Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/08/2013 – Teresa Strasser, Live from ‘Stand Up Live!’ in Phoenix

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Guest –Teresa Strasser, Live from ‘Stand Up Live!’ in Phoenix

Recorded 04-05-2013 – Release Date 04-08-2013

Production Number #1051

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Adam is now opening the show with an interesting delivery and the whole gang on stage including OG member Teresa Strasser.

Adam is now riffing on the Phoenix Suns, citing them as the laziest team name in NBA history and now he’s complimenting AZ on their realistic approach to landscaping.

Adam is getting a hilarious update from Teresa on her big move, he’s got a funny negative spin for every bit of good news and happiness she has for her life in her new city.


Adam and T are now recapturing that old magic with some great cul-de-sac humor, Alison jumps in with a well-timed one liner then a “catty corner” follow up, indeed!

Adam and T are now riffing about the “Seasonal Jews” who migrate through Arizona annually.

Adam, Alison and T are all bonding over some good Jewish themed riffs.


Audience Questions.

1st question from Isaac, Adam is now riffing on the simultaneously most Jewish and black first name, this is gold.

Adam is continuing to mock Isaac with a hilarious pro marriage equality riff in reply to his marriage announcement.

Adam is now going off on couples who sit side by side in a booth when dining out, he’s now spiraled off into a tangent about toboggans, and he’s explaining his theory on the job of the two middle guys to the local audience and T.


Isaac wants advice for his honeymoon, he wants to know if they should just relax or pack it full of activities. Adam is giving his ideal type of vacation activities, wow!

Adam, Alison and T are now riffing on the herpes medication commercials, this is perfection.

They’ve now inspired Adam to improv a bit where he’s an agent explaining to his male client that the role of concerned dude in the herpes commercial is no longer in his wheelhouse and he needs to move onto ED/prostate medication commercials.

Adam’s quotes about the jam band are amazing, he’s now telling the gang about his own honeymoon and his one liner about his “what if” reaction to the cancelled fishing trip is equally epic.


T just led Adam to his “square footage and two TiVo” advice for a happy marriage, she’s finally been able to take advantage of it herself and feels Adam didn’t truly emphasize how life changing it is.

Adam is now riffing on the hotel room alarm clock and his attempts to reposition it so it makes sense for his use while he’s in town.


2nd question from Matt, he wants to know why Adam doesn’t move to Houston with how much he seems to dislike Los Angeles.

Adam is now mocking him for leaving Houston to find a place hotter and his non-Houston like work, Matt is rolling with it and his replies are pretty great.

T has Adam now on a roll about his possible options for relocating but he can’t get past leaving his super garage and underwater bar behind. Adam is now explaining an interesting age marker comparison between himself and Jim Carolla.


Adam and T deliver the punch line in unison, Alison is chiming in and this is another killer bit.

Adam is joking about the mock custody battle his parents had, BB has a killer one liner and notices Adam’s use of the term “Striking Distance” and Adam correctly ID’s it as a Bruce Willis movie.


3rd question from Rob, all the way from Cincinnati. He’s had too much Mangria and asks BB to ask his question for him. T is sharing her own warning from Mike August about the delightful substance and Adam has an insane alternate name for it.

Rob wants to know if Mangria could mellow out a country like North Korea, Adam is now riffing on the new leader and his appearance, this is gold.

Adam is still riffing on the potential assassination implications Kim Jong Un’s head presents with a killer one liner about Abe Lincoln’s “angelfish”.


Adam is plugging T’s hit syndicated show “The List” and now she’s congratulating Alison on her engagement (aw!) and Adam has a solid one liner about their marriage survival odds.

Alison is now asking them a question about her parenting potential based on how she reacts to caring for her dog. T has a killer one liner about her son, Adam chimes in and she’s rolling with it.

Adam is now telling the gang about Molly and taking her for walks with her single ear and the questions he gets from passersby, he’s joking about all the ways she didn’t lose her ear and Alison is right in step.


Adam is now riffing with T about putting your house up to pay for dog surgeries, T is asking about Molly’s insulin shots and Adam is telling her about the “in your village” riff with his kids nanny “Olga”.

Adam is telling the gang about running into a guy from his high school who he only remembered due to his missing digit, Adam’s quote about trying to make lemonade is gold.

They’re all riffing on excuses for men not to wear rings and Alison has a personal story about her own parents. Adam is now offering some controversial advice and showing the gang his fucked up knuckle.

Alison and T have now lead Adam to the story of his palm cyst from years of holding focus pads, he’s explaining the rarely told story of how it finally burst before his surgery.


Adam’s quotes about the little people basketball game and long lost details are incredible, he’s even citing the loveline episodes where Dr. Drew tried to drain it live on air with a large bore syringe.

Adam is now going off on the “underpants removed for palm surgery” part of the story and has some brand new one liners about being old fashioned while unconscious around a group of dudes.

T’s and Alison’s reactions are priceless. Alison wants to know about changing lanes while driving and now Adam is on a crazy riff about his driving abilities and various moves, Alison confirms it.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Mike Rice and the videos of him abusing players at Rutgers. Adam is now riffing on the physical and sometimes homoerotic nature of basketball, this episode is too funny!

Adam is telling the gang about his old coach that would throw his used chewing tobacco at the kids, Alison wants to know what inspires people to become coaches.

T is now jumping in with some related details about Rutgers University and the controversy surrounding the institution.


Adam is now on an epic riff about his rider and the oatmeal cookies, he’s got a great quote about Mike August being his pilot fish.

Alison and T are weighing in and Adam has another good response about cheese cubes.


2nd story is on Justin Beiber’s pet monkey that was quarantined upon entry to Germany, Adam has an immediate hilarious response to the idea of Justin owning a monkey.

Adam is pitching him as our next Michael Jackson, Alison and T are agreeing and helping him riff on ways to help Justin fulfill this destiny.

They’re now on a “Ferris Wheel” tangent in response to a throwaway joke from Ace, this is such good stuff.


Alison just sent Adam off on a “rope bridge” tangent within a tangent, this is brand new original comedic genius, too much funny to quote. Nice work Alison!

Adam is dropping amazing quotes left and right, Alison is sharing an anecdote about catching a few scenes from a movie in her hotel. Adam somehow conjures that it was a movie starring Bindi Irwin and he’s now on a dark riff.

Alison is now sharing another gem about buying Tina Yothers guide for girls, they’ve fired up a picture of the cover and this show just keeps getting better.


3rd story is on Game of Thrones season 3 setting the online piracy record, Adam is now joking about liking the show if pirates are involved.

Alison and T are both hooked on the show and Adam is now preemptively objecting to the “but there are titties in it” argument.

Adam is now calling out Jim Kimmel and the 30min conversation he made Adam endure about the series.

Adam is now addressing Jimmy’s dad who is in the audience, T has a great reaction and he’s now having a very funny back and forth with the gang.


Adam is now joking about Jimmy Kimmel, Huey Lewis, Chris Bianco and Cousin Sal all out fly fishing. Adam is explaining how he figured out why they go fly fishing and how it’s all because Huey is into it.

Jim is now sharing some insider details about Huey Lewis requiring his guests to prove they can “cast” before bedtime.

Adam is calling for a round of applause for the “penis and vagina that created Jimmy Kimmel” and he’s now explaining how they’re much better parents to him than his own parents.


4th story is on a Georgia school finally having its first mixed race prom, Adam is disgusted by the racial segregation while calling for his “Black Florida Proms of the 1980’s” coffee table book.

Adam has a crazy joke that even T has to make note of, Alison is reading the bizarre details of the school and its controversial prom decisions from past years.

Alison wants to know how important proms actually are, T is sharing her unfortunate details and Alison is giving her equally sad variant. Adam is mocking BB’s story and Adam is sharing the details of his prom date who had a very unfortunate fate.

Adam is now on a crazy tangent about aiming for prom dates and citing the YouTube videos where people request celebrities to accompany them. T is getting Adam to share some long lost details about Jenny and their one date.


Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is launching into his craziest live read of the night, he’s incorporating newlywed Isaac’s corporation and Adam is finally acknowledging his comedic roll.

Adam is being interrupted by some “craft” brewers and he’s got a crazy reply about what their beer tastes like.


5th story is on Nelson Georgia where they require heads of households to own guns, Adam is now riffing on Georgia and the fine print rules about mentally disabled people owning guns.

Alison has a killer one liner about junk fiddling, T’s reactions are solid and Adam is making some funny points.

Adam is doing a “Hulu Plus” live read and wrapping the show with some plugs, he’s got a funny comment about BB’s schedule and a perfect closing that included the whole gang!


Flawless Episode