined up behind him and his super polite “my bad/heil Hitler” hand waive in reply, of course the super considerate woman had to then make a show of her disapproval, True Carolla Irony.

Adam has a funny plug for Dag’s new Tyler Perry presented movie, DAG is plugging his upcoming standup gig and going off on the Kardashians lack of talent in a funny way.

Adam is asking Dag about black men’s love of large asses, he’s presenting his standard theory but getting derailed by Dag’s attempt to check out Alison’s ass.

Alison is now topping off her anal anecdote with a totally hilarious and mildly disturbing yet appreciated detail/reveal.


Dag is launching into the Teddy Pendergrass bit with an assist from Adam, Alison is taking it back to the ass question and Adam has a hilarious “roller skate/key” analogy.

Adam is now having them setup some Teddy Pendergrass, DAG is killing it and they’re now reacting to the unamused older age couple up front.

Adam had a grand idea for Teddy to attempt his own take on some classic TV theme songs but almost all of them prove to be too fast tempo and Dag tries to explain why he can’t do them.


Adam is sharing about reading a story to Sonny and now Dag is sharing an anecdote of reading to his daughter and how she now prefers him to make up stories which has led to him plagiarizing great literally works.

Dag is commenting on his ex and her new marriage and how it’s proven fortuitous for him and how he wishes them nothing but the best, Adam is explaining how he wishes nobody the best.

Adam observed that a guy in the audience resembles a lighter version of the building owner in “Wreck It Ralph” and they’re now bringing him on stage for a side by side.


Adam is asking DAG about how he makes loves and now he’s launching into the classic Loveline bit, Adam is tying it into the classic Josh Gardner/DFG “Man Show” writer’s room bit about porn auditions.

DAG mistakes Josh for “Yurgi” as played by the legend Tom Stern, Adam is now explaining that Tom was the “GO!” unlasher in the infamous tow truck story.

Matt Walsh is now joining the show for his 5th appearance on the podcast and explaining the main differences between the UCB and other improv scenes at Dag’s behest.


Adam is now floating his “Jim Carrey is the white Eddie Murphy” theory by DAG who dismisses it with a very political answer, Adam is now riffing about all black guys knowing each other and Dag inadvertently proves Adam’s point while trying to disagree.

Dag just revealed that his buddy Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is actually in the audience, Adam is a fan and is now sharing his “black guys and motorcyclists share different unspoken bonds” theory with a crazy/hilarious descriptor to wrap it up that everyone seems to reject.

Alison is now floating a theory about Men sharing that bond regardless of race and citing the counter example of women, she seems to be tapping into Dr. Drew’s “female chimpanzee shunning behavior” observations.


Adam is sharing a story about Lynette chastising him for not doing in enough in the raising of their children and how they were actually at the park with the nanny during the diatribe.

Dag was actually at the park and ran into the kids, Adam is explaining why Sonny came up and said hi and the reason he gives is hilarious and perplexing to a degree that Matt and Dag have to stop and unpack it.

Adam is sharing why he doesn’t want to go to prison for fear of having to sign up with a white supremacist gang. Dag doesn’t think he would be forced into a gang and Adam is giving him two choices “Crypt Keeper” or “Dried Blood”.


Adam and Dag are now working out the beats of their prison musical and now Matt is adding to it and Dag is comically mocking him and taking the abusive angle he usually reserves for the news gal and Bald.

Adam is jumping in and mocking Matt too, Adam is now asking Matt about some of the classic crappy improv games, he’s citing the moving the manhole one and now working into how he almost worked at “party pals”.

Matt actually did work at a similar place and is attempting to share some anecdotes but Dag is derailing it with the comedic aggression.


Alison’s News

She has a funny anecdote about a listener who tweeted about her son listening to the show and mistaking the stinger word from her news theme for “cup”.

Her top story is on the new Brad Paisley and LL Cool J song “Accidental Racist”, they’re playing a clip and Dag is singing some comedic variants of his own in reply.

Adam is now sharing his two ideas for good press, the prosthetic dong at the airport bathroom campaign and the new “hire a hep C carrying hobo to break into your house” idea inspired by LL Cool J’s recent home invasion.


Adam is now pretending to whip out his cock in reply to DAG’s pressure and Alison’s better/less humiliating idea.

The audience are reacting to Adam’s fictional dong, one guy is super enthusiastic and Adam has a funny “medium sized” reply.

They’re now all over the place, with tangents and riffs up a storm, they’ve somehow ended up back to Teddy and Adam actually jumps in for an A Capella duet.

Alison just revealed she would actually sing that “Three Dog Night” song while in music class in grade school, minus the Teddy verse, good stuff!


Adam and Matt are now busting out their own white guy duet of “Grand Old Flag” and have some excellent observations with Alison’s spark of “humble brag” Adam decides it’s the first humble brag and Matt observes it’s the first use of a musical “sample”.

Adam is now sharing a super rare, possibly never before done rendition of “the YMCA water safety PSA” from his childhood.

Adam is remarking on “Davey Jones locker” being a white guy thing and pondering if there is a “Grace Jones locker” for black people.


Adam is setting up a Godaddy.com live read, this one might actually be better than the original, Dag is killing it and trying to lay blame on Matt, hilarious!


2nd story is on NBC approaching Alec Baldwin to bring a version of his podcast to their newly vacant late night slot.

Adam is calling Alec the “Keenan Ivory Wayans” of the Baldwins and Dag is now working bored fart noises into the news and once again blaming Matt who is rolling with it perfectly and playing the role he’s being forced into with brilliant nuance and skill.

Alison wants Adam to rank the Baldwins, he’s starting with Alec, and he’s putting a hilarious non Baldwin object in the ranking.

Adam is offering a short variant of the “Stephen Baldwin/Howard Stern” story while referencing Stephen’s 1997 Loveline where he was chomping on metrx bars into the microphone, whoa!


3rd story is on a Lamborghini Miura SV that burst into flames and melted at a photo shoot.

Adam is going super in depth on the technical specs and production models/amounts of the Miura.

Adam is sharing a rarely/possibly never shared detail of how he paid for his last Miura in reply to DAG’s attempt to make him into the man in front of the audience, I didn’t even know this part.

Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is doing a live read and working Rampage into it, according to Dag he’s finally smiling in reply to Adam’s judo like ego stroke mid read, figures.


Adam is now wrapping the show and it was the best way to wrap up the week, Started with a perfect show, ended with another!