Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/27/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 129

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 03-24-2014 – Release Date 03-27-2014

Production Number #129 Motor

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Adam is opening the show with a “thank you much” live read and a sponsor intro, he’s discussing the opening day noon game for “The Dodgers” and how he wants to raid the stadiums and order canings for those skipping work.

Drew is asking Adam about his latest trip to Laguna for the classic races, Adam is making a point about working on the Paul Newman documentary and commenting on the overdose of Paul’s son.

Adam is getting into the tragic but sadly common story of addiction after a serious accident, Adam is trying to explain things to Drew and calls it “young and dabbling in Hollywood”.


Adam and Drew are discussing this and Adam is mocking Drew, he’s riffing about “Drew’s own shitty ketchup” and getting loud about Drew trying to paint Paul’s son as a classic addict profile.

Adam is now making a point using Chris Maxipada as an example for how Drew could twist his status as a drinker to an addict post mortem.

Drew is arguing back with Adam and is surprised he’s pushing back, they’re both getting a bit heated.


Drew is now filling in Chris or Gary who is off mic, Adam is making a point about Newman and his wiring and why he didn’t want to take any time off to mourn his son’s death.

Adam is reading some of the details and they’re working it out, Adam is making a point about racing and how it’s all encompassing unlike most other daily activities, even sleep.

Adam says he has no recollection about anything he thinks of while in the car other than the present moment, Drew is asking him about the flow of time in the car and Adam confirms his suspicions.


Adam is now reading another update on the death of Paul’s son, Drew is sounding like he does when he’s “smugly preening” and correct.

Drew is now reading the remaining details of the drugs abuse and death of Paul’s son, Gary is on mic now confirming who was doing the quick work with the internet searches.

Adam is now getting to the idea of a work ethic, a motor and how Paul always stuck him as a man, someone who had demanded a lot from those around him and more from himself.


Adam is now touching on all of the ways people try to access or recreate the type of serenity and high of a race, he’s going in depth on the process of being immersed in a fire suit and a tiny little race seat.

Adam says racing isn’t relaxing, it’s a lot of work and then it’s almost a purging as Adam puts it, he’s contrasting this experience to that of a massage.

Adam is asking Drew how important that type of experience this is for a human, Adam is joking about his father and his racing and drinking history, as if he had either.


Adam is getting to his observation on the constant presence of water bottles and he’s citing his time in the edit bay and how it only encourages more consumption of beverages all day.

Adam is getting to his dad and his refusal to enjoy a beverage while visiting, Adam is giving his typical version of this anecdote.

Adam is explaining why he’s wildly envious of his dad and not a fan at the same time, Adam and Drew are riffing about “gusto” and Adam is giving him an improv lesson.


Adam is telling Drew about talking to the guys at these races and how they’re super successful and friendly guys with similar motors in them.

Adam is now going over the circus that surrounds the guys who are racing these cars and the other end of the spectrum with the single car owner who shows up with his MG every year.

Drew is making a point about the differences among these guys, Adam is explaining how these guys can afford to enter a race despite their lower incomes.


Drew is now doing a live read for GoToMeeting.

Adam has a hilarious correction for Drew about having to travel to Connecticut to talk to old guys about nothing.

Drew wants to know if Adam was using Paul Newman to almost describe himself in a way, Chris is telling Drew that traveling to Laguna is the most relaxed he ever sees Adam.


Adam is telling Drew about sharing a room, hilarious one liner from Drew.

Drew is explaining how he gets lots of shit from his family for being controlling, he’s trying to get to how Adam experiences his family experiencing him.

Adam is saying that we have taken effective qualities among people and turned them into a pejorative, he’s basically arguing for the “Ban Bossy” campaign.


Adam is further making a point about drive and intensity and saying that we all hope our children grow with a certain amount of both, Adam is now defending Drew and the jab his wife’s uses by calling him controlling.

Adam has a great entry hall closet analogy and he’s telling Drew about his dynamic at home, he’s explaining how craves to live a more efficient life.

Adam is telling Drew about the drive to northern California and how they all cleaned up the car while parked at the gas station, getting shit done.


Drew calls the staff “C Whipped” not pussy whipped, Carolla whipped.

Adam is getting to his wiring and citing Molly’s leash placement, Drew says “put the leash on the hook” which is the opposite of what he said when Lynette was a guest on his podcast.

Adam is making a point about Drew’s nature, he’s a perpetual student and he’ll never stop being a constant leaner, Drew’s agreeing and Adam is following up with a film set analogy.


Adam is now explaining the process of recording liners after Loveline and his policy on recording them when the affiliates sent the reads in late on Thursday night.

Adam is explaining the punishment and how it works, he’s citing Ray and his never ending behavior and a recent attempt from him to secure tickets to see “The Police”.

Adam and Drew are getting back to Drew’s motor and his own expectations for himself vs. others, Adam says that some people interpret these requests as manipulation.


Adam says he doesn’t want to bring it up, he’s recognizing how someone could see this as shaming or manipulation, he only brings stuff up to “remove wrinkles from his day” according to Drew.

Adam doesn’t quite agree but then echoes Drew almost verbatim and agrees, Drew is bringing up his variant of getting confused by people, and Adam is explaining his version of the confusion.

Adam is explaining his theory on life as a Gin Rummy hand and he explains he figured things out over time, he’s telling Drew about the resistance he’s met with at every turn from family and friends.


1st Caller Adam, he met Adam while he was in Boston performing at the Wilbur Theater, he’s the gunship pilot who called into “Ray’s show”.

Adam the caller is explaining his reasoning for calling, he’s telling them about his struggle with his eldest daughter who has a phenomenal disconnect between hard work and goals.

Drew is having him clarify the lack of discipline and how his 16yr old daughter wants things without doing the work, Adam is taking it back to the idea of motivation and having a motor.


Adam is using math as an example for motivation, he’s telling Drew about what’s worrying him and he’s talking about passion.

Adam is talking about the new twist on people claiming to be passionate about things they aren’t interested in obtaining, Adam is making a point about women and their desire to be veterinarians.

Drew is making a point about declaration and the lack of accepting reality, Adam is now blaming video games and saying using cars and driving for a metaphor.


Adam is explaining how is wife said she would like to drive in the Celebrity grand prix, first you got to be a celebrity, he’s got another jamming on stage with Pearl Jam analogy.

Drew is sharing some practical advice from his own experience and Adam is calming him down with some realistic common advice.

Drew is asking Adam the caller about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, he’s got an interesting angle on what the airlines and the manufacturer would prefer.


Adam is now snapping on Drew again about trying to wrap this episode up, they’re further discussing the flight and now Adam is doing a live read.