Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/06/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 132

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/06/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 132

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 03-31-2014 – Release Date 04-06-2014

Production Number #132 Addictive Personality Traits

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Adam is opening the show with an impassioned thank you for the fans who share the show, Drew is lamenting a different type of fan, the one in the doorway cooling them off due to the malfunctioning AC that is under repair.

Adam is explaining why white noise doesn’t bump him nor his hyper vigilance, he’s citing the blood test/work up advice from their last episode, and Adam is saying that parents should work up their kids, to see where they’re at.

Adam is explaining his childhood need for white noise and something to tune out the annoyances, Adam and drew are now making points about education and how ridiculous it is to heard all humans through the same system and towards the same goals.


Adam is making a point about his dad being ushered into trade school straight from high school, Adam has a “prepare to go to the moon” analogy for the apocalypse and he’s riffing about life with locusts instead of a mystery trip to the moon where nobody is going.

Adam is using this as a metaphor for his friends and him in school, everyone thought they were going to college, almost nobody did.

Drew is making a point about ecology and the quest to genetically engineer plants, he’s making a larger point about GMO’s, the progression of science and the hypocrisy among people.


Adam is now tying it all together, he’s making a point about the left and how they pray to science when it comes to Global Warming but when it comes to AIDS statistics, 3rd hand smoke and GMO’s they ignore science, Adam is perfectly summing up left wing hypocrisy.

Drew is now taking it to the topic of climate change, Drew is asking Adam his take on global warming, Adam is explaining he thinks that humans aren’t nearly as impactful as we think we are, he thinks we contribute but calls anything more than that a bizarre form of narcissism.

Drew is citing the U.N. study predicting Armageddon and the BBC interview with a scientist to debunked most of that and resigned from the U.N. science committee just for that reason.


Adam is advocating LED lighting instead of conventional lighting, tapping into the natural gas supply and other domestic options we now have.

Adam is saying we can buy ourselves 30 years until the solar, battery and algae technology is ready to take over, Adam is now citing his time at the vintage race a couple weeks back.

Adam was asking him about his profession, Dave, Adam says he’s always interested in what these guys do and how they have this time to focus on racing, Drew implies he wishes he knew too in a slightly dismissive tone and Adam checks him.


Dave ran a company that does fracking, Adam asked him what was up and got his firsthand frustration as someone struggling with a proven technology that has a smear campaign in society.

Adam says battery technology is key, he’s bringing up his history of flying model planes, and the last time on record was like 2000, he’s citing the changes in the industry from gas to electric.

Adam and Drew are referencing the Classic Loveline where Adam discussed his crashes “turbine” aircraft and the search to find its smoldering wreckage, super rare!


Adam is bringing up the battery technology of 2000, 12-16 C batteries daisy chained together and shrink-wrapped, he’s explaining how it made it vastly more difficult to fly due to the weight.

Adam is explaining the evolution of the “sport” and how in 14yrs they now have battery powered models that use thumb sized batteries and how they’ve now taken over the industry.

Adam is using Tesla motors to explain how battery technology has benefited us all and will continue to do so, he’s saying a decade from now we’ll really be talking.


Drew is bringing up how the grid to produce electricity uses as much or more “dirty power” to provide voltage to electric vehicles, Adam is bringing up his interview with Al Gore from the KLSX morning show on November 22nd 2006.

Adam is telling Drew about punishing himself with a spoiled chicken burrito that he forced himself to eat due to his intolerance for waste, Olga was mystified and now Drew is launching into a live read for and has the “officer” mix-up that comes up every time.

Adam is taking it back to the rotten burrito and he says he was pissed off because someone left it in his fridge for a week, Adam says it was 8$ and says it wasn’t about the money, it was the energy, he would have gladly paid 8$ more to magically return the ingredients to the restaurant.

Adam is making a point about all the energy used to create things, “why must you paying for it be a prerequisite to care?” – Adam

Adam is bringing up the hotel check out and how he doubled back to remove the “do not disturb” sign to help the maid so she wouldn’t be confused, he’s bringing up the way he grabs his hotel room door to stop the noise of the pneumatic closer that makes the “Kashunk”.

Adam is arguing with Drew about out of it people, he says they’re very awake when it’s their shit, just not others.


Drew tries to launch into a live read, Adam shakes it off and is now jumping in and doing a Bark Box live read after Drew teases a huge topic.

Adam jokes that he ads the “A” in US of A, he’s that much of a patriot.

Adam is sharing his temptation to eat “cheese treats” from Bark Box that were left out by his door, Drew is bringing up the time Adam used “Bondo” to treat a zit.

Drew “YOU BURNED YOUR FACE!” hilarious live read!


Drew is bringing up “Belle Knox” and they’re joking with producer Gary about his knowledge of her work, Drew says that nobody interviews better than Stern, except Adam.

Drew is explaining his reaction to her interview with Stern, he’s addressing some of her comments and claims with reality.

Drew is bringing up his HLN program and how he brought Belle on with Jennie Ketcham from, he’s bringing up the argument and how he used their classic loveline “cyanide pill” reaction to witnessing their daughter living like Belle.

Drew is bringing up how Belle used twitter followers and her audience on Stern to throw Drew under the bus for his comments, Adam is now bringing up the notion of empowerment.


Adam is asking how much more empowering can take place when women are more than half of the population, many women run countries, Margaret Thatcher 30yrs ago.

Adam is saying he’s not saying there isn’t some place /ground to make up for women, but he’s citing how most college students are women and he’s refuting the 70 cents theory.

Adam has a killer “one white dude” who fires all other men and staffs his fortune 500 company with women to save 25% on salary.


Adam says that you’re not reclaiming anything if you’re a black man sagging your pants, hilarious looking at your asshole comedy.


Drew is arguing against Belle’s math for paying back her tuition and bringing up her dad, he agrees with her that her father is a war hero and shouldn’t have to put up with any bullshit.

Drew is explaining to Adam why Belle has now gone public with her story after being outed on campus, Adam is following up and says there is a way to make things go away, appearing on Stern is not that way.

Drew says he’s now labeled a sexist, misogynist father hater and Adam says there used to be a time where in order to be an arsonist you had to set at least one fire and to be a misogynist you had to do something that had a negative impact on a woman to be called that.


Drew says he doesn’t like bullshit, Adam tells him to chomp down on that cyanide pill now, we live in the age of BS.

Drew is bringing up the reality of sexually acting out and Adam tells him to thicken up his skin, that’s just that!


1st Caller Constantino, he’s a Superfan and runs a Zorbas in SFO, he’s bringing up how he volunteered for the SFO wine riot event and his specialty Mangria pizza.

Constantino wants to know what the best move is for him and his wife, they’re both holding advanced degrees and want to know if they have kids now and wait to advance in their careers or wait for kids.

Drew is offering up the actual new element of Constantino’s classic dilemma, freezing some of his wife’s embryos and Drew says there is no perfect time for anything, birth, life nor death.


Adam is bringing up how his kids are now into his new TV show “Catch a Contractor” and he says he likes to see his daughter suck up to him.

Adam says it’s just him being on TV, Drew jokes that there is a giant metaphor about women there and Adam says its how women are wired, Drew corrects him that she’s a child, so it’s how females are wired, not how males are wired.

Adam is bringing up how saying there are differences between men and women makes you misogynistic, he’s making a point about all the other creatures and species of earth that have differences between the genders, how come humans are so special?


Adam and Drew argue it’s narcissism to and grandiosity to think we are the exception, Drew is citing his “female is the superior version of the human” theory and Adam is arguing against him.

Drew doesn’t finish his point about the X chromosome vs. the Y and how much more potential women have due to the dual X, while the Y has been diminishing over the past 10k years, limiting the raw material that makes up men.

Adam argues we’re different, not better, not worse, different strengths and weaknesses.


Drew is bringing up a caller who dropped off, he was asking about the most recent episode of “Catch a Contractor” with the “Floyds’” and how they were unhappy with the work.

Adam is bringing up the idea of someone being pissy about the free remodeling you just did as you’re still their finishing up, Adam calls it an epidemic.

Gary is now on mic and they’re joking about their son “Jarvis” named after Iron Man’s computer system?


Adam is bringing up the different stories he got from the homeowners and the contractor, Adam is arguing against the “I don’t know why you are confronting me” response from liars.

Adam says you can’t make him feel like an asshole, it’s impossible to make him feel a way about himself that he doesn’t deserve.

Drew says he feels responsible for critiques and attacks, Adam says he does too, but we are going to need to address it now and get it over with.


Drew is now doing a live read and Adam is taking it back to his hypothetical Maxipada is upset about today scenario.

Adam is sharing the response he would give and that even paints him as a kind person, he’s saying it has a time limit and if it keeps going, he will then say fuck off and doesn’t have time for that, he’s now dead to Adam and nothing else that comes out of his mouth is valid.


2nd Caller Jeremy, his grandmother is in the hospital and some of his relatives couldn’t make it to see her, he wants to know why he and his sister don’t seem to have the genetic material for addiction.

Drew is now sharing the average rate for transmission that comes from the genes of your parents relating to addiction.

Adam is now explaining it with a coin toss/random events segregating non-randomly analogy, Drew is sharing the exceptions to the rule for genetic transmission.

Drew is telling Jeremy not to be so negative about the addicts in his family, Drew has a point about addicts being good people, and Adam has a killer reply about drinking more than his entire family and being vastly superior to them.


Adam and Drew both don’t know where we would be without the addicts in history who helped get society this far.

Adam is now doing a draft kings live read.

They’re giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.