Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/03/2013 – Chad Kultgen and Tyler Balliet

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Chad Kultgen and Tyler Balliet

Recorded 04-02-2013 – Release Date 04-03-2013

Production Number #1048

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Adam is opening the show with a funny “thank you for telling a friend” intro, hilarious quotes. He’s got a funny comment about his “one black fan” from each show and a clever mistress comparison.

Adam is now sharing the details of his business lunch at the Roosevelt with Mike August and his ironic phone call with Mike Lynch as he was pulling in.

Adam is now explaining the two soup choices and he’s on an epic analogy filled riff about tomato soup, he’s calling it the “Reggae of soups” and has also dubbed it “a situational soup” Alison is chiming and making it gold.

Adam is telling the gang about the spirited discussion and the sales pitch from the potential sponsor, it was an empty restaurant and the waitress chose to sit the only other patron right next to their party.


Tyler Balliet is now calling into the show, he’s in charge of the Boston Wine Riot and is telling Adam how it works.

Adam is now on a roll about the consumption of red wine equating to “non-troublemaker” status and Tyler is telling the gang about the “fake tattoos” and Adam is hearing “Steak Tattoo”, this is great!

Tyler’s getting some final plugs in and now they’re wrapping up with him.


Adam is now asking the gang what he should do with Dr.Drew, he’s got a hilarious setup and is now explaining what’s up. Adam is working in a boxing analogy to help explain the passage of time.

Adam is describing Drew as a “Possessed Maniac” and Adam as “The Navigator” while describing their run through traffic, Adam has a hilarious aside about Drew stopping to appreciate Adam’s encouragement, awesome!

Adam is explaining how he hates it when people attempt to make him feel guilty or use their family to attempt to shame him. He’s now working in to how he wants Drew to prepare more topics for their live shows.


Adam is explaining how Drew’s son was ill while they were prepping the live show and the Tony Robbins style pep talk he gave him. Alison has a great reaction to Adam’s brilliance and there is a nice moment where Adam basks in the compliment.

Adam is now getting into the “Adam and Dr. Drew Show” tapings from earlier in the day, episodes #31 with Gary Anthony Williams and #32 with Shawn Green.

Adam is now having producer Gary get on mic to confirm some of the things Drew can’t help himself from doing including moving his microphone and slamming his headphones during Adam’s closing “Mahalo”. – Superfan Sidenote I actually saw the live tapings of both of these episodes and can concur as well.


Adam is now going off on Drew’s old surveys for his narcissism study and his reaction to Drew claiming he couldn’t see the guests filling out the forms.

Alison is asking Adam how his “taking his hands off the wheel” policy works and he’s describing it as the most effective way to get people to do things but that it only works if you’re really good/essential at what you do.

Bryan is now chiming in to further elaborate on the narcissism surveys at Loveline, nice work BB! Adam is now comparing Drew’s need to have someone angry at him to someone needing their testicles crushed with high heels, amazing quotes between Adam and Alison.

Bryan is now joining Adam for a reenactment of his first 3 years at Loveline, after a couple attempts Adam is now trying to give BB’s role as Dr. Drew to Alison and she nails it.


Adam is now doing a live read and transitioning to the entries from the latest Go To Meeting contest for a free iPad, this one is hilarious and has a dark twist, do not miss it!


Chad is now joining the show for his first appearance, he’s telling Adam about his book “The Average American Marriage” and their teasing getting to his script for “Burt Wonderstone”.

Adam and Chad are going in depth on the network television process and how it effects the outcome of creative ideas, Adam is bringing up details of the NBC and CBS pilot experiences.

Adam is really going off and getting into some behind the scenes info, good stuff.


Adam is now asking Chad about “Burt Dickinson” his original script, Chad is telling the gang the original plot and the changes that were made to the story.

Adam is now sharing how he and Jimmy had to send a script to be punched up by one of Sandler’s guys and the outcome from that.

Adam is going further in depth on how multiple writers end up ruining most productions, he’s using his classic wall paper example and Alison is joining him for a funny back and forth.


Alison’s News

Her top story on is on CBS declaring they don’t regret banning the footage of the Kevin Ware injury, Alison and Adam both got burned by the clip and Adam fell for a clever rouse.

Adam is now calling for a “link clicker” to follow in the footsteps of the guy who breaks in his shoes, Adam has a hilarious Robert Schimmel reference.

Alison is now explaining how she was tricked into seeing the footage, everyone has a great reaction to her initial explanation.


Alison is now reading the statement from CBS and has an interesting question about why they felt the need to defend their decision and you can hear Adam gritting his teeth in response to this story.

Adam has an amazing description of the range of human behavior and now he’s launching into a larger point about people and what they’re capable of.

Adam is citing the “Dateline” stories on people hiring strangers to murder their spouses, this is a killer story/segment!


Alison is now asking/telling Adam about his empathic nature being the reason he has such a visceral reaction to viscera.

Adam is now giving some personal advice to the audience, he seems to be hinting around something we can all figure out. He’s explaining how we should all aim to be fair, Adam is describing how he calibrated himself to be fair in great detail.


2nd story is on a mother who was arrested for trying to sell her kids on Facebook, Adam declares that there has never been a less attractive woman with an attractive name as her.

Alison is now reading the prices and details of the story, Adam is now reminding the audience that robots are our future and not kids.

Adam has a great one liner about the value of this woman’s eggs should she choose to “donate” them and Alison’s funny interruption results in a new nickname.


3rd story is on the suicide of the doctor who oversaw the contestants on the French version of “Survivor”, Adam has an immediate hilarious reply, Alison is trying to read more details and BB slides in with a great reaction.

Adam is now looking at a photo of the deceased contestant and is on a riff about “metrosexual” style screwing up the societal gaydar.

Adam is now shitting on Alison’s point, the description of what kind it will be is so funny my face hurts from laughing, BB and Alison jump in and really make it great.


Adam is now riffing on “The Village People” and Chad is jumping in with some assists, Adam is really stuck on the one guy in the group who didn’t seem to have an actual profession.

Alison is now reading experts from his suicide note and Adam is now trying to further establish if the doctor was married or had children.

Adam is doing a live read and Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is now wrapping the show.