Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/10/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 325

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/10/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 325

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 04-07-2016 – Release Date 04-10-2016

Production Number #325 – Microdosing

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Adam opens the show with a Good Juju intro and Drew plugs his podcast, Adam mocks Drew for picking the phone line he didn’t pick saying it’s always funny.


1st Caller Mitchell, he wants to know about Microdosing LSD and Drew jumps in to tell him it will be a catastrophe, he is all in favor of the research but sees it leading to a bad outcome for most people.

Drew says end of life use and chronic depression cases aside this isn’t for most people, he says he’s now seeing the same bullshit he saw in the 1970’s and he comments on brain changes and personality changes.

Drew says he saw the patients in the psychiatric hospitals 10-15yrs later after the LSD boom.


Adam is now asking Mitchell what the microdose actually is, he says it’s a 10th-20th of a hit and Adam is now talking about his 27yrs of age and always needing to be altered, Adam is talking about “dabs” and guys trying to get a pot high from wax in highly concentrated pure THC form over the super buds with purple pubes.

Adam say the question isn’t why can’t I get higher, it’s why is this not enough, this super potent drug that can’t get them to then next plateau.

Adam quotes the “no free lunches in nature” line as they talk about brain chemistry and Drew has Adam making some great points about boosting your own career via extra circular training and education/work.


Adam talks about discomfort and the minimum wage and uses a hand held over flame as an apt metaphor and he says minimum wage and micro doses of LSD aren’t the answer.

Adam is mocking the idea of being ok with minimum wage and how people shouldn’t be happy making the least possible that one can pay a human, even if it’s 150$ per hour.


Drew is doing a Stamps.Com Live Read

Adam connects the value of your time discussion to the live read edition


2nd Caller Jonathan he’s calling and references Mitchell’s anecdotal data points and how unscientific they are, he gripes about the lack of biological understanding among adults and Drew blames high school biology.

Drew is now asking Jonathan if he has a better way to express the “No Free Lunches in Nature” point, Adam says it doesn’t work because we’ve now made free lunches and gets to the story of Nick Santora and the ‘Get Hard’ screenplay, that reminded Adam of Nick’s story of a guy who was selling prison preparation to white collar customers/new convicts.

Adam explains how Nick buys rights to interesting stories and now sets up the email reply from Nick where he took the responsibility and refused to get angry about the project’s similarity to his own project.


Drew is talking about internalizing and taking the proclamation to the end and actually making the change.

Gary is now reading the reply from Nick Santora to Adam, Adam is breaking down his reply and his word choices.

Adam compliments him for being so agreeable and kind in a town of fucked up babies and he then mocks the whining assholes who ruin the business and gum up the works.


Gary has another reply from Nick thanking Adam for talking about this on the ACS and pointing out the way he replied which he hadn’t noticed.

Adam is now joking about people then blaming others and refusing to ever see another Kevin Hart movie, Adam tells caller Jonathan to read the Santora email to his students.

Jonathan tells them about taking Adam’s advice about a career change and job loss.


Jonathan wants to know how to help the kids of broken homes, poverty and bad neighborhoods.

Adam says that first we don’t give them victim windbreakers and have them embrace that rhetoric, we encourage them to join the other 100 million people in the real world.

Drew talks about the military and how he has spoken with guys recently who have gained discipline and experience, to almost rise up through the ranks of humanity that they missed while a child or in their bad situation.

Drew calls back the last guests and Drew then interrupts Adam’s internal monologue that he had to overcome, the “Carolla’s Don’t” rule of thumb.

Adam never looked at himself as a victim, he brings up Taylor Swift in the French Riviera and how he always assumed he couldn’t take two weeks off, it doesn’t feel like him, auto insurance once didn’t feel like him too.


Adam is talking about how ‘L.A. Law’ used to intimidate him and Drew comments on the “born into that” poison that we have spread among everyone.

Drew talks about Bernie Sanders interview about the economy and now Adam is saying that’s like saying the NFL is bad because one guy hit his wife.

Adam references his daughter’s best friend’s father who he considers a new friend who works on engineering and Disneyland rides.


Drew says it’s the invisible hand, it’s how it works and Adam is now mocking the words of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and uses people born with polio, people born in past eras who died in childhood to make a point about the luck of the draw and how relative it all is.

Adam is talking about “fluid on the lung” and Drew explains the actual biology behind things like pneumonia.

The only answer is who cares get your shit tougher and get moving.


3rd Caller Chris he wants to know about Adam’s family and education platform, what age was he when he realized all of this.

Adam is talking about all of his friends from Hebrew heights and the “Donna” streets they have laid out in the wealthy primarily Jewish communities of Southern California.


Drew is doing a Sideline Live Read


Adam is back to his Jewish friends who were excelling in life and how simple it was to do the math while not doing his homework along with Ray and Chris.

Adam talks about all of his Jewish friends and their roles in student government and how it was pretty clear when high school ended who was going where and why.

Adam talks about the one guy he knew from his neighborhood who went into the Air Force and made something out of his life.


Drew is now asking why Adam doesn’t force his kids to live like the kids from Hebrew heights and Adam is mocking the notion of homework for kids in elementary school and makes some great points about time and education.

Drew is telling Adam he comes from this and he knows about how parents check on homework, Adam says it’s not the path to success and he is now shouting about everything becoming true that he predicts and how the studies are already in about homework.

“It is done because I said it!” – Adam

Adam is telling Drew not to disagree with him and he says Drew disagreed last week and makes a point about being right so often.


Adam blames Drew for making him horse and Drew adds the caveat about high school homework and Adam wants grit and hutzpah over education.

Adam is going off on take home projects that get farmed out to adults and he talks about how insanely selfish and misguided they are with their homework projects that he says will end his marriage if they issue more than 2 per year.

Adam says how about this as a project, fucking teach them something during the day.


Adam is talking about his wife getting poised at him and Drew is trying to get into a live read.


Drew is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Drew responds to a question about weaning and they get into the live read edition

Adam’s ordering tile online from Texas, this is the cost of doing business.


Adam gives out some live dates and wraps up the show with some plugs for Drew’s website and podcast.