Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/05/2013 – Neal Brennan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest –Neal Brennan

Recorded 04-04-2013 – Release Date 04-05-2013

Production Number #1050

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Adam is opening the show with a thank you in advance for people sharing this episode with a friend and Alison is jumping in to declare it officially not a good day due to her GPS troubles.

Adam is now presenting an idea about women and crying at the workplace, BB has a well-timed point and Adam tops it with a killer reply literally wiping Bryan’s face in it.


Adam is now sharing some recent events with the gang, he literally just said the term recent events as I was typing it, Great Magnet!

Adam is telling the gang about the proposed 3rd show in Phoenix due to the high sales for the first two, Adam is now launching into a bit of a rant about the alcohol laws between states.

Adam is now telling everyone an in depth explanation of what Rob had to do for the pirate ship in order to supply the Mangria for the Arizona fans.


Bryan is now sharing an anecdote about transporting beer in his fraternity days, Adam is back to the demand he put on Rob and how he totally came through for the team.

Adam is quoting Lynette while explaining their discussion about Rob, Adam is now on a different jag about people listing their personal sacrifices in order to gain “emotional currency”.

Bryan is now sharing the ending of his beer story.


Adam is telling the gang about how he loves it when fans alert him how science and modern thought prove him right.

Adam is now referencing a cracked.com article about studies regarding over conditioning and cleaning being detrimental to health or infective at best.

Alison is reading the quotes and Adam is getting defensive about being considered gross and it’s hilarious!


Adam is now off on a semi related tangent about Chap Stick and other products that encourage constant use, He’s now using a party from Dr. Drew’s house from a decade ago with a psychic to seal his point.

Alison is chiming in and they’re riffing on all the things women are told by psychics that tap into inherent human narcissism, nice work from Alison on this one.

Adam is now suggesting a great idea for someone’s next party, its complex and involves hiring a heavyset female improv professional, the twist involving the I beam is insane.


They’re doing a great Elliot Gould infused Go to my Pc live read, Adam is now sharing some unknown details about Elliot’s ride home with assistant Jay, good stuff.


They’re back from break with a “spirited” listener voicemail and Neal Brennan making his debut appearance on the ACS.

Adam is asking Neal about his former comedy partner Dave Chappelle right off the bat, impressive.

Neal is being very fair and honest, very interesting insight and clarification about Dave’s persona.


Adam is now asking Neal about how he originally met Dave and his own origins in standup, Adam is now making an interesting claim about black guys knowing what they want to do in life sooner than white guys on average.

Neal is now on a funny riff about the average black man not being allowed time to “find himself”, Adam seems to appreciate it and he’s working it into black standup comedians who started in their early teens riff.

Neal now has an equally blunt question for Adam about performing, Adam is now explaining how his comedic talents became a commodity and how the people you surround yourself can limit you.


Adam is now further elaborating and explaining the nature of his family, BB is now playing the drops of Adam’s mom from the morning show and Alison is having Adam clarify the differences between his mom and dad’s morning show visits.

Adam is now sharing two of his funniest anecdotes about his dad not knowing the recording time for Loveline and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Adam is now sharing the classic “Jon Stewart VHS” story about his mom losing interest in his work when she realized he was a contemporary of Adam’s.


What Can’t Adam Complain About

1st caller Matt, Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Adam is taking the angle of it no longer being “jackable” and using HBO’s “Real Sex” to drive his point home.


2nd caller Mike, Pop Warner football. Adam is starting the rant with a pro Pop Warner explanation and working in his probably world record length dislocated shoulder story.


3rd caller Paul, Summer BBQ’s with Mangria, Adam is taking the angle of becoming like a dealer who’s breaking into his own stash and describing backyard BBQ’s as never being worth all the steps to set them up.

Adam has a killer “Yellow Jacket” riff and great analogy for what they’re like, Neal has a great point about eating indoors and Adam is now back to the Yellow Jackets.

Adam is now taking this on a crazy tangent and its Ace Awards 2013 material, hilarious blue angles and cop riff.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the death of Roger Ebert, she’s explaining how her original top story was going to be on his “leave of presence” and quickly shifted to this.

Adam is now riffing on the Cush lifestyle of a movie critic and his joy to have been part of “At the movies”.

BB is sharing some personal love for the man and Neal is appreciating Adam’s level of respect for the show, Neal is sharing his own Ebert review for his film “The Goods”.


Adam is going off on the star rating system, Alison has a great personal anecdote and now Adam is working in his “non ID gig” on “Red Handed” and how it blew up in his face.

Alison is asking the gang about scripted and polished content vs. off the cuff material like that of podcasts, she recently was told it’s best to kill any project that doesn’t fully represent your ideas/standards.

Adam is now sharing the story of the time he told his late grandpa Lotzi about his first appearance on Hollywood Squares.


2nd story is on North Korea and their recent threats about targeting the United States.

Adam is now disputing all the arguments about America and its use of nuclear devices, Neal seems to agree and they’re just making good points left and right.

Adam is riffing on the chubby puss of their dear leader and Alison is reading the details of the latest threats along with her “The Day After” style flashbacks to the 1980’s fears of nuclear annihilation.

Adam is now making some very compelling arguments about it now being “one world” and he’s “blaming” the internet for it but in a positive way.


He’s using this to essentially explain and embrace the internet mindset of using the collective good will and intentions across the globe to discourage douchey behavior and sabre rattling.

Adam is now alleviating Alison’s fears by using “Army of Darkness” and the USA as Ash to explain the technological imbalance between the sane and insane forces on this planet.

Adam is now going off on the Soviet Union and how everything was put on hold because of their war mongering, Neal and Adam are citing the body count of Stalin and seem to be in agreement again.