Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/30/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 130

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 03-24-2014 – Release Date 03-30-2014

Production Number #130 T.V.

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Adam is opening the show with his standard intro, funny exaggerated voice cracking sigh noise bonus.

Adam is giving out some plugs and they’re praising his new show “Catch a Contractor” and Adam is sharing how the success means they wants 20 more episodes.

Adam is making a point about excessive/redundant shooting and the waste involved in television production, Drew agrees and they’re sharing how they hate the disingenuous bullshit of reality television.


Drew is telling Adam about the lengths he was forced to during the production of Celebrity Rehab, including not looking him in the eye, holy shit!

Adam is asking for clarification and Adam is telling Drew to “Go!” Adam says he can’t have 21hrs of shooting for 20min of product, he’s got realistic expectations and hopes for a 12hr schedule to equal 20min of programing.

Drew is sharing his reaction to a cooked reality show involving realtors, Drew wants to know what people are doing if not making something authentic.


They’re now discussing what the show would be like if Adam actually had time to produce it and spend time in the edit bay, he’s saying that if he saw the great jokes that they cut out of the show he would never stop complaining.

Adam is now doing a live read for Life lock.

Drew is doing his own live read for Hulu Plus, Adam is now talking about an inside sports segment he saw regarding PETA and the living mascot animals used for sports teams.


Adam says the real person suffering is the kid inside the mascot costume, Adam is now saying it may have been an episode of Real Sports.

Adam is now making a point about PETA and causes, Adam and Drew say that everyone with a perpetual new cause is inherently angry and only picks up a cause to express their inner anger.

Adam and Drew are riffing about explaining this to 1780’s Guy from Adam’s show “Too Late” and now Adam is further explaining that this buffalo in question leads a better life than Adam did as a child.


Adam is now making a point about fringe nutjobs, he’s saying his first decree would be “let’s not fucking spin off into outer space” and he’s citing women’s awareness groups and the paths that lose support universally among society.

Adam says these people who spin the causes off into outer space are the angry people in the groups, Drew is telling him about “La Leche” coming down on him after an honest comment on “Teen Mom” about the realities of breast feeding.

Drew says he supports their cause and they attacked him, he’s now sharing a good anecdote about working with PETA, the considerate rational division it seems.


Adam is now drawing comparison and making perfect logical points about spaying and neutering pets vs. unwanted human children.

Drew is trying to take it to the comical and Adam is holding strong making a point about universal rules that don’t focus on any specific groups more than others.

Drew is calling back Adam’s Classic Loveline theory on injecting Norplant into citizens in his forced sterilization paradise.


Drew is now bringing up their classic riff about the pitches for classic T.V. Shows of the 1960’s, Adam is being fair and defending “Hogan’s Heroes” and Drew is bringing up the failed show put on by the BBC in 1990 “Heil Honey I’m Home” a failed Hitler themed sitcom.

They’re now playing a clip and Adam is defending it as parody while making it clear they should have known it would never fly, He’s drawing distinction against something intentional like this vs. actually shitty programming.

Adam is now telling Drew about “The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer” the UPN series that was released and aborted in 1998, they’re now playing the intro.



1st Caller Spencer, he has been listening to the podcast I host Classic Loveline and wants to know if Drew ever regretted bringing Adam onto Loveline, he asks his question in an almost insulting way calling Adam immature, but he seems to be a real fan.

Drew says history reflects kindly on his decision and Adam agrees/reminds him of that as he says it.

Adam and Drew are both amazed that a fan base is still so dedicated to these classic episodes and still actually listen to them, it only took 15yrs of work for me to inadvertently pressure the podcast into being.

Turns out Superfan Giovanni was right, huh.


Adam and Drew both say they almost now want to go back and listen to the episodes and Spencer wonders where some of these callers are, Adam says it would be a great documentary to track down these old callers but he’ll never make it, good because I am!


2nd Caller Steve has mixed headaches and would rather stop taking antidepressants and risk daily Advil, Drew is sharing a recent revelation that 80% of headaches are from pain medication withdrawal.

Adam is now citing his peeing in a mason jar with his shoulder out of socket from his pee wee football game, Adam is saying he had no medication and was forced to “gut it out” and things were supposed to hurt.

Drew is agreeing and making a point about the deep respect about exposing people to medications and only using them when absolutely necessary, he’s sharing what his dad taught him about medication and humans.


Adam says “injury = Pain = Go Home and Suffer” and now Drew is asking Steve about his headache history, Adam is sharing a point about Scott Mason their old co-worker who suffered from headaches.

Drew is sharing the trauma history connection to headaches and the various treatments to change the way the body responds to past trauma.

Drew is now questioning Steve on why he stopped taking a medication that was curing his problem, why not go back to a treatment that worked?


Drew is sharing his own requirements to take pills for blood pressure every day and he’s arguing against Steve’s logic about taking Advil, he’s sharing the potential risks in that.

Adam is now reading a list of the top 10 bad TV shows, he’s lost at number #10, Gary, Chris and Drew all agree and now Drew is sharing an anecdote from Jerry Van Dyke about “My Mother Car” and now Adam is once again defending Hogan’s Heroes.

Adam is explaining why these writers screw themselves up with these lists, he’s saying you can’t put a Twinkie on a list of the ten worst pastries, it’s in a category all its own like celebrity boxing.


They’re touching on the XFL and Adam is bringing up the lack of entries from the oeuvre of Syd and Marty Krofft.

Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings.com


3rd Caller Dan, he comes in clear right as Drew drops him out, Adam comments on it.

He tried pot 12yrs ago and has a panic disorder ever since, Drew says it’s rare and he’s seen a number of cases, including a famous person he can’t name who only smoked pot 3 times and had this same type of reaction.

Drew is saying he thinks it’s a certain type of wiring that would have opened up a circuit anyway but he pot just speeds it up, Drew is referencing this case of this person consumed by his panic and anxiety.

Drew’s now making it clear his stance on Marijuana, he’s getting a bit exaggerated in his tone clearly trying to send a message to the Joe Rogan’s of the world.


Adam is now asking about panic and anxiety in the past, he’s noticing people spinning out in their 40’s and he’s making a point about the changes in society and the lengthened lifespans.

Adam is citing 60yr old men tweeting and how their lives would have played out 50yrs ago, Drew is saying that humans need simple lives and complications only risk making it worse and adds stress.

Adam is shearing his anecdote about dining with the owner of a small airliner and how he hit up his chief engineer to answer Adam’s questions.


Drew is now doing a live read for Lyft.


Adam says we now live in a world where this engineer has to come up with an answer on a Saturday night, making a point about us all always being on call do to advances in modern technology.

Adam is making a point about the fun involved with racing and how there is a lot of movement involved too, Drew is sharing about his engine and lack of vitality after his surgery.

Adam is now making a point about the 62yr old dude replacing his clutch in a parking lot, he’s explaining how much reward they get out of that experience.


Adam is saying that he loves the motor on these people and Drew agrees while making a point about the super overachievers who run airlines and such, Adam is now telling Drew about beating the guy in the race and he’s citing his 1:47:933 best lap that was beat by the other guys 1:47:930.

Chris is now on mic and confirms it was the CEO of Mesa airlines.

Adam is now closing out the show with some plugs.