Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/10/2013 – Dominic Monaghan, Live from ‘Stand Up Live!’ in Phoenix

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Guest – Dominic Monaghan, Live from ‘Stand Up Live!’ in Phoenix

Recorded 04-06-2013 – Release Date 04-10-2013

Production Number #1053

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Adam is opening the show with some funny name confusion for Dominic, BB and Alison are cluing him a bit late but still.

Adam is clearly embarrassed and admits it, he hates this. Adam is explaining despite his slip of the tongue he was reading up on Dominic and wants him to explain his 3 names.

Adam is having BB explain why he’s a fan of Dominic’s work and of course it ties back to his role on Lost and the partial inspiration of his character coming from “Oasis”.

Adam is sharing a new Mike August airport story, Dominic is telling the gang about his unsettling home burglary and what was on the security footage.


Adam is doing a crazy rendition of his “Vagisil Toothpaste” story, he’s expediting it but including variant highlights and quotes at the same time, impressive.

Adam is trying to change topics but BB just stopped to joke about what the dual meaning for “Brushed my teeth with Vagisil” could be.

Adam is asking Dom about his own insect and reptile collection and has some funny comments about someone still choosing to rob his home.

Adam is pitying crickets becoming the go to food for all other animals, Dom is telling the gang about insect consumption globally and Adam has a crazy riff in reply, Alison is joining him and it’s great.


Adam’s got a great riff about “Africanized humming birds” and he’s trying to work it into some questions about the Africanized label as Dominic requests another Mangria which he says “Taste’s like a dream”.

Adam is now connecting a bunch of dots and explaining how little boys are almost born with an affinity for trains along with reptiles and insects.

Adam is telling the gang about taking Sonny to the zoo, he’s got a variety of anecdotes and one liners about it and now they’re all discussing Hippos.

Adam is bringing it back to Animals and their innate horniness, Alison has some anecdotes and its good stuff.


They’re back to hippos and Adam’s theory on cute vs. ugly playing a role in how people feel about various creatures.

Dom’s got some serious comments about Animals and the role they have in our environment vs. humans.

They’re back to bees and Adam has a killer series of one liners that Alison tops with a perfect joke.

Adam is telling the gang about working with bee keepers for a bit and how he was targeted by a single bee along with the methods that are employed, Adam has an almost vegan take on the “Django Unchained” like nature of the process.


Audience Questions

1st question from Vanessa, she wants to know how to get her boyfriend to finally propose. Adam is ordering an immediate reenactment with Alison giving a fine assist and actually enhancing the idea.

Adam is ordering a follow up improv scene. Dom asks why she doesn’t just ask him and makes some fine points, she kind of disappoints him with her reply.

Adam is now getting tired of it and just asks why he doesn’t do it right now, He is now proposing to Vanessa on mic.


2nd question from Melissa, she wants to know if California was to fall off into the ocean where Adam would move to, Adam’s got some hilarious follow up questions and an insane choice for a new residence.

Adam is now riffing about Greek culture and pride, he’s working it all into an epic retelling of his “50/50 Shawarma plate” story and Adam has a super dark ending that cites the real world tragedy behind the restraint chain.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Sears Portrait Studio now shutting its doors, Adam is joking about never getting a set of photos from there and Alison has a bittersweet observation noting the same thing.

They’re riffing on the mid-size photos that seem unfit for framing and Adam has a funny comment about what message they send.

Adam is sharing an anecdote about his recent heated racing battle with a nice guy that was a lot of fun and how he requested the dash cam footage and was met with an unusual possibly more enlightened reply.


Adam is now tying the abundance of childhood photos into the easy access and availability of media and entertainment to make a larger point on its collective effect on children.

Adam is now working his classic “Baywatch” analogy to drive the point home.

Dominic now has his 4th amazing Mangria quote of the evening and is sharing a personal story about the first porn he owned and how he knew someone was watching it, hilarious riff and great comments from Adam and Alison.


Adam is now asking if anyone else is familiar with bonding over old-school porn with buddies, he’s citing Jimmy Kimmel and “Sexboat” and Dominic is jumping in as he’s seen it too, this is wonderful.

Dominic is now sharing some anecdotes/opinions about Jimmy Kimmel and it’s equally great.

Dominic is now telling his “attic full of porn” story and some details about the plot and actors of the movie he was talking about earlier.


2nd story is on the rising narcissism traits in society, Alison is reading the details and now Adam is off and rolling.

Adam is really going off and explaining how society used to keep people in check with some prime examples that really prove his point and the audience seems to love it.

Adam is now listing his gay porn names and Dominic is getting them to use the childhood pet/street name method, some very interesting results.


3rd story is on the Beverly Hills restaurant “Red Medicine” that has a twitter shaming business method for people who no show on reservations.

Dominic is telling the gang about the restaurant and sums up the whole story quite nicely, Adam is now accusing Bryan of selling coke when he admits to having been there himself.

Adam is on an epic riff tying more of his ideas together into one riff/rant, he’s citing clothing sizes and the costume designer Rodney from the Man Show along with his rant about businesses doing things their own way.

Dom is going to attempt to read Adams mind as they wrap the show and Adam is enjoying the result and is having him try again, hilarious reaction from Dominic on this one!

Adam is now calling for a 3rd attempt, Adam gives it to him and follows it up with some addendum questions and it’s almost turned into “Scanners”.

Adam is doing a live read and wrapping the show.