Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/04/2013 – Breckin Meyer Live from Amalfi

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Guest – Breckin Meyer Live from Amalfi

Recorded 04-03-2013 – Release Date 04-04-2013

Production Number #1049

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Adam is now opening the show with Breckin making his first appearance, Adam is explaining why he always stumbles with Breckin’s name.

Adam and Breckin are now discussing the last place they ran into each other, they’re now bonding over being the lowest rung of celebrities at Kimmel’s Howard Stern party.

Adam is now asking for some tips on etiquette when dealing with “out of it” people, he’s now citing some of his classic examples and working some new smoking while sleeping and sleeping while driving tangents.


Breckin is making a good point about zoning out and forgetting actions while driving, Bryan is sharing an anecdote of almost falling asleep at the wheel during college and Adam is now on a great riff.

Adam is working into a topic involving Mike August, Bryan is now throwing him off with an alarm clock tangent.

Adam is now sharing the details of his preshow phone call with Mike August and the confusing interruptions mid lecturing.


Adam is now describing the new “no right on red” enforcement on his block, he’s going in depth on his reaction to Prius drivers and how he tries to predict who will use their better judgment and disobey the sign.

Adam is going in depth on traffic enforcement and his standard gripes, Breckin is sharing his experience as a motorcyclist and the bizarre sights he’s witnessed.

Adam is now using the lack of the “down low courtesy wave” from motorcyclists splitting traffic as an indicator for the downfall of society.


Alison has an amazing quote describing what placing an ad in “The Recycler” means about your position in life and feelings about it. Adam is now going further in depth on his experiences with buying and selling items.

Adam is now sharing the details of the time Danny Bonaduce showed up late for the morning show in 2007 and claimed he dumped his motorcycle on the way in.

BB is now weighing in and backing Adam up, Adam is asking for everyone to give their take based on the evidence of what happened.


Adam is now referencing his recent eating of shit in his entry way due to the “fucking yoga dildo tube” he stepped on, Breckin’s reaction is solid and now Adam is spelling out the details of what happened.

Adam is now finishing up his description of Bonaduce’s adventure and how his possible deception only made Adam’s respect increase.

Breckin is now sharing an anecdote about pitching shows and commuting on his motorcycle despite it not being allowed at many studio lots.

Adam is now riffing on the security lot arms and calling them the pine equivalent to someone blowing a whistle, genius!


They’re going even further in depth on studio lots and parking attendants, Adam is now sharing the anecdote of the time he came a little close to a pedestrian in his ultra-manly mini cooper.

Adam has a hilarious set of two options for what the guy might have been up to, Breckin has some great reactions and funny one liners.

Adam’s quotes about his replies to the “almost victim” when he ran into him at the guard shack are amazing.


Alison’s News

Alison is first bringing up something personal in order to publicly shame herself, she’s now citing Adam’s 1k per year wedding dress plan.

Alison is now explaining her efforts to hide treats and unhealthy food from her easy access and her even greater lengths to then shame eat said food.

Adam is now tying it into his “Shabbos goyim” riff and has a hilarious “manischewitz daiquiri” one liner.


Adam is now sharing a nice anecdote about a nightly walk with Sonny and his super cute comment about a crow they observed.

Breckin actually has a tattoo depicting a bird and a branch, Adam is now calling his perceived bluff and Breckin is breaking out the guns, hilarious drop work from BB and a killer Bonaduce callback from Breckin.


Alison’s top story is on the official announcement from NBC about Fallon taking over the Tonight Show from Jay Leno and the move back to NYC.

Adam is lamenting the last minute calls from The Tonight Show that he’ll miss once the show moves and swaps hosts.

Alison is asking Adam if he’s ever met Lorne Michaels and she’s now jumping in to help explain how Adam often doesn’t remember meeting famous people and now he’s citing his “it’s nice to meet you” Janeane Garofalo incident from Classic Loveline.


They’re all now riffing on mistaken identity and Breckin is proving to be an amazing guest.

Adam is now sharing two brief anecdotes about fan encounters, he’s citing the recent McCarran airport incident with Drew and the Atlantic City elevator incident.


2nd story is on the Kevin Ware injury, Adam wants to serve him with a class action lawsuit and Alison is reading the details of his reaction to the injury and footage.

Adam and Breckin have a great reaction to his “everything happens for a reason” reaction.

Breckin is killing it describing “God’s Plan” and Adam seems to be enjoying the riff, this is gold!

Alison is sharing an anecdote of an accidental fart at target while a freshman in college, Adam and Breckin are now tying it back into “God’s Plan”.


Alison is wrapping the news and Breckin is paying tribute to his mom on her birthday, Adam is jumping in and they’re riffing about Breckin’s brother not having any TV shows.

Adam is now doing a killer live read with some comedy assistance courtesy of Breckin and now he’s wrapping the show.