Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/01/2013 – Brian Whitman and Ray Oldhafer

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Brian Whitman

Recorded 03-28-2013 – Release Date 04-01-2013

Production Number #1045

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Adam is opening the show explaining Brian Whitman’s role on the old KLSX show as “Fake Leykis” and now BB is stepping in to help explain the context with the classic drops.

Adam is telling the gang about his Easter holiday spent with Jimmy Kimmel’s family, he’s explaining his own family’s lethargy and “tactics” to avoid holiday celebrations.

Adam is further elaborating on Kimmel and his wonderful family, he’s now in character as adult Sonny reacting to the office environment of a new job, gold!

Ray is now joining the gang in studio, Adam is surprised and there is some hilarious confusion up top.


Ace on The House

Bryan has the first question, he’s a homeowner and has an issue with the fence outside his home. Adam is explaining what he’s dealing with and nullifying BB’s defensive/guilty replies.

They’re all doing a funny riff on the pronunciation of the word white, Family Guy –esque and Adam has a killer one liner to close it out.


1st caller Adam has inherited a garage full of collectibles and needs advice on trophy style shelving, Adam has a hilarious riff on the idea of life having a tail.

They’re now discussing foggy/used plastic drinking containers and the unusual repurposed toys that Ray’s mom used in place of actual cups or glasses. Adam is going super in depth and Ray is jumping in, some rare old anecdotes and information.

Hilarious “protopon” one liner during a funny riff about one off parts always costing more, Adam is now explaining his “fudge packer” rival team gear for people playing the Packers in NFL games.


2nd caller Tyler, 3 for 3 on the homeowners. He has some scratches in his “Freedom Doors” from his dogs and needs Adam’s advice.

Adam is going in depth on “kick plates” and the varieties of finishes and metal options. Adam is explaining how people tend to skimp on the gutters and smaller details of their house, he’s got a great wedding day analogy.


3rd caller Matt, was told that his grout had sealant infused, Adam and Ray are explaining it probably is but it wouldn’t hurt to add a layer. Adam is joking about Ray doing “Crank Yankers” and Ray is firing back a bit.

Adam is now relating an anecdote of witnessing an argument at the post office where a woman was using oddly specific phrasing and now Adam is quoting the woman and it’s great.

Adam is explaining how he uses carnauba wax on his kitchen counters, he’s got a hilarious back and forth with Alison, calling back some recent comments from a previous episode.


Adam is now telling the gang about Sonny’s front tooth falling out and visit from the Tooth Fairy, Alison wants an update on “Sonny Gate 2013” and Ray is asking some serious questions.

Adam is now explaining how the worst adults are essentially children and has a series of amazing quotes about human nature while citing examples from his life and raising his own kids.


Brian Whitman is now joining the podcast for his first visit, he was a veteran of the morning show with many appearances on the original KLSX.

Adam is telling Brian he was one of the guys he liked from the KLSX era, Brian is now telling Adam about his show and explaining how he hates the term “progressive”.

Adam and Brian are actually going in depth on politics and core values, not at all what I had expected, not one Leykis drop yet. This is very impressive.


Adam is now explaining the psychological warfare tactics he employed into preventing a second year of the ACS with Danny Bonaduce, he’s now revealing contract negotiation details that haven’t ever quite been spelled out in this way before.

Adam is now explaining the “Sick Out” as it’s sometimes referred to and why he didn’t pick up the phone to even Babydoll and how that’s where the psychological twist came into play.

Adam is now explaining how Kimmel actually walked to his house in order to get Adam to finally pick up the phone. Alison is asking Bryan about doing the ACS without Adam and he’s now reliving the events and Dawson is chiming in too.


Brian wants Adam’s thoughts on if crazy people are drawn to radio or if radio makes people crazy, Adam has some surprising comments in reply.

Adam is now riffing on the vitriol of radio station vending machines and kitchen areas, he’s citing the angry notes, Brian and Alison are jumping in and it’s great.

Adam, Bryan and Brian are now talking about the two characters who would funk up the kitchen at KLSX and Dawson is now chiming in too.


Adam and Brian are now doing a “Crockpots and Headphones” in the morning riff, Alison is stepping in as “Connie” and its magic.

Adam is doing an amazing Godaddy.com live read with Fake Tom Leykis aka Brian Whitman.

Adam is now telling the gang about Brian’s relationship with Tom Leykis along with his position in the radio world at the time. Brian is explaining how he was compelled to do the impression and how he’s known Jack Silver since he was 18.

Brian is sharing the long lost details of the legal threats that lead to the end of his fake Tom Leykis podcast and his own spiral into drug addiction.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on a ballpark implementing the first urinal gaming system, she’s describing how it works and Adam has some funny replies.

Adam is sharing his new idea about wearing a prosthetic dong in public places in order to start a rumor campaign. Alison is making a great point about the lack of privacy in men’s bathrooms.


2nd story is on new study that finds men’s testosterone drops in the presence of their friend’s spouses.

Adam is explaining why he thinks it’s accurate and Alison is getting him to elaborate. Adam is explaining how men change with age in comparison with the women he knows and has an amazing observation/theory.

Adam is telling the old anecdote of how he couldn’t bring all the guys out with their wives because they couldn’t all get along, unlike the men.



Brian is sharing the story of a phone call from Jack Silver after he was no longer working for the man, BB is stepping in with his great “Fake Jack Silver” and Brian has what Adam says is a perfect Bob Moore impression.

Adam is doing a live read and now they’re commenting on the Brian and Jack morning show promo photo, you can see it via the show page link up top, finally the mystery is solved.

Alison is wrapping the news and now Fake Tom Leykis is joining Adam for another instant classic live read.